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A lot of guys come to me and say they want to make their girlfriend happy. What these guys really want is to make their girlfriend happy to be in a relationship with them. It sounds strange, but the key to making your girlfriend happy is to not try. This is one of the strange paradoxes about dating women.

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30 Things that Make Your Girlfriend Happy

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A lot of guys come to me and say they want to make their girlfriend happy. What these guys really want is to make their girlfriend happy to be in a relationship with them. It sounds strange, but the key to making your girlfriend happy is to not try.

This is one of the strange paradoxes about dating women. If you lavish your girlfriend with attention and try to please her, then you might make her happy in the short term, but as any experienced man will tell you, these are short term victories that will be your demise in the long run. Instead, you should focus on making your girlfriend happy to be with you. You have to become a man that she admires and respects.

A man she can be proud of. I relaxed and started hitting. This is a big mistake. You need to think the same way as the pro baseball player. Stop caring and focusing on your girlfriend. Instead, start hitting. Start doing things with your life and focus on making yourself happy. There is something so fundamentally wrong and toxic about the question:.

Sounds nice and romantic right? I was speaking to my girlfriend the other day and she told me that her best friend had just broken up with her boyfriend. My girlfriend was confused. On Facebook her best friend had always been posting how her boyfriend had been buying her gifts, taking her out to dinner and spending all his money on her. So he could make his girlfriend happy. The poor sap. The reality is that this guy had been desperately trying to please his girlfriend and make her happy.

What this girl really wanted was a strong man, not some weak man-boy constantly trying to please her. For a great perspective on how to make a girl horny, check out the following article to find out how to really turn your girlfriend on and make her happy. People pleasing is weak behavior and weak behavior is unattractive not just to your girlfriend, but to all men and women and society in general Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Happiness is, after all, just a temporary emotion. Trying to make your girlfriend happy will get you none of these things. But… become a man of high value and a man your girlfriend respects and you will get all this and more. What do all the actions in this list have in common? Close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine Muhammad Ali, Clint Eastwood or James Bond doing any of the things on this list. Trying to make your girlfriend happy is the act of a weak, but nice man plenty of those around.

There is a disturbing trend in society, particularly Western society, where women expect men to worship them and essentially respect them for no other reason than the fact that the woman has a vagina.

There will always be men who worship women and fawn all over them. These women are simply filling in time until they meet a man who is strong enough and confident enough to come along and make her submit to him. The human race has been around for about , years and until the last couple of decades, men have never put women on pedestals and worshiped them as much as they do now.

What if I told you that happiness is never experienced in the moment, but only in memory. How can you make your girlfriend happy? All you can do is give her feelings of excitement, touch her, arouse her and let her experience feelings of joy and love. In the movies a man gives a girl flowers and she swoons and falls head over heals in love; in reality, a man gives a girl flowers and she is turned off by his feminine behavior.

In fact, the reverse is likely true. If you really want to make your girlfriend happy you need to know what it is that she actually wants. Instead, you need to give your girlfriend what she needs biologically in order to make her truly happy. Your girlfriend wants and needs a man who is a fountain of strength. A woman wants to look up to a man and respect him.

And that is all your girlfriend really wants—she wants to love you, all you have to do is make it possible. A lot of men are focused on saying the right thing to their girlfriend, hoping that this will make their girlfriend happy. You need to start focusing on giving your girlfriend experiences instead.

Experiences are, after all, much more memorable and meaningful to a woman than anything else you can offer Cornell University. The experience your girlfriend needs is to feel you: the good, the bad and the ugly.

She needs to feel your presence. Imagine the following scenario: Peter was dating Jane and she started to tell him that she was unhappy in the relationship. Peter went into panic mode. Oh, no! The next time Peter saw Jane he took her out to a restaurant and bought her a nice dinner. Jane cringed inwardly at this.

Little did Peter realize that by trying to make Jane happy he had just made things worse. A couple of weeks later, Jane broke up with Peter. If only Peter knew how to deal with women the correct way, then this would never have happened.

The following week Jane started dating Paul. Jane thought to herself. Paul must be really confident and secure in himself. That night, Paul gave Jane the best sex of her life—and she did things with him that she would never have done with Peter. Afterwards, Jane lay in bed in a state of bliss.

Satisfied and sweaty. She curled up to Paul and wrapped her arms around him, finding comfort in his strength. In that moment Jane knew she loved Paul. Her body and mind were satisfied—she was happy! If you need an urgent response to fix your situation, please don't hesitate to book an email or phone consultation with me and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Everything you need to know about creating, building, and maintaining attraction can be found within these pages. If a girl's pulled away from you or left you, the Get Her Back Action Plan will give you an instant solution to your problem.

This guide will show you the fastest and easiest way to get her back and keep her. The end result of this is that your girlfriend will find you less attractive. Ask yourself this question, what do you really want from your girlfriend? When I talk to men, this is what they tell me they want from their girlfriends: Men want to be respected.

Men want to have great sex. Men want to be admired. Men want a girlfriend who is loyal. Men want a girl they can trust. Men want a girl who is sexy and attractive. Men want a woman who shows affection and care. Tell her how much you love her. Write special little love notes and leave them in her purse. Surprise her with flowers. Cook her a tasty meal. Pay attention to her. Tell her how you feel.

Make an effort with her friends. Have you ever been consciously happy in the present? However, you can only make your girlfriend feel powerful emotions if she is attracted to you. How To Really Make Your Girlfriend Happy If you really want to make your girlfriend happy you need to know what it is that she actually wants. So what does a woman want and need from a man? Discover the secret psychology of attraction.

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60 Cute Texts To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Relationships are a lot of work, but they can also be incredibly fun and rewarding. Did you know? Studies show that the happiest relationships are those where the couple takes time to play and have fun together!

A lot of guys just want to get a girlfriend, without really considering the type of girls they actually like. The key is to find a girl that you actually want to date, a girl that you actually enjoy spending time with. This is a lot harder to pull off than dating any girl you find hanging out at a bar.

In case that your relationship could be better, then keep on reading. Maybe the spark is gone and your girlfriend is acting cold and distant. Whenever your girl is behaving bitchy it always means that she has lost attraction. In both cases, you should follow these steps to make her feel special.

The Truth About How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

When you want to make your girlfriend happy, nothing works better than a cute text. A sweet text message is just the right thing that can make her smile. It works especially when your girlfriend is jealous or angry. You can also send sweet messages when you miss her madly. It is the easiest, yet most effective way, to bring a bright and cute smile to your girlfriend's face. Check out some of the cutest texts for all occasions to make your girlfriend happy:. It is one way of letting her know that you think of her every morning and it will surely make her happy. And if she is jealous or unhappy for some reason, it will surely make her happy.

20 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Incredibly Happy!

It is not difficult and expensive to please a girl, especially if she loves you. As a boyfriend, it is your duty to give her more reasons to smile and make her feel loved and special. Tell her that you love her. Hold her hand, look deeper into her eyes, and say those three words with eight letters. Write a love letter or leave little notes.

A perfect relationship is never one sided.

If you're in a relationship and you want to make it work, it's worth putting some thought into the steps you could take to make life smoother for your partner — and, by extension, you. Here are the top 10 things you can work on to make your girlfriend happy:. It's become a familiar cliche: Men don't listen, and there's not much that can be done about it.

Top 10 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Happy



How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special


She rarely wants to feel like a guy can't live without her, or like he's made his entire existence about making her happy. how to get a girlfriend. Girls may say they.








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