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Girl meets world fanfiction farkle hurt

It was a calm, normal day in Mr Cory Matthews' history class at John Adam Quincey Middle School, and the kids were doing their history lesson as was expected of their curriculum. He went on a rant about becoming all knowledgeable like Einstein after learning about Belgium, , before he suddenly passed out, despite Riley trying to get him to calm down. She led him out of the classroom and closed the door. She was holding a large brown envelope in her hands. You got very positive results. I shall rule the world!

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Farkle and Maya

Farkle spent the entire walk home thinking about what he had done. Guilt is a funny thing. You never feel it when you're doing the thing that is wrong. You sometimes don't even feel it til hours, days, months later, but his guilt came quick.

And not only did he realize, but so did Isadora. He held her hand tight as he walked her home. Sometimes he would even try to swing their hands back and forth to relieve tension, but everytime her hand went stiff.

He was so entirely focused on Riley and this slow guilt eating him alive, he didn't even notice they had stopped walking. Isadora looked up at him and triedo her best to smile. He was hoping to hear words of encouragement or of even happiness, but nothing of those sorts came out. He gasps sharply reaching for Isadora's hand. Time after time we prove that like forces repel. I like you Farkle, I really do but maybe this isn't the right time for us.

You seem distracted. Deep down he knows he should be hurting from this, that something should be breaking, but nothing hurts. If anything he appears to be relieved. It's not that Farkle doesn't like Smackle, because it's quite evident that he always has, but a slow-burn yurns for someone else.

She opens her door and right before she closes she turns to Farkle one last time. And like that, Farkle was left on her doorstep, alone and on New Year's. He wanted to feel worried for Smackle, that things had ended so suddenly, but his mind was phased by a pretty, brunette who probably was crying her eyes out. All because of him. Farkle had spent the entire weekend thinking of the right thing to tell Riley.

How he was sorry for blurting it out, how he couldn't believe he hurt her, how horrible he felt for being such a bad friend. Nothing in Farkle's mind sounded perfect or smooth. He felt as if he wouldn't be able to express the guilt that was suffocating him.

He knew that even if she tried, she probably would run before he finished. At least at school, there was no where to hide. Farkle arrives early to get a few extra minutes before class to talk to Riley.

He catches Riley's beautiful, dark hair from across the hall, but as he tries to rush over to her a hand grabs his elbow. No wrong done here. Zay just raises an eyebrow.

She won't even speak to Maya. That's when you know it's bad. He takes his normal seat right behind Riley's. The bell hasn't rang, but the class is mostly filled up.

It gives Farkle sometime to think. The voice in the back of his head keeps saying the same question it's been asking the entire time. He looks toward Maya who gives him a sincere smile as if she were saying 'I'm not mad, but why? If looks could kill, Farkle would already be 6 feet under. He shakes the fear Lucas is giving him and focuses on the back of Riley's head.

Maya has been trying all class period to get her attention but nothing seems to work. He's been watching Riley's breathing and he knows she's having a hard time. Her patience with Maya is coming to close and all of a sudden she raises her hand. Her father nods and she's already out the door. Farkle chases after her, or at least he would have had two arms not grabbed him. Farkle looks towards Maya to see her totally shocked. Matthews clears his throat and continues. He can't honestly think any of them are actually listening?

To his surprise, he sees Lucas's hand raise in the air. Farkle can see Maya ticking and he knows he's next to blow. Your her father for Heaven's sake! Do something! Matthew's demands with a certain hidden anger in his voice. I'm not gonna be quiet until I know Riley is okay!

The room is silent until Zay decides to join. NYC is so much cooler than Texas. Like Zay's playful self, he raises his arms and says, "just an observation. All the students filter out until it's just Farkle and Mr. He sits on top of Riley's desk giving him the very "father" look.

She made it very clear to Topanga and I that she did not want to see anyone, especially you. If you along with all her other friends don't make an effort to see her and make her feel better, she may never leave her room. Getting her to school this morning was hard enough and after all this, she has no desire to return.

She probably won't even speak to me. I don't know what it is, but she listens when you speak, she looks to you for advice and most of all she trusts you with anything. This girl he has loved since the 1st grade is in pain and all because of him. Matthew says standing up and squeezing his shoulder.

Farkle is standing in front of the Matthews door like he has everyday this week. The other days, he went head first without a plan. Each day Cory opens up and turns him away. Luckily this time, Farkle came prepared or at least with a step one to a hundred step process. He's about to knock when he hears a voice from the other side. They are the last people I want to talk to, well besides.. Besides him. He decides to knock right after she is finished.

At least he knows she's out of her room. He hears a high squeal and shuffling before the door opens. Again he's greeted by Mr. See ya tomorrow Sir. At least he tried to get through to Riley. It's all a risk, but it's better than nothing. Riley is sitting at the bay window when her dad comes in. He gives her the same nod he's been giving since Monday. From Farkle. She can feel her face turning red, and to this day she still can't tell if it is from hatred or something she's been hiding.

Farkle didn't put up a fight? He didn't try to will his way in? Her father walks over. She figures it's another hug or talk, but he lays an envelope on her lap labeled "Riley" in Farkle's handwriting.

