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Girl meets world zay funny moments

All told, this was probably the most relationship-heavy episode of Girl Meets World thus far. Luckily, the previous "Girl Meets Texas: Part 1" helped set up the events of "Part 2," which expanded more on the love triangle between Riley, Maya and Lucas. At the same time, this episode did a good job of keeping the whole group involved, even if certain aspects didn't come together as well. For its part, this second installment of the "Texas" arc was an improvement over the first, especially in the early going. For instance, I thought Riley exaggerating her "brother and sister" feelings for Lucas was a smart, funny way of showing that she was conflicted about the decision she made moments earlier.

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‘Girl Meets World’ Sneak Peek: Riley Has a Hater (Exclusive Video)

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. After Riley has a typical teenage girl "You don't know me at all! Cory : [sarcastically] Well, you listened to me, you big stupid!

Maya : [feeding her the line] May I be excused? Riley : [nearly catatonic] My eyes see my shoes Riley : That was great! Maya : You're welcome. Riley : What if that was the best moment of my life?

What if nothing else ever happens to me again? Maya smirks as she takes Riley's hand from the rail - and Riley squeals as she stumbles backwards to land in Evelyn Rand 's lap. They look at one another: Riley is pensive while the woman is slightly annoyed.

Evelyn : to Lucas It's for you. The woman hands Riley off to Lucas. Riley : raises hand Lucas! Maya : Hand. Riley : lowers hand Lucas! Maya : Grown-up voice. Riley : deeper voice Lucas, hellooo. Cory : I'm going to chaperone. Riley : raises hand What's that mean? Riley : lowers hand What's that mean? Oh, Crap! What's that mean? Lucas: What meanest thou, spear carrier , who havest no lines? Riley: I just don't understand how we always end up in situations like this.

Cory: Please don't tell anyone this is how I live in my own house. Svorsky: You sure you killer shark lawyer? Topanga: to her boss I want an advance on my salary in the exact amount it takes to save this bakery or I will go to the competition and destroy you. Svorsky: Yeah, she shark.

Topanga : I wonder who this little weirdo is. Auggie : You're supposed to meet somebody and fall and love and be together forever.

Topanga : Beat Huh. I wonder how many people the idea of Cory and Topanga has ruined. Maya: You are gonna make someone a wonderful fortune cookie someday. Lucas: brimming with joy Oh, this is the greatest day of my life! Maya : [long beat] What horse? I'm very tired. I was going to light it on fire, but Good luck to you. Cory: to Riley I need the holiday to be good for your mother. I need the holiday to be good for Shawn! Maya: Maya!

Cory: without any change in expression Shawn?! Maya: Aw, what's the matter? Your boyfriend's not here yet? Topanga: Oh, then what are we going to do with this "Cory and Shawn 4-Evah" ornament? Cory: Oh that.

That goes right in front of the Cory and Topanga wedding ornament. Topanga: to Riley My whole life. Cory: with his finger still pressing the button Rats! Alan: Let me explain how a speaker box works. Cory : Isn't this great? My favorite person in the world Topanga : [confused look from Riley] My whole life.

Josh: Oh. We interrupt two grown men in a girl's bedroom window for this special announcement:. Josh: We now return to two grown men sitting in a girls bedroom window. Shawn: Hey, Mrs. Topanga: Hey, Mr. Auggie : He's my Uncle! Maya : He's my husband! Cory: It's Coy. Around him, it's Coy. Doy runs to be comforted, the two cry together. Riley: You know what I like?

And I like it when it doesn't change. Maya: The committee exists to keep certain information away from Riley! Cory: Listen! This committee can't protect her for the rest of her life! She's getting too smart! Feeny : to Riley Is [Cory] a good father, you poor, poor little girl? Riley: Hold onto your dignity, woman! Auggie: Too late for that! Maya: "Dear Applicant Boing Maya: "This year, we are only accepting married applicants Riley: Kermit?! Maya: Topanga? Riley: We're even. Cory : The only person who could change your life from "things are goin' pretty good right now" to "AAAH!

Shawn : The only person who could change my life from "things are goin' pretty good right now" to—. Enter Angela. Eric: Are you a robot? Farkle: freaked out I'm a real boy! Cory: Birth certificate? Farkle: Still looking. Turner : points at Farkle Stuart Minkus's kid? Turner : Super genius? Turner : Really human boy? Auggie : Was my dad a good student? Turner : He was a wonderful student. Topanga : Why would you lie to my kid? Turner : He tried real hard.

Lucas: This is your solution, Maya? Maya: shyly Hi. Lucas: smiling and shy, as well Hey. Maya: smiling Hi.

‘Girl Meets World’ star Amir Mitchell-Townes on being inspired by his dad, DJ Jazzy Jeff

Girl Meets World's series finale was filled with nostalgic nods to Boy Meets World—including nearly its entire cast Girl Meets The Forgiveness Project: The episode is centred around Maya and whether or not she can learn to forgive her father. What if we get together and it doesn't work out and 10 years from now when we're all grown up and living in different places. By the time he fishes through the crowd neither girl is to be found. Adriana Chechik.

Exclusive Video. Sloppy Joes or chicken pot pie? Farkle's Corey Fogelmanis dilemma over whether to choose Riley Rowan Blanchard or Maya Sabrina Carpenter becomes a lunchtime analogy in the pilot episode: Sloppy Joe or chicken pot pie?

I noticed Yeager writes Maya to be dumb. Did you notice? She's not Season 7 Eric dumb, but definitely not smart at all. Though in both of her scripts, it's Maya who figures out the lesson.

Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Texas: Part 2 - Review

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. After Riley has a typical teenage girl "You don't know me at all! Cory : [sarcastically] Well, you listened to me, you big stupid! Maya : [feeding her the line] May I be excused? Riley : [nearly catatonic] My eyes see my shoes Riley : That was great! Maya : You're welcome.

Isadora and Zay

He and Maya have a special bond, and I love it. This is one of their best moments together. The fact that he calls himself sinewy. How he cherishes cookies from his grandmother. Him low key shipping Lucaya and being the only one to call Lucas out on it.

But Zay grew up with Lucas. Zay would know Lucas better than Riley, Maya or Farkle.

Maya is the fifteen-year-old daughter of Kermit and Katy. She is Riley Matthews ' best friend. Maya isn't one of the best students in school, but she still looks up to Cory Matthews as a father figure. She is deeply loyal to Riley, as Riley is to her.

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Traveling with their faithful Pop-up Camper, 6 kids in tow 3 years old , America has left them with a deeply enriching experience. A full colour, page book with many stunning and inspiring photographs taken by their eldest son Asher who was 15 at the time of the trip , this travelogue attempts to chronologically record the family's epic 43 state journey around the USA. The whole family contributes many candid thoughts and learning moments being on a daily shifting schedule and of their encounters in a vast country so different from their own. As exciting as any unscripted adventure could go- expect the unexpected.

Another summer has come and past and the clique six prepare themselves for junior year. M: How long are we going to avoid this? R: Not avoiding nothing, just life moving on beyond that thing that happened between me and Lucas. M: So you admit that something happened? R: No! M: You danced with him at the end of year dance.

Not Your Average Gryffindor


Riley, Lucas, Zay, and Maya (Girl Meets World; Girl Meets Texas Part This had to be my FAVE moment in Girl Meets World Disney Channel Shows.








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