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ACE Fit offers a number of free tools and calculators to help you determine everything from your body mass index BMI to your target heart rate zone, your blood pressure, body fat composition, daily caloric needs and more. Each of those tools will help you find an exercise program that fits your individual needs and goals, whether that be losing weight or increasing your strength with weight training. Contact ACE to find health and fitness experts for media interviews, articles and public service campaigns; information on the latest research; official position sstatements on health and fitness topics; quotes on the role of physical activity and beahvior change as part of the healthcare continuum; consumer health tips, and more. Stay connected with us to get the latest health and fitness news, innovative workouts, healthy recipes and wellness tips. Get inspired to live your most fit life. Whether it's the latest fitness classes and trends.

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Live Well. Plus, six easy tips to commence your weight loss journey. Nothing can kickstart your weight loss and fitness journey faster than a bout of self realisation. A calorie deficit is a specific diet pattern that revolves around the number of calories you consume in a day. This diet pattern requires you to calculate the number of calories your body needs to consume to function smoothly without feeling hungry, and how much deficit you need create without harming your health.

The deficit can then be created by cutting down empty calories and unhealthy fats. Keep in mind that the number of calories required to create a deficit is different for different body types.

You can calculate yours online via a calorie calculator. But these foods comprised my daily diet. The same is also true for your exercise regime, I followed the below exercise regime to lose 11 kgs before switching the routine again to build my body up.

More importantly, I used to train 2 body parts in a day and focused more on Compound Movements such as Bench press, Overhead press, Push ups, Deadlift, Pull ups and Squats.

Simply put, I lost 11 kgs in 4months 77 kgs to 66 kgs by following the above diet and exercise regime, which essentially also meant that I lost a lot of the excess body fat.

So with the excess body fat gone, I became lean and then started to work on gaining healthy muscle mass. So, now I am 76 kgs with lots of muscle mass and very less fat percentage. Follow a calorie deficit diet. Track your calories daily if you don't want to do that then work on a trial and error method by reducing your portion size and checking your weight weekly, if your weight goes down then voila this is perfect portion size for you!

Eat more vegetables and protein-rich food. Vegetables are loaded with minerals and vitamins. Protein-rich food will help retain muscle mass and also help burn calories. Drink more water. Do weight training. It helps shape the body and retain muscle while losing weight and also walk more at least 10, steps. Walking strengthens the joints and also promotes heart health.

Be consistent and stay disciplined. Disclaimer: The diet and workout routines shared by the respondents may or may not be approved by diet and fitness experts. Please consult an authorised medical professional before following any specific diet or workout routine mentioned above. How to lose weight like this year-old who lost 18 kgs by tweaking his eating habits instead of crash dieting. More on Fitness. Look Good.

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Tools & Calculators

Live Well. Plus, six easy tips to commence your weight loss journey. Nothing can kickstart your weight loss and fitness journey faster than a bout of self realisation.

More than seven million individuals all over the world have tried our Fitness Calculator. You should test your fitness age too, by clicking the image below, but let us first explain what makes our calculator so special and popular. The Fitness Calculator estimates your fitness age measured as maximum oxygen uptake VO2max.

Knowing BMI can help adult men and women understand their overall health. Use the BMI calculator below to determine your body mass index by inputting your height and weight. Note: Results of the BMI calculator are based on averages. Keep in mind that the BMI calculator may over-estimate body fat in those with a muscular build.

BMI Calculator

Now that the Fitness Calculator has provided your TDEE Total Daily Energy Expenditure , it's time to set the amount of calories you will be consuming while following my fitness program. In order to lose weight burn fat , you need to consume less calories than your body needs. To build muscle, you need to consume slightly more calories than your TDEE. Select your gender: I'm a woman. I'm a man. Select your age: Years. Select your height: Imperial. Select your weight: LBS. Select your formula:. How would you describe your normal daily activities?

A Large Selection Of Easy To Use Fitness Calculators!

But you have one problem, math. Because of all the new and updated web programs, it is making it easier for everyone to do just about anything on the internet without thinking! Do you want to find out how strong you are? Need to know what your one rep max is for a new workout program based on percentages?

All of our physical features—from the shape of our waist and stomach, to the size of our wrists, to the roundness of our arms—are based upon our personal genetics, our fitness, and our health history.

Brock Armstrong, Get-Fit Guy, will help you increase your enjoyment of movement, boost your overall physical performance, and get your body feeling and functioning better than ever. Brock uses his understanding of functional movement, endurance training, muscle building and the ever-important balance between performance and health to help people all over the world achieve their goals and improve their quality of life. Brock was a blogger for the Canadian Running magazine iRun.

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How to lose weight and get fit like this guy who lost fat by following this one genius diet hack


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