She intakes sharply before looking up to her father. She picks up the envelope and contemplates. Do I open it? Do I throw it away? My head says no, but my heart says yes. Something changed between Farkle and her. It wasn't a sudden change. Each day felt the same, but she looks back now and everything is different. The only thing that hasn't changed is his loyalty to her. And that's enough for her to open the letter. And that was it.

What happens when she returns? Is Maya and Lucas together? What is Riley doing? Where is Farkle in all this? Riley and Lucas been dating since the 7th grade.

Their ship name is Faya or Markle. Even if they are considered to be frenemies, Farkle used to have a crush on Maya, although she did not feel the same way and only considered him as a close friend. However, Farkle is later shown to be more friendly towards Maya as he isn't as affectionate as he used to be, and she now accepts his friendship openly same applies to him and Riley.

I was suppose to upload Ski Lodge Part 2 but I got stuck at one part. It will be uploaded whenever I finish. Also a Smarkle one-shot will becoming soon! Riley was sitting in the school library with Farkle, who hadn't looked up from his computer the entire study hall hour. He looked paler than usual and a little tense.

This will follow Farkle's journey in an abusive home from episode one to the time where his friends find out they will find out, but I'm not going to tell you when. Farkle really does have Aspergers. It doesn't play a big part until the episode Girl Meets Farkle, but you will see symptoms of it throughout the reading. But that didn't mean he always liked them, nor did that mean his parents-his mother, in particular- always loved him. The abuse had been going on for as long as he could remember, and the neglect probably started long before that. It started with his mother shaking him as a baby; it was a miracle he hadn't experienced brain damage or shaken baby syndrome. Then, it became a few smacks as a toddler; when he was six or seven, it became beating, and around age ten, his mother spiraled completely out of control.

Here is my good friend Starry's request! Finally haha. I have once again split it up in two parts. If I have any more request for this or related to this then maybe it'll be 3 or 4 parts.

Warning: This is not a happy story. It's nothing like the other Girl Meets World fanfics.

Hullooo lovelies! So, this is my first ever GMW story, so please review and tell me how I can do better! This was inspired by, but has no relation to, Girl Meets Money!

It was a typical night after school were gathered to do their homework well everyone except for Lucas who was always late , and Farkle who was usually right next to his girlfriend Riley making the other two gag. Riley was tapping her pencil on her notepad her eyes fixed on the door of Topanga's her worried face on. Maya patted Riley's hand trying to make her at least smile"Don't worry so much pumpkin it will give you wrinkles. Riley sighed softly focusing on Maya still fiddling with her pencil "I usually don't , but he has been off for a few days.

Farkle spent the entire walk home thinking about what he had done. Guilt is a funny thing. You never feel it when you're doing the thing that is wrong. You sometimes don't even feel it til hours, days, months later, but his guilt came quick. And not only did he realize, but so did Isadora. He held her hand tight as he walked her home.

I'm a girl meets world fan. I'm not really look at every detail obsessed, but I was thinking about Farkle. Farkle sat at the kitchen table doing homework. He always sat at the kitchen homework. He always checked and re-checked easy math problems until his dad came home just so the first thing his dad would do when he got home was talk to him. He loved his dad and never doubted that his dad loved him back, but sometimes he felt a bit unsure about things.

Maya said the best thing about going out with Farkle is that no matter what happens, she won't get hurt. Season 2. Girl Meets the New World. Farkle proposes to.

Farkle walks outside to find Lucas sitting in Pappy Joes rocking chair Farkle wasn't sure what just happened in the living room. All he knew was that his best friend was hurting…all at the hands of his other best friend. Times like these, Farkle wishes he knew more about emotions.

The first day Billy made fun of him for his turtlenecks and being weird, it didn't really get to him. Farkle was used to being called weird so it wasn't anything unusual; he was proud to stand out. So he just went about the rest of his day normally.

I was hesitant whether to post this to not, but thanks to some persuasion from Xxxx4evaSummerxxxx, I'm posting it. Farkle wrapped his sweater a bit tighter around his body as he continued to walk down the road. It had started to rain a few minutes prior, and the dampness in the air sent a chill down his spine. He continued on his walk over a bridge and paused once he reached the center.

Images are playing on the screen in front of them.

It starts with one mistake. One day they messed up and then young Stuart Minkus is married and a father of a little boy with the strange name of Farkle. He's busy with school and she's busy, too, so Farkle goes to a daycare- it's expensive, sure, and not very good, but Farkle's taken care of. So Stuart works on making a better place in the world for Farkle and pretends he loves his wife that he never sees. It's okay though, because it'll get better soon.

Well the Tribal Council has spoken. I have never had so many favorites and reviews happen so quickly. Thanks to you all, I am doing more with this story! The first chapter is a retooling of "Parent Meets Teacher" with more chapters added. Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me. They belong to Michael Jacobs and Disney.

They had argued before and he had yelled several insults at her before but she always just brushed it off as best she could. Lucas and Riley and both been civil towards Paul but Farkle had insisted that Paul was bad news. Maya figured that Farkle was just jealous but after what had happened tonight she realized maybe Farkle was right. To put it simply Paul had hit her on the face and then kicked her.

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