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Tough look for my guy binge mode

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The Harry Potterverse is crawling with ancient artefacts and old magic. Tom Riddle, Tomb Raider source. But then I went back to the books again. Well, sort of. I am lucky enough to share a timeline with the Binge Mode podcast by the superheroic duo Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion. This will take more than one blog post to tease out.

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Binge Mode Ep2 with Branden Brown

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Helping makers and marketers find their voices and make a difference through their podcasts. By: Jay Acunzo on April 17th, NOTE 1: This is the second post in a three-part mega-series. If you missed Part 1, go back and read it here. Learn more and subscribe at marketingshowrunners. Pikes are predatory fish. Remember this blissful feeling. In the s, a German zoologist named Dr. Karl Mobius allegedly created a now-infamous psychological experiment involving a pike and some minnows.

For now, a quick recap of where we left off in our mega-series after Part 1. Last time, we created a new tool: the Experience Spectrum. The spectrum reveals all the ways others might experience our work, ranging from commodity experiences on the left to proprietary experiences on the right. Our stated goal was to stop making transactional podcasts things experienced alone, quickly, to merely acquire knowledge or a moment of entertainment to instead craft transformational experiences things experienced together, for awhile, because spending time with the ideas and people is the entire point — not finishing the transaction to be on your way.

Bob is a 4,year-old magic wand who only grants two types of wishes. We want to become great navigators. The ideal outcome of this journey is that we learn how to walk into any situation, find our true north, get our bearings, and proceed with confidence — leading others who are with us.

Great navigators are practically unstoppable and unbounded in their ability to do that, but a map with directions is only as useful as that exact terrain and that exact route. Speaking of obstacles blocking the path forward, at the end of Part 1, we encountered a pretty big barrier that stopped us in our tracks.

Well, to understand how to evolve our shows from a commodity experience left side of the spectrum to a proprietary experience right side , we first need to understand something else: the Style Spectrum. That was the final thing we encountered last time: the Style Spectrum, which can show us all the ways we can proactively tip our shows from the left side of the Experience Spectrum to the right side.

As we established last time, the difference between a commodity and something proprietary is the story of what could be. Without it, a commodity is just a rather useless, raw asset. Gold is gold. Wheat is wheat. Iron is iron. That shiny, yellow, soft lump of metal professing to be gold? It is indeed gold. End of story. What story is being told by the seller, and what story is in the mind of the buyer? Commodities are rather useless without the story of what could be.

The problem with our podcasts is, too often, we just hand out the commodity. You have it now. We have a podcast. You want that? We offer an indefensible object, something they want to find quickly, suck into their brains quickly, and then move on just as quickly. But what about a proprietary show? That is all about the experiencing of it and the source providing it. But to create that kind of show, we need to tell a better story of what could be.

Unfortunately, and somewhat ironically, to tell a better story to our audience, we first need to tell a better story to ourselves. Here, we can revisit our friend the pike. Imagine the pike swimming around a tank. If you drop some minnows into the water, the pike will eat them right away. As the experiment revealed, the pike might do this for hours.

The result? He then drifts to the bottom of the tank to sit there, feeling dejected. And can you blame him? Finally, the minnows are released from the jug and can swim freely around the tank, undisturbed by the pike. This explains a psychological concept known as learned helplessness. Through repeated conditioning, personal setbacks, or when your initial intentions are consistently corrected, you no longer feel you have agency in a given situation.

They keep boop -ing the pike right on the nose. I can do something now. I think we all suffer from a degree of learned helplessness in our work. As a result, rather than begin our process feeling empowered, we feel a bit helpless. Cue angels singing. What agency do we have? We better look for the right answer somewhere out there…. YOU are the reason that no best practice is truly the best. As a result, the best a best practice can deliver is close enough, because it approximates your situation — nothing more.

This idea of learned helplessness — and the behavior change we can use to break from it — will be the driving force fueling the rest of this article, Part 2 in our mega-series.

While the Experience Spectrum spans between commodity and proprietary experiences, the Style Spectrum reveals the two extremes of your own personal involvement in styling those experiences: you can be entirely removed … or fully present.

Simple enough to say. Surprisingly hard to do. One of the big differences between a keynote speech which helps everyone at the event and a breakout talk off to the side is the very same idea we need to embrace about our role on our shows:.

THAT is what a performance is. In the Marvel comics and movies, Tony Stark is a charming, brilliant person. A show has three core pieces, each requiring proactive planning and practice: the premise of the whole show, the format s of the episodes, and the talent. Once you step inside your carefully crafted show, audiences should receive the best-possible version of you that they can receive through audio. The only way you can go up the entire Style Spectrum is to rely wayyyyy more on a rather scary thing to rely wayyyyy more on: you.

