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Meet the spartans barbie girl

As the year comes to a close, we are showcasing the students who, through their hard work and dedication, are graduating at the top of their class. Read more about Anna Juengling and Lindsay Ballinger. Read more about Megan Shooner and Haley Fulton. Each quarter, Spartans are recognized for their hard work in the classroom. Each year, Roger Bacon recognizes the students who have earned Honor Roll every single quarter. Their hard work and dedication to their studies is something to be celebrated!

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These accomplishments and more were the products of the city-states of Sumer, which arose on the flood plains of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in what is now modern-day Iraq. The Sumerians began to build their walled cities and make significant advances beginning around B.

Their domination of this region lasted until around B. E, when the Babylonians took control. Sumerian culture and technology did not disappear but were adopted by its conquerors. Located in what the ancient Greeks called Mesopotamia, which literally means "the land between the rivers," Sumer was a collection of city-states that occupied the southernmost portion of Mesopotamia.

The physical environment there has remained relatively the same since about B. The landscape is flat and marshy. The ground is primarily made up of sand and silt, with no rock. The climate is very dry, with only about Natural vegetation is sparse, and no trees other than palm trees grow there.

The rivers overflow their banks in the spring, sometimes violently and destructively. During this process, they deposit a rich layer of silt on the surrounding floodplain. Considering the harsh and forbidding natural environment, how did the first civilization arise in Sumer? Surprisingly, the environment was part of what made civilization possible.

The silt carried by the rivers down from the northern mountains provided rich fertilizer for growing crops when the rivers overflowed.

The constant sunshine was also good for crops. But without water, they would have easily dried up and died. Through the leadership of priest-kings, Sumerians organized farmers in each city-state to build extensive irrigation systems of canals and dams.

Before long, the desert was blooming with a surplus of barley, dates, and other crops. This surplus allowed many people to pursue occupations other than farming, while still being able to meet their basic needs.

These people became artisans, merchants, and craftspeople. They helped build the cities and increase the wealth of the city-states through trade with neighboring societies. Sumerians also developed high-quality crafts, evidence of which was found in the royal tombs of Ur, excavated by Sir Leonard Woolley in the s. Trade also helped the Sumerians to secure vital items such as timber from Lebanon and luxury goods such as the semiprecious stone lapis lazuli from the Indus River Valley.

Because of the surplus grain, the government could grow in size to support numerous officials and priests. It could also pay thousands of workers with barley while they were building canals, city walls, and ziggurats or while they were fighting to defend their city-state or extend its influence over the region.

The barley was collected as a tax from the farmers. Farmers were also required to give some time to the government to work on projects. Slaves and hired workers also contributed. As the government and economy grew in size and complexity, officials and merchants required a sophisticated writing system to record transactions.

First came number markings and simple pictograms, the writing system began to incorporate pictures representing a physical object or idea such as a picture of the sun to represent the sun. As trade and government activity increased, the writing system began to incorporate more abstract pictograms and phonograms, or symbols representing sounds.

These new forms provided greater flexibility and speed in writing. They were adopted by other cultures such as the Assyrians who did not even speak Sumerian. The Sumerians wrote on clay tablets, using a reed pen called a stylus. Once dried, these tablets became hard and, fortunately for today's researchers, endured for millennia in the hot, dry climate. Thousands of these tablets have been unearthed. Some libraries have even been discovered with over 10, of these clay tablets. And although the vast majority of these tablets contain records of goods collected and distributed by the governments and trade transactions, some contain myths, stories, and letters.

These documents have provided much information about the culture and history of the Sumerian people. With their ingenuity, the Sumerian people developed complex irrigation system and a written language. They were the first people to use the plow to lift the silt-laden soil of their crop fields and they invented the sailboat.

They were the first people to design a calendar based on the phase of the moon and they developed a numerical system, based on the number 60, that is still used to measure seconds and minutes. Sumerians recorded stories and myths about Gilgamesh, which were written on clay tablets. The stories were combined into an epic tale. Versions of this tale were translated into other langauages including Akkadian, which was spoken by the Babylonians.

The fullest surviving version is derived from twelve stone tablets, in the Akkadian language, which were found stored in the famous library at Nineveh of Assyrian King Assurbanipal.

The epic relates the heroic deeds of Gilgamesh, who is the king of Uruk. His father is mortal and his mother is a goddess. Since Gilgamesh is part mortal, he knows he must die one day. However, he longs for immortality, whether through doing great deeds or discovering the secret of eternal life. He roams the earth on this quest and meets Utnapishtim, the only human granted eternal life by the gods. He tells Gilgamesh many stories, including one of a great flood that covered the Earth.

What happens to Gilgamest? Read the tale and find out. The following is an excerpt from Gilgamesh. Report broken link. Ancient Civilizations 1. How Do We Know? Geographers and Their Space 2. First Technologies: Fire and Tools 3. Women of Ancient Egypt 4.

Muhammad and the Faith of Islam 5. The Olympic Games 6. The Fall of the Roman Empire 7. Life on the Desert 8. The Gupta Period of India 9. Taoism and Confucianism — Ancient Philosophies Life During the Edo Period Clash of Cultures: Two Worlds Collide.

Mesopotamia is a Greek word meaning "between two rivers. This clay plaque c. Makes you wonder who'll find those Barbie dolls you buried in the backyard. Gilgamesh Gilgamesh was likely an actual king of Uruk in Babylonia who lived about B. O man of Shuruppak, son of Ubartutu: Tear down the house and build a boat! Abandon wealth and seek living beings! Spurn possessions and keep alive living beings!

