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If your husband ever find out

As he came out of the closet, I felt like I was being forced in. No-one understood. No-one really knew what to say. When he came out, he was greeted with encouragement and affirmation.


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I Found Something Very Disturbing in My Husband’s Browsing History

If my dog gets out of the backyard, she takes off. My temptation when she runs is to chase her. However, if I chase her she will keep running. She is getting what she wants—to go where she wants to go and to have me go with her. She is disobeying, but I am suffering. When my dog gets out of the backyard, I have to do the counter-intuitive thing.

I have to go the other way. As she runs away from the backyard, I go to it. And I call her as I go. My action forces a choice. She has to choose—me or where she wants to go.

She has made the decision to run; now she must make the decision to keep going or come with me. Funny thing—when I chase my dog she keeps running, but when I go away from my dog she comes back. See: 5 Keys to Save Your Marriage. Far too often when a husband runs from his responsibility, the wife chases him.

Terrified of what she might lose she runs after him begging him to turn around. Ironically her actions can enable his behavior. Instead of experiencing the consequences of his decision, he is able to try freedom while keeping the comforts of home.

Instead of being forced to make a decision, he can continue going the direction he is headed without any loss. Instead of chasing a running husband, a wife should stop. She should set her boundaries.

She should make it very clear who she is, where she is, and where she will be. She should communicate her desire for her husband, her desire to work on their marriage, but her refusal to chase after him.

She should draw her lines in the sand and make it clear she will not cross them. These and other boundaries should be communicated clearly. See: Marry a Partner, Not a Child. If you chase them, they will run. But my dog is trained and loving, not every man is that way. However, some are. Delba Tidwell June 4, Reply. Unfortunately, I can vouch for this advice. I took a job, signed myself up for school I was never so heartbroken in my life, as being a stay-at-home wife and mom was where I knew I was called to be , and told my husband not to let the door hit him on the backside on his way out….

Christine April 19, Reply. Aly April 25, Reply. Sarah December 15, Reply. Christy May 30, Reply. I found out 6 months ago that my Husband had an affair with a one night stand, 3 or 4 yrs ago and in that looking for day time fun friend. Seeking to go back to school and work and etc. This has been the most heart breaking thing I have had to go thru…most days lately I dont know what to do..

Kevin A. Thompson May 30, Reply. Melissa October 1, Reply. Could you please contact me Katie? Via email or facebook? Melissa Tootie Ingram on facebook and email address is melissa4clark gmail.

I have some questions i am now dealing with this and would really love speaking with you. K October 23, Reply. Ok, maybe I am just bitter but if someone cheats, there is no working on it, counseling, etc. That is a trust that can not be restored! I would never ever trust that person again.

What they did would alwYs be in the back of my mind. I can say this because it did happen to me. I was heartbroken but I am so much better off. I stuck by my guns and cut off all ties I could from him. It is hard when there is a child involved but I had to do what was best for myself and My child.

Kids deserve to see two parents who love and respect each other. I was blessed to find someone that I am enough for. So many women stay because of the kids, because of the Bible etc. I do no believe that God wants us to be with someone in a healthy marriage. I do not like how many people, ministries preach for staying with the person and how bad divorce is etc. If you are being cheated on, that all goes pus the window.

Thompson October 23, Reply. K, I would say that is your right. I think the Bible gives you that right. I can say, many couples can establish a much better relationship after an affair if they are willing to work on it. It is an amazing struggle, but many would say is well worth it. My encouragement with people is just take the time to make that decision.

I have been in a tumultuous relationship that I knew was toxic from the beginning. The man likes to run away. It was amazing that we lasted for over two years.

I finally told myself enough was enough a month ago, and am slowly distancing myself from him. I am in between two worlds right now — miserable but a bit more happier than I was prior to that. Still, I feel slightly miserable because the two years and more seem to have meant nothing at all to him. I believe in time that feeling will go away too and I will finally see the end to this tunnel I am in and see light and the beauty of life that God has prepared for me.

It was more due to a misjudgement on the part of a friend that I became somewhat enamoured with this man. I have since found out that she is as blind as a bat when it comes to people or even about anything at all. She is clueless but she talks so big that she appears to be wise. Living in Borneo where we have king cobras, phytons that can eat you whole, wild boars, elephants and man eating crocodiles the length of a bus, I think she must be mad.

And perhaps she is. Yet the point is, many people who look up to her minus me may just take her word for it and bring their small ones to the jungle at night and expose them to danger. I have to tell her to zip her mouth and keep her opinions to herself one of these days because she puts people in danger. Anyway, I like what you wrote Kevin.

