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Where to go in europe with girlfriend

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We reveal the European weekend getaways offering the best value, after comparing a basket of travel essentials including accommodation and food. City breaks can be the ideal solution if you want to go exploring abroad but don't have heaps of annual leave to use. There are plenty of brilliant locations in Europe just a short flight away, where you can find activities for families with children, iconic landmarks for culture vultures and romantic spots for couples. The best part is, you can get quite a lot for your budget on food, attraction tickets and more, if you know where to look. Researchers looked at the price of 12 typical tourist city break staples, such as an evening meal for two with wine, coffee, beer, soft drinks, airport transfers, sightseeing, attractions and accommodation, but not including air fares. They then added the costs to produce a total barometer "basket price", unveiling the best value cities in Europe.

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Best romantic destinations in Europe

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Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Countries Topics Tours Shop Menu. Karte anzeigen. All countries. Finally, time for the long-desired vacation together with your boyfriend or girlfriend has come, but actually, you are quite nervous because it will be the first time you go on vacation together.

Probably the first time you will spend 24 hours for several days together. Line and I have been a couple for two years now, have already been in more than 20 countries together and will now always travel together. Just starting your journey is mostly not the best way and can imply many problems and inconvenience. What would you do, for example, if your partner had a food poisoning? Or will you run like a flushed chicken through the entire hotel to wake up everybody to get some medication?

Now you are going to learn step by step about the challenges of a journey for two and how you can prepare yourselves for the first vacation together: I split this article into two parts: before the journey and during your trip. I spared the part of your return since there are only two possibilities: you are still a couple and even love each other more than before or you split up! Prior to the journey 1. Choose a destination you are both interested in You probably have a wish list showing countries you would like to visit, and your partner probably has one, too.

Or you may not have thought about it yet. Each of you makes a list of 10 destinations you would like to go to together and then read it aloud. If there are no matches, make new lists. It could also be helpful to list countries first and if you find some, both of you like, continue by going into detail — list regions or cities or as an alternative, list activities.

I would recommend doing all this separately. Each of you should buy a nice notebook, which you can fill with your lists and notes. You will need it more often in your relationship! Check whether the destination offers everything, both of you want As soon as you have found a destination both of you like, you should check what it has to offer.

Are there activities you would like to do both? If you, for example, would like to go to the mountains, but your partner is keen on diving, South Tyrol may not be the right choice and you should have a closer look at Vietnam where you can make a great hiking tour in the Sapa highlands in the North and your partner will find amazing dive centers at the beach of Nha Trang in the south.

You should both be happy and each of you should be looking forward to a highlight. Of course, the best would be a mutual highlight. It is really important to plan the first journey thoroughly to avoid misunderstandings. Among others, you should talk about the following aspects und budget them: — budget details will follow — activities as described before — cities or nature 4.

Be guided by the budget of the lower income partner Short reckonings make long friends and money should never be a topic to discuss in a relationship.

To get a feeling for money und to avoid disputes, especially during the first vacation as a couple, it is essential to set a budget. How much do you want to spend on the entire vacation? If you do not earn about the same, you should discuss this topic early. The higher earner may prefer staying in four-star hotels whereas the one with the lower income would like to stay in a double room in a hostel. I will come to the topic compromise in a minute, but it is important that you deal with this topic as early as possible.

To be together and even more in love after the trip, you should agree on a budget. Line and I have a monthly budget for our trips since we cannot really speak of vacation. We are always on the road, therefore we have a monthly budget for every place in the world, which we do not want to go beyond. This monthly budget is spread out on the single days and now we have a figure to deal with.

Considering the figure, there is no reason to argue and we know exactly how much we can spend on a hotel or apartment. It also makes it easier to decide whether to go out for dinner or to cook yourselves. With such a budget on hand, some problems and decisions sort themselves out. A really useful app is Trail Wallet!

Compromise A relationship does not work without compromising. You will not only recognize this when planning your first trip together but much earlier in your relationship. If your partner insists on staying in a four-star hotel, you can accept the compromise if he pays for it.

Or you both agree on the compromise not to stay in a four-star hostel but to choose a nice three-star hotel which will make both of you happy.

You should not decide on this spontaneously on the spot but at home , when planning the trip. It is important to compromise and to be open for anything new.

