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What to get your nursing friends

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The season of giving gifts and showing your appreciation is getting near. And if you are starting to look for the perfect gift to give to your favorite nurse and co-workers, we have the perfect guide for you. Shopping for holidays? Check out our Holiday Shopping Guide for Nurses.



15 Awesome Gifts for a Nursing Student

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The season of giving gifts and showing your appreciation is getting near. And if you are starting to look for the perfect gift to give to your favorite nurse and co-workers, we have the perfect guide for you. Shopping for holidays? Check out our Holiday Shopping Guide for Nurses.

To kick-start your search for the coolest and most awesome gift ideas for nurses, here are some gift suggestions based on the recommendations of frequent shoppers in Amazon:.

This clipboard is proudly manufactured by Americans who are blind. It has a smooth writing surface and its clip can hold up to half an inch of pad paper. It fits most backpacks, briefcases, and envelopes. It comes with important medical tools like trauma scissors, pens and penlight. The front and back pockets of this organizer are great for keeping alcohol swabs, cotton balls and many more.

It fits the pocket of most standard-sized scrub suits. The book also comes with a one-year free subscription to DrugGuide. This pretty can hold up to 16 ounces of fluid. It comes with great reviews. It is a good quality mug that will keep your coffee warm for a few hours. It can be worn up to the legs. The sock has red and gray color combinations.

The design features different nursing-related symbols like syringes, charts, and stethoscopes. Each pen has 4 appreciation messages that rotate for every click. Its ink color is black and the ballpoint measures 1 mm. This sock is very soft and comfy to wear. It keeps feet dry as it prevents excessive sweating. The bright red thread design of the sock is just perfect for nurses.

The book is a great read and you can even finish it in one sitting. The mold can also be used for soap and plaster. This plastic mold is durable and reusable. It is also FDA-approved and safe for food preparation. However, it cannot be used for molding hard candies. This set of syringe highlighter pens is also perfect for giveaways. The highlighter pens—ideally used for examination reviews—have bright colors and can last longer. It is written especially for nursing students.

Practical advice and real-life stories from nurses and staff development experts are provided along with tips on how you can get your first job as a nurse. It is lined with water-resistant material and the design features caricaturized Betty Boop nurse in the middle.

This tote bag is great in packing all the essentials needed in duties. It is large enough to cater to small medical pieces of equipment. The kit is great for nursing students as it includes the tools vital for clinical duties in the hospital.

The stethoscope included has decent sound quality. It is sturdy and can keep food packs warm or cold for hours. The lunchbox is a head-turner in the workplace as it looks like a real human organ container. The outer cloth is durable and can be cleaned easily. The label of the mug is filled with funny descriptions about coffee. The mug can hold up to twelve ounces of fluid. It is dishwasher- and microwave-safe. It also contains EKG facts and basic terminology.

It is made from plastic so it is lightweight and water-proof. It can be attached to IDs and badge reels. It comes in eleven different colors. It can hold up to 16 ounces of fluid and measures 6. This jar can be used for hot and cold drinks. It is double-walled and free from BPA. The colorful artwork engraved in the jar celebrates how noble the nursing profession is. It is made from foam which keeps beverages cold. The design features beer as the prescribed medicine as well as some funny descriptions about the beverage.

Because it is made from foam, it can keep beverages cold while keeping your hands warm and dry. It is packed with information helpful in everyday duties in the ward.

The pocket card is easy to clean with a simple wipe of a wet cloth. It can be used to quickly check vital information about acid-base balance, fluids, and electrolytes while in the middle of nursing rounds. It features different calculations, measurements, formulas, dosages, equivalents, rates and many more.

This 6-page guide is great for nursing students. It allows you to make a donation in honor of someone you love as an awesome holiday gift. Share on Facebook. How to Insert an I. Device in an Older Adult. Follow Us. Hot Topics. March 21, Load more. March 31,

22 Awesome Gift Ideas Nurses Will Adore

Do you need help finding the best gifts for nurses? Be it Nurses Week , graduation, Christmas holidays , birthdays, or whatever the occasion, let our gift hunting guide give you ideas and help you find the perfect gifts for nurses! Disclosure : Included in this article are affiliate links from Amazon where we may earn a small commission. Your purchase helps support our work.

If you know a nurse who's graduating this year, you can confirm that what he or she really needs is a caffeine drip or 16 straight hours of sleep though we hear that's not how it actually works. These thoughtful nurse graduation gift ideas , however, are a close second, and they make the joy of finally getting through clinical that much sweeter. Some of these ideas are more practical than others, but all of them can make their day on the job a little easier.

Skip to main content Nursing School Gifts. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. I purchased this as a gift for a friend in nursing school. She loves it!!

7 Gift Ideas for Nursing Students

This article is your gift guide to awesome gifts for a nursing student. As someone who tends to struggle buying presents, I know how hard it can be. Some of these might not seem as exciting as our fun nursing student gifts below. Rest assured the practicality of these gifts makes them much appreciated. This is true. Many times nursing students will buy the cheapest stethoscope they can just to get them by. To make matters worse, they can be painful on the ears. If you can upgrade them to a better stethoscope that would set them up for the long run. I recommend Littmann stethoscopes.

35+ Best Gifts for Nurses: Ideas and Tips

Graduations, holidays, and special occasions can leave you wondering what to give the nursing student in your life. Old standbys like a new sweater, a computer, or even cash are always an option, but if you want to help out a student on their journey to becoming a nurse , here are seven gift ideas for the future nurse in your life. Nurses spend a lot of time on their feet, so comfortable footwear is a must. The future nurse in your life is going to stand, walk, and sometimes run from patient to project and back again, so new shoes and socks will be much appreciated. However, shoes are a personal, particular purchase.



Nursing School Gifts


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20 Graduation Gifts for Nurses That Are Practical Enough to Use on the Job


Apr 25, - This is an ideal gift for the travel nurse working on your unit or even a nurse friend that likes to visit out of town on their off days. HOW TO MAKE.








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