In my case, it was never the chase. It is good to feel free. I think the man feels the same way too. Rae July 4, Reply. I am in this situation right now. I am seeing a counselor, and going back to school, but ultimately I am praying for God to heal our marriage and make it what it should be.

Oh, Rae, God knows the situation, where you are at-and how much you are hurting. I am praying that our heavenly father wraps his arms of love and comfort around you-and holds you close.

I recommend that you and hubby if he will agree to it seek pastoral counseling as well. I cannot tell you how much it helped me to not think I was crazy and things all my fault to have our pastor set my hubby straight in plain-spoken words. Nick January 13, Reply. Amen, but women can run to because that is what is happening with my wife right now. It has been going on since November and has esculated to the point where she is moving out into her own place.

I filed the divorce papers last week and will have to wait the mandatory 90 days and send in the final divorce papers and parenting plan for our 3 kids. Last time this happened I prayed and God had me read Hosea, this time the only time I prayed was when I was coming back from the bank where I got the money order, I was having a panic attack and I asked God if I was doing the right thing and I was able to see one of her inappropriate texts she received.

Thompson January 15, Reply. You are right, foolish choices can be made by women as well as men.

What Would You Do If You Found Out Your Husband Was Gay?

Ever feel like your opinionated hubby's holding something back? Men aren't naturally gifted at expressing themselves like women, so they may keep quiet about sensitive subjects. But those secrets can cause marriage problems. Here's what your husband may be hiding and how best to handle it.

Your heart is broken. You will never be the same.

Also known as a "Peter Pan," a "man-child" is a man who refuses to grow up. His emotional and mental capacity is that of a teenager. He is immature, irresponsible and unreliable. You are overworked, overly responsible, and overcompensating for his deficits.

10 Surprising Things Every Wife Must Know About Her Husband

Okay, first of all I do think this is a very good book. My problem is that I have 2 other marriage books by this author and a lot of what he says in this book is just recycled, so I feel like I just Rick Johnson. A woman has a powerful influence on the man in her life. But in order to empower him to become all he was meant to be, she has to be able to talk so that he will listen, and listen so that he will talk. Author Rick Johnson shares with women the secrets to bringing about positive change in the men in their lives and shows them how to recognize and affirm his good qualities. Johnson shows women the keys they need to know to encourage leadership, forgiveness, and patience in their husbands build authentic masculinity deal with a man's anger, self-centeredness, or other negative traits and much more Every woman who wants to create a brighter future for both herself and her husband will benefit from this insightful and sometimes humorous insider's look into the mind of a man.

10 Secrets Men Keep from Women

What an amazing story of God's provisions through one of the hardest experiences a woman can face. This is an outstanding book for all women - not just for those experiencing the heartache of their Janice Porter Lynch. But her discovery of God's strength and comfort in the midst of great pain will surely be an inspiration to countless women going through a similar experience. After nine years of marriage, that terrible day of deceit, betrayal, and abandonment came for Janice Lynch, seeking to destroy her.

Healthy communication is consistently cited as one of the most important elements of a successful marriage. And while that might sound easy enough, many of the common phrases we say in our daily lives can get in the way of achieving the goal of keeping an open dialogue between spouses.

We have a unique, God-given capacity to connect and to love. Are we exercising that gift? Are we seeing answers to our prayers? Are we approaching the throne of God with the requests that turn our lives inside out?

Is Your Husband a Man-Child?

If my dog gets out of the backyard, she takes off. My temptation when she runs is to chase her. However, if I chase her she will keep running.

The dilemma Last year I found out that my husband of 20 years had been having an affair for a few months. It came as a terrible shock — I cried and cried for weeks. When asked to choose between her and me, he chose her and left me. I kept on crying. Two months after this revelation, I met someone and fell in love.

Comfort and Healing After Your Husband Leaves You for Another Woman

But knowing these 10 other things can bring you closer than ever. Find out why, and try these relationship strategies to ensure your husband is anything but a mystery. Give your hubby a few minutes to unwind when he comes home. If it seems like your husband constantly tunes you out, consider this: Men may look at other areas of the room while still paying attention, according to Deborah Tannen, author of You Just Don't Understand: Women and Men in Conversation , who reviewed videotapes of same-sex best friends talking. If your words are truly falling on deaf ears, Rachel A. Arguments happen in any good marriage. Next, determine if you and your husband are ready for the discussion.

Talk to your husband one night after the kids are asleep. A good way to find his passion is to ask him to imagine he didn't need money and to describe three But even if it is in a small way, contributing to a larger goal can bring a path that is more fruitful for him, and will bring out his passion and enthusiasm for his Watson - - ‎Business & Economics.


30 Things No Husband Ever Wants to Hear







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