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This is to be a collaborative page. Get to know the Foundation with these lists for new or returning users! The SCPs I'm gonna link require minimal to no earlier knowledge and are pretty well written, so I think they'll be good for new users. Some people forget to do this, but remember to read the various Incident Logs and other Addenda in the article, that's where the "meat" of the article is. This one is a classic, but it is very long.

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Farmington Transcripts

For some reason, each seemed to avoid the eyes of the other. As she propped up the heavy sash with a thin board that lay on the sill, a gust of hot wind swept through the room from a drought-parched Kansas cornfield.

Seeking relief in action, her daughter, Selina. A small herd of bawling cattle were milling past the house in the heat and glare of the August sun. Their heads drooped dejectedly and their tongues lolled from parched mouths. Does beat all how hard 'tis to get water in this country. Jes' seems to me sometimes like I'd die for a sight of mountains an' green things an' a tumblin' little stream that'd run an' ripple all summer. Motherly Mrs. Collins wiped the perspiration from her large, red face and fanned herself with her blue sunbonnet.

When she was a girl she had the blackest eyes and the prettiest red cheeks of any girl you ever did see. A farmer's wife soon goes to pieces. She was such a lively girl, too—so full of fun. Better get to work and straighten up this house. Collins rose heavily from her chair and unrolled and donned a carefully-ironed. Always seemed to me that Mamie'd found it kinda spooky, always seein' the graveyard - right through that window there over the stove. Bein' up on ton of that rise, an' only half a mile away, would make it seem to me kinda like livin' in a graveyard.

My land, I don't see how Mamie ever got through with all her work an' took care of the baby. Never thought her an' Jed would have any children. Collins, picked up some odds and ends of clothing from a corner, where they had lain as she long enough to accumulate a coating of acrid dust. She didn't have things fixed as handy as some of the rest of us, even. You see, they didn't have much money to spend on things. Farmin' in Kansas ain't been a payin' business the last few years.

When 'tain't too wet, it's too dry, or too hot, or too cold, or somethin'. Yes, it seems like there's always somethin'. There—I've got that sweepin' done. We'll let Selina scrub, while we fix up the front room. The two women opened the door into the "front" room.

The blinds were tightly drawn and the musty odor testified to its lengthy isolation. Prentis pointed to a cheap colored glass on the center-table, which held a pitiful little bouquet of one immortelle, six pale spears of a rank grass and a carefully-cut-out letterhead of a printed spray of orange blossoms. I remember when we were back in Tennesse, that Mamie was always findin' the first deer's tongues and other kinds of little early flowers. Us big girls always helped fill her little hands.

Seemed like she never could get all she wanted. An' then think of livin' out here where there ain't water enough for things that has to have it, let alone florers.

Why, I remember one summer when we even saved the dishwater to use several times, and fed it to the pigs 'cause water was so scarce. I read in th' paper that was 'round a bundle that come from the store that a bigger part of farmers' wives went crazy than any other kind of women. Let's jes' step in an' pick up in the bedroom and then sweep both these rooms out together.

The wind's in th' right direction. We—we could get done soomer, workin' together. They say the baby had been dead for several hours when Jed found it. Not cryin' nor nothin'.

The two women hesitated, lingered at their task. Something kept them from moving the things that the coroner had kept in so rigidly exact a position.

My land, jes' think, she might be—HUNG! Both faces blanched at the hitherto unspoken possibility. A woman—neighbor and friend, and the childhood acquaintance of one of them—was imprisoned on the charge of killing her baby. They felt that they ought to have a feeling of horror. It was a terrible crime, with seemingly only one explanation, but to both there arose visions of the unexpected satisfying of the craving mother heart of the work-worn farm drudge; of her seeming happiness and joy at the little cuddling head in the hollow of her arm and the soft lips on the breast, as the little form was held tightly to its mother's bosom.

But still—if she didn't, who did? My land, but ain't it hot? Well, we might as well begin to pick up. I can come over early; can you? I'm goin' to stay an' set up tonight. Shinkle said they'd come over. Selina can get supper for her pa an' th' boys.

The women tiptoed into the little lean-to, with that expectant hush that the presence of death always causes. On an improvised table, a little form lay covered with a sheet, above a box of slowly melting ice. The country ministrations of neighborly service were completed, and the women left the room and returned to their task of cleaning in the front of the little farmhouse. Bein' so far off the main road, seems like a person never sees nor hears nobody.

It's enough to drive a person crazy. THE older woman had been standing for several minutes, with her mind preoccupied by struggling thought. At last she spoke:. Both women bent over the carefully-folded bedclothing, placed upon the floor for the sake of a slightly cooler strata of air and also to obviate the possibility of the baby rolling off, while the mother was busy in some of the many tasks of the unaided farmer's wife.

