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Girl meets world christmas maya

In order to keep her grounded, Maya pinches her every time she mentions their annual Secret Santa. Farkle then turns around and explains to Smackle that he has no idea what to get Zay. They throw snowballs at the Rockefeller Center ice rink, they hang out at the diner, and Katie pretends to be Gimbo the Elf instead of Santa. Maya is grateful, thanking Katie for giving her all of her friends. Maya receives a broken clock and the instructions on how to fix it, Zay gets Magic the Gathering, Smackle gets a guide to manners and etiquette which she immediately throws at Zay and Farkle gets a menorah, which immediately upsets him.

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Girl Meets a Christmas Maya

In the press pictures released by Disney, there are photos of Riley and Maya in completely different outfits reading a card. I saw fans complaining prior to the episode's premiere about a "deleted Rucas scene" that involved a card from Lucas Jet, there was a scene that was cut in editing.

In it Riley gets a note from Lucas that says he bought some toys and donated them to needy kids in her name. That would be a very Riley thing, and something she would really like. I'm surprised you guys tolerated Riley this episode. Everything about Farkle irritated me during the gift exchange. Corey's angry face just makes me laugh. All he does is change his eyes. I've come to the conclusion that I'd watch a show about Zay. He's great. The constant mentions of Shawn without ever seeing Shawn is getting so unrealistic now that he and Katy are married.

Can Rider just refuse to do an episode if the writers intended to include him? What's the deal? I noticed this episode's strong variety of character interactions. Yeah, can totally refuse. He's just a guest star, he has no contractual obligation to do anything. He doesn't have to show up at all, and likely wouldn't mind not doing so, but he appears to be willing to do a set number of episodes in a given season.

It seems to be two a year, with Rider likely throwing them a bone and showing up the for the finale to. Honestly, it's on them for insisting on making Shawn such a big part of the plot even though they know they can't use him much. Why did rider agree for his character to marry katy and become a big thing in mayas and katys life if he didnt want to be in the show much. Well, while Rider can choose when he appears, it's really not up to him what they have Shawn do.

He has no actual ownership of that character. I suppose he coul refuse to appea at all unless they write Shawn the way he wants, but that doesn't really sound like him. And I doubt he cares too much. So, whatever they wanted to do was probably fine, but he wasn't going to appear any extra to accomoddate it. As for what would happen in Season I mean, that just so clearly seems not to be happening, I wouldn't overthink it.

But if it did, I'm sure, yes, it would just be two-ish episodes for Shawn. From memory, Rider said at one point he does any because he felt he was being selfish; because whilst he doesn't feel it, Ben, and to some extent I guess, Danielle, do. So he does it for them more than anything. And I think there was an understanding they'd let him direct a bit more as long as he appears in a couple of episodes. I was under the assumption that Rider's reluctance to play Shawn so often had more to do with avoiding being type-casted.

Yeah, that part about how Lucas just ran off to avoid Secret Santa struck me as odd. That's some shit. Girl Meets Bear is the only episode I can recall that explicitly acknowledges them as a couple. Other than that, they're barely friends. What happened in Bear again to show that? The exchange where they talked about sitting next to each other at the movies, right?

I remember Zay mentioned them "going on dates" in his little spiel at the end. I'm pretty sure I've said this before on one of these posts, but I'm still confused as hell why they would hype up this triangle for all of those episodes this season for them to just drop it like it never happened for the most part, anyway.

You could at least show a little bit of Riley and Lucas holding hands, or the other subtle love stuff that Disney is willing to dip into, instead of blowing it off entirely.

Which, scarily enough, is true. He stated assumed dates to dances, and important talks. Nothing he stated was every anything about romance. He's the worst BF ever. Har har, I love you too Will. But yes, that is exactly what Friar said--and that, after a completely inappropriate reaction to Riley spending time with Friar shouts at Riley and then turns around and asks her to be his girlfriend and then makes zero effort to be a boyfriend.