It motivates us every day afresh to dive into the world of the partner and to dry new things. When Line and I came together, she still worked 9-to-5 and intended to leave it at that. Over the months, she recognized that she wants more than just a couple of days of vacation per year and jumped into the adventure of self-employment.

Things she would probably not have done before. For many people that is too close and they need some time to allow the other one to get that close.

Line and I were a couple for 18 months and actually lived together the entire time but nevertheless did the road trip through Australia and New Zealand put us together even closer. You see, in a car there is not much space to hide anything. If you are not prepared for so much intimacy yet, you should better not make a road or camping trip. Try it first — try a weekend If you mostly see each other after work and stay for the night either at his or her place and want to be sure that everything fits, I recommend a trial-weekend.

Have a look at skyscanner and enter the closest big airport. Thus, you will find the most reasonable flight for your trial-weekend. If you do not manage the trial-weekend, you should reconsider taking a longer trip together. Packing — set boundaries If you read Off The Path I strongly estimate that you do not use suitcases anymore but go for the flexibility of a good backpack.

Make sure you know what this means. If you travel a lot during your vacation, it may mean that you will have to carry the backpack for hours. It should not be the case that one partner carries most of the clothes of the other one after about half of the journey, just because he could not judge it correctly. Take out insurance for both of you If your first trip together does not take longer than 6 weeks, you are perfectly covered by a normal foreign health insurance.

It is important to take out a good insurance and to not only rely on the insurance provided by your credit card company. Unless you travel to the USA or Canada it will only cost you 1. It will be 4. With that you have covered everything you may need on your trip and it also includes medical repatriation to Germany in case you and your partner need it.

Many years ago I was hit by a car in Australia, and a couple of months ago Line rammed a knife into her foot. It was good to know that there was an insurance company taking care of all the problems. By the way, it is the same with the liability insurance. If you are as clumsy as we are sometimes, you should have one. Actually, you need one for your household, but also if you drop the I-phone or the camera of the other one.

That saves you from a lot of trouble. It was and still is a huge adventure to get to know the other so well and to experience so much together. Fact is that we often behave in a different way at home than in new situations in an unknown environment that may be stressful. Or when we suddenly have a new feeling of self-assurance and discover new skills. You should prepare yourself for it and accept them.

Plan times on your own If you are not used to spend that much time together, you should allow yourselves time on your own. There are things you love doing. But your partner does not. I already mentioned an example before: one of you wants to go hiking, the other one would love to dive. You can certainly do these things on your own. This creates time in which you will miss the other one even more. Use this time and be as silly as you want to be, if you find your Nemo in the sea.

Do something together with other couples or people It is amazing to spend that much time with your partner. You will discover sides and will hear stories that will not appear in the initial phase of getting to know each other or in everyday life. Nevertheless, it could be a bit exhausting always being together. Besides, you do not want to become such a couple that is only on its own, hardly exchanging views with other people.

Therefore, Line and I try to meet other travelers regularly or talk to other couples and spend the evening with them. It is a lot of fun and we have spent some really cool evenings with people from all over the world.

So, try to go out from time to time and share activities with others. If you do not like to approach other people, arrange to meet other groups of travelers. There are many groups on facebook or MeetUp. Do not go out for a drink all the time However, you should not go out with others every day, because most of the time, these evenings are very funny and a lot of alcohol is involved.

You should be cautious with alcohol in general. A glass of wine here, a beer there … that is not necessary and often leads to bigger expenses.

The 17 most romantic European city breaks for 2020, and where to stay

Living in Europe, of course, meant that going away to another European country was relatively easy in terms of journey times. Thanks to this, with experience gained from years of looking for the best places in Europe to visit for weekend breaks, we wanted to share our epic spots you should visit for a perfect European weekend getaway. There are lots of places with the best views , some amazing and unique restaurants to visit , not to mention the best bars and secret spots you definitely have to see.

Check out these beautiful romantic destinations in Europe that guarantee to steal your heart because of its beautiful sceneries and positive vibes. Europe is a buzzing place that has a lot to offer to anyone who is seeking something special.

