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How to make girl and boy drawing

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Many young artists that I know of, love to draw really large eyes with the reflection spot in them, which I imagine is inspired by the anime craze. Making a drawing this way with the head extra large leaves plenty of room to add all kinds of details in the eyes. And the best circle template for the job? Old CDs. Try keeping a stash in your classroom as they come in handy all the time.


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News Privacy Policy Login. Step 1. You will begin by drawing the frame work for the girl in this tutorial. Start by making a circle for the head shape, and then add the guidelines for the face, neck, and body like so.

Note the pose she is in. Step 2. Now you will draw the boy figure which is located directly in back of the girl. Repeat what you did in step one and when you are done proceed to the next step. So far it's pretty easy right? Step 3. Now here, you will begin sketching out the body of the girl in a way that contours with her emotions.

Now because she is in a cuddle type of pose, you will need to draw her head or face shape lower to the chest of her body. The shoulder lines should be drawn attached to the sides of her face because as you can see she is shrugging. Now you can draw the simple contours of the body starting with the shape of her breast, torso, stomach, legs, and behind. Lastly, start the lining process for her bashful eyes. Step 4. Before you start sketching out or drawing the boys body pose, you will need to sketch out the girls arm which is expanded in a straight form.

This arm pose suggests that she is resting her hand on her own knee. Once her arm is drawn you can add that little crease between her armpit and shoulder, as well as the slit between her breasts. Thicken the eye lines which should be her lashes, and then start drawing out the boys body which is a bit stiffer then the female body pose.

Even though his body has less motion or flow, you can see how his pose flows into hers. Draw the lining for his thigh, and then start sketching out the shape of his face, neck, ears, and eyes as well. Step 5. Now he starts getting intimate with the girl because as you can see he expands his arms out to hug or latch onto the girl. Draw the ruffle lining to the bottom of her dress, as well as the collar and dress straps.

In the same step, you will also draw out the opening line for the jacket on the boy, and then sketch in the eyebrows, nose, ear detailing, and bits of definition to her face.

For the boy you will draw out more thick lining for his eyes, and eyebrows. Draw in his nose, mouth, and detail inside the ear as well. Step 6. Now it's time to sketch out the girls hair style which is long, straight, and kind of bushy. There is also a line for the bottom of her shirt, and notice how his jacket is equipped with a hood.

Draw the hood, and then draw in his hat first, and then the hair. The ends of his hair tips should be sharp and condensed. All you have to do now is draw the blush marks on both the girl and boys cheeks. Step 7. Now lets finish off this long lesson on how to draw a boy and girl. For the boy draw the rim of the beanie that he is wearing. Add some detailing as well as creases and wrinkles to his and her clothes. Erase the unwanted lines and shapes you drew in step one to clean up the drawing.

Step 8. Now after all your hard work and efforts, you now have a completed drawing of a boy and girl that are clearly in love with one and other. Color them in and now you are ready to tackle another tutorial. Thanks for viewing this lesson on how to draw a boy and girl. Comments 0. More From Dawn. Mature Content. You see, since I live to the North East of the United States, my state and or town was one of the places that got hit with the winter blizzard that cancelled so many flights.

Because of this we lost power here, and by the time it came back on, it was too late. This is a couple that is starting out in their relationship which is why they are so happy looking. I tried making the tutorial to be as easy as possible, but when you are drawing a couple or a pair of people, it can sometimes get hard to join two figures together in a sketch.

Nonetheless I think you will have a good time learning " how to draw a boy girl ". I mean after all, who said that the two figures have to be children. There are also boy and girl teens, young adults, and even adults and old people. Go ahead, tackle this tutorial and be sure to include some of your own drawing techniques and tweaks. I shall return so stick around to see what I have for you next.

Peace out people and enjoy the rest of your drawing day! X Login. Remember Me. Not a member? We temporarily stopped you from leaving DrawingHub so you could confirm The site above is not affiliated with DrawingHub in any way.

Please continue at your own risk. Don't enter any passwords or personal information from a site claiming to be DrawingHub or its affiliates. Go Offsite Stay on DrawingHub. X Flag Content. Report sexual violence copyright spam. Details Optional. X Flagged Content. X Members that favorited. X Contest Submission Form. X Battle Challenge. X Battle Challenge Details. Artist: Dawn. Favorited: view. Views: 0 in last hour, 26 in last day, in last week, total.

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News Privacy Policy Login. Step 1. You will begin by drawing the frame work for the girl in this tutorial.

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How to Draw Girls

Today my son drew himself as a boy for the first time in his life. For that many years, when he has drawn himself, he has drawn himself as a girl. In the mediums of crayon, colored pencil and marker, our son is a beautiful girl with long red hair, a big puffy ball gown the color of cotton candy and a tiara with a gigantic heart-shaped stone front and center. Feelings of uneasiness popped up in us here and there when it was time for arts and crafts, especially when there were other people around. Being acutely aware that children who continually, over an extended period of time draw themselves as the opposite sex are more likely to be transgender, we have always wondered if and when the day would come when our boy would draw himself as a boy looking like a boy. We imagined that if it ever happened we would feel a sense of relief and happiness. Then, it happened and we were nothing but sad. Hopefully they will have a mutually beneficial and special relationship.

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Sep 17, - This file includes two pages, boy and girl, which demonstrate in easy steps how to draw a person using basic shapes and lines. Perfect for.








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