I despise Friar, and it is my sincerest wish for him to meet an angry cassowary. Did I say I disagreed with the summation? I agree; that's just the sad part. You just say it better than I do. Sorry if I sounded short-tempered, Will. I had a bit of a cold yesterday. You didn't.

Honestly, I thought this was a very solid episode as far as holiday eps go. Don't really have much to say that you guys didn't cover, but some brief thoughts: - I very much enjoyed Zay in this episode - he really is getting better.

Remember how hammy he was in the first few seasons? The dynamic between him and Smackle is something we rarely see if at all and I'm glad we got to see them interact.

It was very nice, much like his brief moment s with Maya in Bear. And, like you said, this was a very strange episode for him to miss since Christmas is supposed to be about spending time with your friends and family.

For us to have the whole gang minus one feels off. Obviously this episode sans Shawn was weird too. Well, we have three more episodes to go! I'll be catching some of the Hannah Montana re-runs this month for nostalgia purposes, so I'll see y'all in January.

I'm really interested to see what they're doing in the next episode, "World Meets Girl", as the GMWWriters Twitter account tweeted this about it a while back: "An interactive episode. The audience is the show. But then, it always was. I'm thinking another Eric Hollywood meta-ish episode, probably with a show called "Woman Encounters Galaxy" that Maya and Riley both watch, where there's some sort of comment section that pulls actual comments that the audience has made.

I don't really know, though; it's pretty vague. Due to a new job, I will be working over fifty hours a week until January so I may not be around as much. But very funny review, gentlemen. I'll be sure to get to the episode soon. As a semi-Farkle fan The actor's really nice and came to my town to do some event for kids so that's cool and all but Zay is by far of that trio. Hell, Zay might be the best character on the show. How the fuck did that happen? As to why I Farkle??

Well I just do. You guys don't like him and that's fine. I just do not agree with your assessment of him. We all have different opinions.

I listen to a podcast and they had the totally opposite reaction to Riley's gift. They thought Riley was the one in the wrong. It's funny how people react to the same situation in different ways. I personally didn't have a problem with Riley's gift or Farkle's reaction. As always the two of them came an understanding and had another heartfelt moment, which is always lovely to see. Anyway, Farkle's a moron. So I can't celebrate Christmas? Farkle isn't supposed to be a dumb kid and b. Farkle is supposed to know Riley well enough to know that she wouldn't be a jerk or whatever.

I have a lot of things to say. But first. Did you guys not catch the joke Maya made after she got her secret santa? Also, I read there was a deleted scene where Lucas sent Riley a letter. Apparently he got a little girl a toy on her behalf. Also, I think the reason Lucas wasn't there was because Peyton couldn't make it.

So, yeah, Zay's the best.

TV Review: Girl Meets World (3×18) “Girl Meets a Christmas Maya”

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In the press pictures released by Disney, there are photos of Riley and Maya in completely different outfits reading a card. I saw fans complaining prior to the episode's premiere about a "deleted Rucas scene" that involved a card from Lucas

It aired on December 2, to 1. As Christmas approaches, Riley gets excited to celebrate her favorite holiday, but for Maya, the holidays only bring back unhappy memories from her childhood. Riley and Maya are seated at the bay window, discussing the Secret Santa tradition, for which Riley shows much enthusiasm. Maya says they all hate it and pinches Riley every time she mentions the words "secret Santa".

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Discover four movies that are skipping theaters to bring Tom , Beanie , and a talking dog to your home in May. Watch the video. It's Christmas time and Riley is excited to celebrate her favorite holiday, but for Maya the holidays only bring back unhappy memories from her childhood. I woke up this morning and checked what my DVR had recorded overnight. It was great to see Sabrina Carpenter without all the makeup she wears these days. I have not watched Disney for months, ever since they took off the only good show on the network. But then Disney does not care about their viewers, only their over paid executives and making money. Has your income gone up since you took this show off the air, Disney? Sign In.

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Directed by Ben Savage. With Rowan Blanchard, Ben Savage, Sabrina Carpenter, Peyton Meyer. It's Christmas time and Riley is excited to celebrate her favorite.








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