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Where can i find a friend to talk to

English Arabic. Talk to strangers. Connect with the right person for any question, moment or life situation. Wakie is a mobile app for phone calls. A community where you say what you want to talk about and get to have a phone call with interested person right away.

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Our site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Find out more here. The counsellor can wait up to 2 minutes. They have been waiting:. Concerned about confidentiality? Why not ask the counsellor you chat to about this? Please stay on our website so that you know when a counsellor is ready. You can check out other Childline pages, videos and games while you wait. Supporting a friend can be hard. You want to say and do the right thing to help them, but you might not know the best way to do it.

A friend's problems can sometimes make you unhappy too. It can be really difficult to know the best way to help a friend. But you don't have to support them on your own. Especially if their problems are really serious. Often it's helpful to get some advice from someone else. This doesn't mean you're letting your friend down.

Or that you're breaking their trust. It's natural for your friend not to want to tell anyone. They might be scared of what happens next. But it's a good idea to get some advice from a teacher or parent. And if there isn't an adult you can trust , you can always talk to us. Anyone can be bullied, and it's never their fault if they are. If you're worried that a friend might be being bullied, online or at school, there's lots you can do to support them.

Your school has a responsibility to stop bullying and keep you safe. Every school should have an anti-bullying policy which explains how they're trying to stop bullying.

You can find out more about this by talking to a teacher. You could tell a teacher by yourself or with your friend. If you're finding it hard to say what's happening out loud, try writing a letter to start the conversation.

It's important to tell someone if the bullying doesn't stop after you've reported it as well. Bullying can have a big effect on how someone feels about themselves.

Showing them you're there for them can really help, even if they don't feel ready to talk about what's happening. Write down who says and does what, and where the bullying happened. You can also screenshot any posts you see online. Showing your school the bullying diary can help them to understand how serious the situation is and how long it's been going on for.

It's not always easy to tell if someone's being bullied. And sometimes it can seem like what's happening doesn't upset them that much. But everyone has different ways of showing things, and even small comments can have a big effect on someone. What one person thinks is banter, could feel like bullying to someone else. If you're worried about a friend, it's important to ask them how they feel and show you're there for them.

Make sure you ask them privately, when they're on their own and not in front of people. A few words of support can make a big difference. Most social media sites and apps have rules against bullying or threatening behaviour. And if you see someone being bullied online, you can report the content or the person who's doing the bullying. It can be really hard to know what to do if you see someone being bullied.

But a few words of support can make a massive difference. There are lots of ways you can support a friend and show you care. Talking can really help. Your friend might want to say a lot, or hardly anything. Listening to them at their pace can show that you care, and that you want to support them. There are lots of ways to get help with mental health.

Remember it can take time for feelings to change, and you're not responsible for helping someone feel better. It's also important that you get support. If helping your friend is difficult or upsetting, talk to a counsellor for support.

Sometimes your friend might not be able to spend time with you because of their mental health. Remember, it's not just down to you to help someone stop self-harming. If you need support, you can always talk to one of our counsellors. This means your friend can get help. It might take some time but things can get better. You've done the right thing in trying to get help. Abuse can mean a lot of different things. If you're worried about your friend, you can talk to us at any time.

Your friend might feel very scared about what will happen if they tell someone. So remember, they may not want to talk to you about it right away. If they've told you about what's happening to them, you could encourage them to tell a trusted adult about it. This could be:. You or your friend can speak to us, without anybody else finding out. Childline is confidential, and we'd only tell someone else if we think someone's life is in danger. Calls are free and won't show up on the phone bill.

Find out more about our confidentiality promise. If someone close to your friend has died, it can be a very difficult time for them.

It's difficult to know what to do. But there are things you can do to be supportive:. Make contact It's normal to feel awkward around somebody who's grieving, and you might want to avoid upsetting them anymore.

But your friend needs as much support as possible, especially at school. Be honest about how you feel. Saying, "I'm not sure what to say, but I want you to know that I care" will mean a lot to them. Sometimes just being there for them can really help. Sometimes a friend might just want to be alone.

It can help to remind them that you're there for them whenever they're ready. Offer practical help There are lots of little ways you can make it easier for your friend. Join them on a walk, go for lunch with them or watch a film together. You can also help by writing out any notes they've missed in class and collecting hand-outs.