Make all living beings go up into the boat. The boat which you are to build, its dimensions must measure equal to each other: its length must correspond to its width. Roof it over like the Apsu. Mesopotamian Mathematics Not only did the Mesopotamians develop an advanced system of mathematics, but — even more amazing — they came up with a system based on the number From the earlier days of clay tokens for counting in B. The Collapse of Mesopotamia Invasions, wars, disease, or climate changes could destroy any civilization.

But of all of the factors that led to the collapse of the ancient Mesopotamian civilizations, the one that ultimately did them in everytime was Nearly 6, years later, it was also an important site for Christianity, housing a bishop in C. With such a long life span, Nippur has been a treasure for archaeologists since the end of the 19th century. Read about the work done at the site, read articles about it, and examine annual reports on the excavations of this ancient holy city.

Accessing Women's Lives in Mesopotamia Never heard of Enheduanna, the first known female poet in history? What kinds of power did women have in Mesopotamia?

Where were girls denied power, and what did they complain about? On this Women in World History Curriculum site, read excerpts from cuneiform tablets and artifacts that detail the lives of women in Mesopotamia.

Don't miss the letter from Erishti-Aya to her father, a king, who had her cloistered as a priestess. The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature The University of Oxford has made available on the Web more than Sumerian texts and their transliterations that's like a translation, only instead of comparing two languages, it compares two distinct alphabets.

Planning to quote an excerpt from Sumerian literature for a paper? To dive right in, click on "Catalogue" at the top, then scroll down to one of the subjects. Before doing research at this site, check out "How to use this site," which explains the color scheme and catalog system in detail. The gods will be pleased except, perhaps, Nantar, the demon responsible for death, who doesn't have hands or feet and doesn't eat or drink — he's never happy.

Use this site like Cliffs Notes when your cuneiform gets a little rusty and you need help figuring out what the text means.

Chris Crocker

Are you my mama? Brangelina had first dibs. Leonidas was taught to fight. Come on, you little shit! Come on!

These accomplishments and more were the products of the city-states of Sumer, which arose on the flood plains of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in what is now modern-day Iraq. The Sumerians began to build their walled cities and make significant advances beginning around B. Their domination of this region lasted until around B.

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University of California Pr Amazon. At long last, the AFI Catalog continues with this exhaustive set. Volume 1 lists nearly American feature films alphabetically, with cast and credits, source, copyright date, length in reels Leer comentario completo. Account Options Sign in. Conseguir libro impreso. Contenido Tell Me Lies F6 Anthony Philip. F6

Stratford boys, girls race to division victories at Run the Ridge meet

The Stratford cross country team opened the season with two division championships Aug. Devin Fahey recorded a time of nine minutes, Stratford amassed 49 points to outrun Tompkins by 11 points, with Mike Lewis 19 th , Nate Learussa was not far behind with a

Meet The Spartans? For those unlucky enough to be lured into the cinema, there's every chance you'll be wanting to meet your maker instead.

Student Homeless Alliance President Mayra Bernabe fixes her microphone before speaking about the demands the group has for unhoused students. Stepping up to the microphone with a shaky voice and a dozen cameras pointed in her direction, sociology senior Saline Chandler shared her story of homelessness at the Student Homeless Alliance news conference on Monday. The group organized the conference in front of the Tommie Smith and John Carlos statue after months of unsuccessful attempts to reach Papazian.

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The series, now in its 18th season, continues through the end of August. Spartan swimmer Jude Wenker found himself in a familiar place on Saturday… Continue reading. Once more the last Sunday in February heralded the unofficial start of… Continue reading. Jude Wenker placed first in the yard freestyle and also won the… Continue reading. A first-game loss to Juanita Feb.


The NCAA needs to help its member schools dropping sports because of virus revenue concerns. The minimum number of sports is 16 to stay division one. Id eliminate that number completely. Quantity to me is not a big a deal as quality and many mid major schools will struggle to field 16 sports moving forward. Central Michigan is at 16 after dropping mens track and field yesterday and CMU has five mens sports considered too few. How will the NCAA respond? Stay tuned.

Jan 28, - Sadly, after seeing the movie, I think judging Meet the Spartans as (When did “Barbie Girl” overtake “It's Raining Men” as the gay song?).

Christopher Darren Cunningham born December 7, , better known by the stage name Chris Crocker , is an American Internet celebrity , blogger , songwriter , recording artist , pornographic film actor and former YouTuber. Crocker gained fame in September from his viral video "Leave Britney Alone! Producing and acting in his own videos, Crocker is a self-described edutainer. Using "Crocker" as a stage name , he kept his exact location private due to safety concerns and death threats in response to his YouTube and Myspace video blogs and profile until he was no longer a teenager.

Meet The Spartans Original Barbie Girl Scene

Post a Comment. Well, in March……this movie was voted to be inducted in April, but since I had one veto power, I decided now was the time to use it and instead, I inducted Critters 2…. But I have held off on this induction long enough.

4a. Life in Sumer

Account Options Sign in. McFarland Amazon. Peplum or "sword-and-sandal" films--an Italian genre of the late s through the s--featured ancient Greek, Roman and Biblical stories with gladiators, mythological monsters and legendary quests. The new wave of historic epics, known as neo-pepla, is distinctly different, embracing new technologies and storytelling techniques to create an immersive experience unattainable in the earlier films.



Meet The Spartans


All-Comers meet boasts seven four-event winners


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