This is about your personal, unique involvement, your performance, and the careful crafting of a vehicle meant to maximize it and maximize you. Yeaahhh turns out when I said Bob the magic wand was weird, I maybe was referring to someone else, too…. We have to put the idea into action. Tough look for our guy.

Our default form of decision-making in the information age is to thus rely on the conventional approach or the external ideas of someone else. We feel helpless. We need help. We can find it pretty easily.

What a lame move to bust. Marketing and psychology researcher Jim Mourey from DePaul University studies this idea of mindless decision-making and its ill-effects. Specifically, he examines a concept called cultural fluency. The theory of cultural fluency is this: When the world unfolds as people expect or have been conditioned to expect , they behave in predictable, routine ways involving little to no critical thinking.

We just kind of … react. It may as well be anyone. When we fall into this pattern over time, the tried-and-true becomes tired-and-terrible without us noticing. When we finally do notice, our only options are to panic-fix things, frantically search for expert advice, or outright kill the project.

To illustrate what he meant, Jim recounted an experiment he ran on some unsuspecting family and friends at a picnic. In the experiment, Jim handed half his guests festive plates with American flags and fireworks on them, and to the other half, he handed white plates. After they all went through the buffet line, Jim weighed their food.

The folks with festive plates took more food than the folks with white plates. Later that year, Jim tweaked the experiment and ran it again, this time at a Labor Day picnic with friends and family. Seriously, if he invites you to a picnic, just say no. This time, he gave half his guests plain white plates, while the other half received Halloween plates.

Again, it was Labor Day. At the end of the buffet line, Jim found that folks who had the awkwardly out-of-place ghosts and pumpkins on their plates took less food than those with plain white plates.

Taken together, this suggests that even small disruptions to the status quo can lead to better decisions. They tend to go with the flow. We hesitate a bit. We hesitate a bit —that line really stood out to me. When our minds urge us to rely on familiar tropes and techniques, what if we hesitated just a bit?

It only takes a tiny moment of pause in our work to plan something better than our usual approach, but the results can be far greater: a proprietary show, instead of yet another commodity podcast.

The Hit Podcasters Breaking Down Harry Potter, Chapter by Chapter

They settled on a unique approach, recording an individual podcast for each of the 60 episodes of the series and releasing a full season at a time , allowing for Netflix-style binges. Below is an excerpt from our conversation. It just makes a lot of sense to do the two titanic fantasy stories of our lives. Why not? How did your partnership develop?

When trauma surgeon, Dr. Summer Benson fails to save the life of a young bride involved in a car accident on the way to her wedding, the groom, a Green Beret, threatens her life. Fiercely independent and consumed with her career, she refuses his protection until she finds herself on the run from a killer.

Coping With Urges , Motivation 45 comments. You made it through recovery treatment. You were doing well staying stopped on your drinking. And then one night, a coworker asks you to grab a drink after work.

Life After Relapse — How to Bounce Back and Start Over

Winter is here! I started re-reading the series at the start of COVID19 quarantine and layering this podcast while doing so. Thank you for this gift!!!! These books, this series, the whole wide! Harry Potter has been my constant companion in good times and bad. I read GoF so many times that the cover fell off. My best friend and I stood in line to get HBP for ourselves and our fellow Marauder who was home with a newborn.

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Helping makers and marketers find their voices and make a difference through their podcasts.

Join Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion every week as they explore their favorite topics of the moment. Mal and Jason answer questions submitted by you, the listeners! Hosts: Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion. Mal and Jason are joined by actor-comedian Jason Mantzoukas to explore a variety of pop culture properties, including 'Game of Thrones,' 'Star Wars,' 'Ozark,' and much more.

Binge Mode: Weekly

Binge Mode: Star Wars. Not a tough look for my guys. Stop the voice impressions. Not a single one of them are good or funny for that matter.

Men's Health. Men's Health magazine contains daily tips and articles on fitness, nutrition, relationships, sex, career and lifestyle. Ask the Girl Next Door. Women and men , Sexual behavior. Shooting for the Stars. Space flight , Men Attitudes.

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Minerva McGonagall. Harry Potter pop advent calendar day 5: Minerva McGonagall! Looking all fancy for the Yule Ball. We are only halfway through The Order of the Phoenix but we are enjoying the series so much! The beard was not scratchy at all and is Very realistic. Is it quidditch season yet?

It's tough to believe that it takes more than halfway through the first book Tough look for my guy Sirius (shouts to Jason Concepcion of Binge Mode for the.








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