Little by little, the bedroom was straightened and the two rooms swept and dusted. Then Mrs. Prentis paused as she gave a final look around the rooms, walked to one of the windows on the south and ran a speculative finger over the glass.

It was so heavily coated with dust as to be practically opaque. Then she stepped to the two windows on the east side of the room and looked at them. The panes of glass in both were clean and carefully polished. I noticed it when I went over to look at the firebox when you spoke. Prentis, standing in the kitchen door and glancing at the south windows of one room and then at the other.

Poor little Mamie! Mebbe she just couldn't stand to be everlastingly seein' them gravestones. We don't live so far away; but seems like I never get time to get all my work done, and when I do there's not time to walk, or I'm too tired, an' o' course the horses are always busy.

Collins nodded her head in sympathy. An older and a heavier woman, all that Mrs. Prentis had said applied better than equally well to her.

Jes' think of the years and years she was here all alone, for Jed used to work out a good deal an' she done all the work here. Years an' years of stillness—an' then the baby she'd never give up wantin' and hopin' for.

Seems like it's enough sometimes to make a mother wish her girl baby could die when it's little—". Both women gave a frightened start. They moved again to the inner room and pulled out the top drawer of the old-fashioned marble-topped bureau. A few shirts, a pile of carefully mended underwear and some socks, rolled and turned together in two's, met their gaze. The second drawer revealed a freshly-ironed white waist carefully folded above a meager pile of woman's underwear.

Without a word, Mrs. Prentis pushed it shut. The third drawer proved to be the one they wanted. Small piles of carefully made baby clothing of cheap material but workmanship of infinite pains, met their view. Most of 'em jes' flour sacks, but look how Mamie's bleached 'em.

An', see this drawn-work. Seems 's if she must 'a' been gettin' 'em ready all these years, an' now—" Her voice trailed off into silence. The little clothing was laid on the bed in readiness for the morrow, and the women looked about as though hunting something more to do. Used to the busy hours of farm life, they felt impelled to some task that would occupy the passing hours. Half of the stuffy little room had been thoroughly overhauled and the other end begun.

A little old horsehair trunk stood in the middle of the floor, with portions of its contents scattered about. I showed her mine, jes' like it, that I fixed up for Selina when she was little. Collins, who suited the word to the action by laboriously bending with slight grunt. There ain't no call for you to go stoopin' 'round in this heat. First thing you know you'll be havin' a stroke. Some clothing and small articles were collected, and several bundles of yellowed old letters lay on the floor.

Classics IV:Spooky Lyrics

Voice Responses are contextually triggered lines that play after the player has achieved something, for instance killing a certain amount of enemies with a Primary or Melee Weapon, or the player has triggered something, like being set on fire. The Heavy has several vocal responses, all of which are listed below excluding Voice Commands. All voice lines associated with a player-initiated taunt are located in the Heavy taunts page along with a description of the animation.

For some reason, each seemed to avoid the eyes of the other. As she propped up the heavy sash with a thin board that lay on the sill, a gust of hot wind swept through the room from a drought-parched Kansas cornfield. Seeking relief in action, her daughter, Selina.

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Weird Tales/Volume 1/Issue 1/The House of Death

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The vocalist was Dennis Yost. It has become a Halloween favorite. Billboard Hot [4] and No. Cobb and bandmate Dean Daughtry later became part of the Atlanta Rhythm Section and re-recorded "Spooky" in , also produced by Buie.

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Spooky (Classics IV song)

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The band, led by singer Dennis Yost, is known mainly for the hits " Spooky ", " Stormy ", and " Traces ", released to , which have become cover standards. The group began as The Classics, a Jacksonville cover band consisting of guitarists J. Yost had previously been a member of The Echoes. The name "The Classics" came from the Classic drum set Yost owned. The Classics played Ventures covers, as well as instrumental versions of " Misty " and " Summertime ". People started requesting vocals, so Dennis would say "I can sing that", and that was the beginning of the group's new direction.

Heavy responses

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Jun 5, - Can you imagine this woman; she lost her husband and her son in the disaster. It wasn't just like, you know, having your dad have a heart attack and being able to say “goodbye”. I don't remember the name now but there was a tiny little church and an old fashioned company It doesn't look spooky.

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Proof that Karek is an evil robot. Set in a jungle island with a striking resemblance with Hispaniola , Shartak is a game where Native, Outsiders and stranded Pirates contend for dominance over the island. There really isn't an aim to Shartak, but things usually lead to plundering, random massacres, angry spirits and politics. Albeit small, the community is most excellent, but keep in mind that the Shartak wiki is also small and still developing.

The Zombies:Spooky Little Girl Like You Lyrics




Classics IV



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