Please refresh the page and retry. Looking to take your relationship to new heights? A European city break will do the trick. With its cobbled piazzas, al fresco trattorias and time-weathered Baroque churches, Rome feels like a film set built especially for your very own Italian La La Land singing selected opera arias is an optional extra. You may not be allowed to wade barefoot into the Trevi Fountain like Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita , but there are any number of other scenic backdrops for dalliance and declarations.

10 best value cities in Europe for a weekend getaway

Hello, I am going on a 2 week trip to Europe with my girlfriend. Right now we plan to visit London for a bit, than Amsterdam and possibly the South of France and we have a couple other ideas. What would be some great places for the two of us to go. I feel that site seeing for the whole two weeks might be a bit drab, I want some more action packed adventures. The one thing that's probably most likely to disappoint you, though, is how short 2 weeks are. It will be very difficult to enjoy London and Amsterdam and the south of France and a couple of other ideas and finding some more action packed adventures. When you are traveling independently, you will find that you spend a lot of time dealing with logistics: finding where you're staying, getting to and from train stations and airports and hotels or hostels, waiting for trains or at airports, getting from place to place. It all eats up a lot of time and energy.

Best Girl Trip Destinations In The World

Best destinations Romantic destinations. Hidden gems. Best beaches.

When it comes to varied and interesting destinations that will suit all types of tastes, Europe has a lot to offer- from bustling capital cities to charming rural regions. Whether you are looking for a relaxing weekend or an adventure-filled weekend of sightseeing and exploring historical sites, there are plenty of destinations to choose from.

Florence October 7th-October 10th. Genoa October 10th-October 11th. Bordeaux October 14thth. Paris October 18thnd.

Most romantic destinations in Europe

From Japan to Namibia to Mexico , there is just too much to see to spend another weekend hitting up the same old spots. Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Here are the best girlfriend getaways around the world!

Winter is the ideal period for a romantic getaway with your significant other. Enjoy some of the most beautiful places in Europe cladded in snow and marvel at the beauty of winter in this Top 10 list of the most romantic cities. Italy's bustling capital is beautiful all year round but during the winter you have the chance to indulge in pure Italian romance without hordes of tourists or exhausting temperatures. Vienna, a city with unique artistic and intellectual legacy, architecture and rich history offers an amazing spectacle covered in snow. Don't miss the chance to walk its romantic, picturesque streets. Beautiful renaissance castles, the stunning Nyhavn Canal and a touch of fairy tails with Tivoli Gardens and the little mermaid, Denmark's beautiful capital offers you the romantic feeling you want!

25 Perfect Weekend Getaways In Europe

You will be redirected to your dashboard shortly. We will also call you back in 24 hrs. There is something magical about cold, crisp winters. And winter in Europe is even more bewitching than one can ever imagine — snowfall in many regions, tinkles of Christmas bells, fireworks, and a lot of festive excitement. It is the perfect time to plan your Europe honeymoon and explore the most romantic destinations.

Enjoy some of the most beautiful places in Europe cladded in snow and marvel rich culture is what make the nestled in the Alps city a must visit for all couples.

Here are 15 of the best girl trip destinations in the world:. Take in museums, and sites like the Brooklyn Bridge or High Line. Or go on a tour such as the Friends or Sex and the City Tour that takes you to different locations that the shows were filmed. You can take in the beaches of the Hamptons for a relaxing getaway or head a few hours north to charming towns such as Sleepy Hollow or Kingston which are filled with history and small-town art and scenery. You might think of Iceland as a barren land that is barely inhabitable, much less worth the visit.

TRIP TO EUROPE with girlfriend - Italy Forum

Jump to navigation. Or thinking about your first trip together as a couple? No matter what your motives are, Europe has numerous romantic spots to offer. As obvious as it may seem, Venice is a perfect place for couples and love-seekers, especially if you visit it in February, during the famous Carnevale, or in autumn, free of masses of tourists.

No city in Europe quite compares to the romance exuding from the Dutch capital. For the most romantic experience, be sure to rent a house boat and soak up the authenticity from the canals themselves. No list like this would be complete without the city of love itself. Second only to Amsterdam a more quaint, charming, personal city of romance , Paris is still one of the unbeatable cities to visit with your significant other.

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Best destinations Romantic destinations. Hidden gems. Best beaches. Best landscapes.



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