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How to find london postcodes

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We all should use postcodes. That handy series of letters and numbers coupled with a building name or number is all that is needed to get a letter delivered to our door. Unlike many other postcode systems, U. Since the introduction of postcodes over 40 years ago, they have been used to describe areas and localities as well as get the mail delivered to the correct letterbox. It all started during the reign of Queen Victoria. In the population was just over 1 million but by the population was over 6 million.

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Postcodes in the United Kingdom

Please allow up to 21 days for your jigsaw puzzle order to arrive. Please note that trade orders will take longer. By adding postcode boundary information to your chosen map base you can transform a simple map into a crucial planning tool.

Map of the UK where you can see the locations of all area level postcodes toghter with the boundaries for areas, districts and sectors. This tool can also be used to find roughly where in the UK a postcode is.

London has 8m 26ft altitude. The coordinates of London are: London belongs to Greater London County. London belongs to England.

London Postcodes

COVID - how it affects renting. Basically, all London postcodes are made up of two different sections. Take the following as an example :. The first part refers to the general area the property is in and, as a rule, it is this part you will find in property adverts. The second part refers to the street and location of the property on that street. The prefixes of the first part are straightforward for example SW refers to South West and give the general part of London, whereas the number gives a more specific location. However, geographically the numbering appears arbitrary as, for instance, NW1 is central whereas NW2 is far out and does not border NW1. This is because when the numbered system was first introduced in , the postcodes numbered 1 E1, NW1, W1, SW1, SE1 were most central and the subsequent numbers assigned alphabetically by the name of the district they represented. Below is a list of the London postcodes and areas they represent.

Map of Greater London postcode districts plus boroughs and major roads

By searching our database of over 27 million properties in the UK, Zoopla is able to return the full postcode match for a partially entered address. A full postcode is known as a "postcode unit" and each postcode unit generally represents a street, part of a street, or a single address. The postcode unit is one of the most important features of any address. Put incorrectly on a letter or parcel it could end up at a completely different street or town.

The US equivalent is a zip code. Before the postcode system, people would add a basic address to a letter and hope that it would arrive in the right place.

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Postcode and Address Finder

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Postal codes used in the United Kingdom are known as postcodes originally, postal codes. The structure of a postcode is two alphanumeric codes, the first having between two and four characters and the second, three characters. First, one or two letters indicate the postcode area, followed by one or two digits signifying a district within that area. This is followed by a space and then a number denoting a sector within said district, and finally by two letters which are allocated to streets or sides of a street. Postcode areas are often named for a major town or city such as B for Birmingham but may also be geographic in nature such as HS for Outer Hebrides.

London Postcodes List

They are the most important part of any address when sending postal mail. Whereas street names are in no way unique to any one area, full extended postcodes are all unique and together with the house number they will uniquely identify an individual address. However that address is totally identified simply by stating "10 SW1 2AA". No two postcode addresses are identical when you include the house number and the full postcode extended postcode. So if you ever need to find an address make sure you have the postcode for it or you could end up totally in the wrong place. In fact postcodes can be different for two sides of the same street the difference will be in the last 3 digits for the extended postcode. We talk about postcodes and extended postcodes because in general use its normal to simply locate areas by the first 2 to 4 digits.

SE1 covers a large part of Central London south of the Thames whereas SE2 covers Abbey Wood at the far end of the Elizabeth Line. See postcode area.

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