Listen and be there for them Let your friend talk about how their loved one died. If they're not ready to talk just yet, don't force them. You can help by just being there and reminding them that it is okay to feel sad. Find out more about coping when someone dies.

Everybody grieves differently Your friend might show a range of emotions, going from very quiet to lashing out. This is very common. It's important not to take what they say personally as it's a confusing time for them. There's no set time for feeling better For some people it can take 18 to 24 months, but it can be longer. Thanks for giving us feedback!

We always love to hear what you think, and we make changes to improve Childline based on the things you tell us. You haven't used the Childline website for a while. To protect your privacy we'll log you out soon. If you're waiting for a chat or in the middle of writing or drawing something, click on the "keep me logged in" button. Go to chat. It looks like you have JavaScript turned off To use this website, please enable JavaScript in your browser.

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How to Meet Nice Gay Men

Our friendships are among the most valuable relationships we have. We gain in various ways from different friendships. We may talk to friends in confidence about things we wouldn't discuss with our families. Our friends may annoy us, but they can also keep us going. Friendship is a crucial element in protecting our mental health.

Up until a year ago , I saw the world as a place where very few doors opened for me. At first I thought it was due to being extremely introverted.

If you find yourself in need of immediate help, call Emergency Services — It can be difficult to know how to start a conversation with a friend about what's going on for them. Read on for a few tips to get started. Speak up!

How to deal with friends who only talk about themselves

Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. I feel alone. I'm 19 and I have no friends anymore. No one to confide in, trust, or share my life with. I just want someone to talk to. Someone who gets me and who I can relate to and vice versa. I find it hard trying to make friends.

Tips for Talking with Your Friend

You know those friends or acquaintances you have who just talk about themselves and never ask you any questions? I think it's safe to say you do know, and that we've all been part a one-sided, seemingly toxic friendship. It can be infuriating and you may even consider a friend break up. But as annoyed as you are about this dynamic, could there be something you're missing entirely?

Whether you are looking to make new friends within the gay community, or you are interested in meeting that special someone, there are a number of places you can go to meet nice gay men. Relying on singles bars to meet people will definitely bring interesting characters into your life, but not always the type you're looking for.

Updated: May 14, References. Talking is the cornerstone of most friendships. Log in Facebook. No account yet?

Need Someone To Talk To? Stop Feeling Isolated

Now, please try to make friends by using mobile messenger, social network! Set your gender, age, region and start to search. Browse friends and new people.

Do you need to talk to someone right now? Do you feel alone and lost? You can feel isolated at a party, at work, or even out with friends. When everyone else seems to have an outlet, you desperately need to find yours. You may be surprised to find that prolonged loneliness has profound physical implications. If you really need to get something off your chest right now , you can take a shortcut: an online peer support chat.

Helping a friend

When you're suffering, it's natural to want to talk to someone about your problems. Everyone needs a listening ear sometimes. When you can't find someone to talk to, it can be painful. Understandably, you would want to vent to a friend or loved one about what you're experiencing. As much as others care, you are the one who ultimately has to handle your challenges. That might sound scary, but think of it as an empowering statement. You have the tools to change your life for the better. That doesn't mean you can't ask for help and you can.

Small talk sucks. How to Break Through Small Talk and Turn Strangers into Friends What if you're getting together with a new friend (or say, a blogger you.

When you ask someone for a hand, you show confidence in them and their ability to help out. There are a lot of people out there who want to provide any support they can. A large Canadian survey about depression showed that the vast majority of people look on men dealing with depression with compassion, care, and a willingness to help. More and more throughout the world, the support is out there and growing — you just have to tap into it.


Written by Emilie. Topics: Confidence. We all hate it.

Long heartfelt conversations, dwelling deep into likes, dislikes, emotions and feelings are an integral part of friendships. We all love to pour our hearts out to our friends. Is there a better emotional detox than letting all your thoughts flow without any constraints in front of a trusted friend? But while all of us love to be at the speaking end in this equation, how many of us realise the value of listening?

You are busy! So we make it easy to make friends from nearby or around the world.

Our site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Find out more here. The counsellor can wait up to 2 minutes.



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