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Sufism is the inner mystical dimension of anti-Vedic death cult, Islam. Sai is a Persian title given to Sufi saints who follow islamic rituals. Baba is a term which is used to refer old man in India. But the fact still remains that Sai Baba is a term known to refer Sufi islamic fakirs and nothing to do with Vedic Hindu rituals and practices. There is no formal permission or Vedic ritual required to build temple on fraudulent fakirs.

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Mere Baba Baba Mere

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In another version, he has two thousand arms and two thousand legs. This caused the whole universe to become covered in darkness. The sweat that oozed out of Parvati's hands due to touching Shiva fell to the ground and created a horrible looking and blind boy. Parvati was terrified on seeing him, but Shiva rebuked her, claiming that since he was born due to their physical contact, he was their child.

Andhaka went back to his kingdom and subdued all his opponents as well as the Devas. Andhaka asked his minister if there was anyone who could match him in strength, majesty and riches. The minister informed him that he did not have the company of a beautiful woman. Andhaka was advised that if he wished to be truly matchless, he should possess her. Andhaka sent a messenger to Shiva with the demand to hand over his wife.

Andhaka attacked Shiva with his greatest warriors, but they were defeated by Shiva's army. She resisted Andhaka's advances, but when she found him to be too overwhelming, she requested aid from the gods. The battle went on for many years and when Shiva found out about this he declared a truce.

Many attempts were made for a peaceful resolution, but Andhaka insisted on acquiring Parvati. He renewed the assault and his trusted general Bali single-handedly defeated all the gods and swallowed them. Shiva fired powerful weapons at Bali, which forced him to disgorge all the gods. Andhaka then launched an attack on Indra. Shiva intervened to save Indra and assaulted the demon with his trident.

However, whenever Andhaka's blood fell on the ground, a copy of him would spawn. Finally, Shiva managed to decapitate Andhaka. His actions proved successful. Andhaka asked Brahma to repair his vision and also asked him to make him immortal. Andhaka asked that he could only be killed if he lusted after a woman who was like a mother. Brahma agreed and granted all his boons. When Andhaka returned to his kingdom, his cousins became fearful of his new power and returned his kingdom as well as their own.

After becoming the lord of all Asuras, Andhaka fought with the Devas along with his army and conquered heaven. He thus became the lord of the three worlds. He was a cruel ruler and disrespected the Vedas , the Brahmins and the Devas. Once while on a journey, Andhaka happened to visit Mount Mandara. Charmed by the beauty of the mountain, he decided to stay there and ordered his three generals Duryodhana, Vighasa and Hasti to search for a place suitable to stay.

While searching, his generals found a cave where a hermit was meditating and saw a beautiful woman along with him. They told their master about this, who ordered them to bring the woman to him.

The hermit happened to be Shiva and the woman his wife Parvati. When they told the ascetic to hand over the woman to their master, Shiva refused, stating that if their master wanted her, he should take her himself. When his generals informed Andhaka about this, he became furious and proceeded to fight Shiva. Andhaka soon returned to battle, which lasted for five hundred years. Andhaka's general Vighasa swallowed all the gods, to which Shiva retaliated by charging with his bull and plowing into the demon.

When they brought him to Shiva, he swallowed the demon guru. Shiva attacked Andhaka with his trident , but every drop of Andhaka's blood that fell to the ground spawned another demon like him. After vanquishing the remaining Asura, Shiva impaled Andhaka with his trident and lifted him thereupon, where he remained for a very long time.

Once he had realised his mistake, Andhaka apologised to Shiva, providing a eulogy for the deity. After his loss, he appointed Andhaka as king and successfully acquires Vishnu's forgiveness. Upon returning, Andhaka tries to make him king again, but is met with refusal. After this incident, Andhaka came to desire a beautiful wife and was informed about Parvati, said to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

Unaware that Parvati is his mother, Andhaka makes his way to Shiva's abode. There he tried to abduct Parvati, but she assumed a hundred forms and knocked him unconscious in battle. He revealed to Andhaka his true origins about being born from the sweat of Shiva when Parvati covered his eyes.

His explanation falls on deaf ears and he fails to persuade the Asura. Andhaka attacked Shiva and the other deities with his army, most of whom were obliterated. Andhaka then disguised himself as Shiva to fool Parvati, but she managed to recognised him and hid among her servants. Unable to find her, Andhaka returns to the battle. Shiva engaged him in battle and pierced his heart, but Andhaka was able to recover and strike Shiva with his mace.

The blood that fell on the ground from the wound gave rise to the eight forms of Bhairava. Shiva impaled Andhaka on his trident and lifted him upon it. The sweat that emanated from Shiva gave rise to a girl and a boy of the colour of charcoal, who proceed to consume Andhaka's blood before it falls onto the ground.

He holds Andhaka impaled on his trident for thousands of years, reducing his body to a mere skeletal appearance. Andhaka begged for forgiveness and began praising Shiva, upon which Shiva agreed to release him on the condition that he accept Parvati as his mother.

Andhaka does so and also accepts Shiva as his father. Like other variants, he lusts after Parvati and goes to Mount Mandara to abduct her when Shiva is away. Shiva had entrusted Nandi to guard his household and the gods including Vishnu, to attend to and protect Parvati. When Andhaka arrives, Nandi battles with him and pierces him with a trident. Upon spilling of his blood, a thousand more Asura like him spawn and defeat Nandi and the Devas.

Nandi prays to Vishnu for aid. When Shiva returns, Andhaka returns in another attempt to abduct Parvati. Shiva and Vishnu wage battle against Andhaka and his army. Shiva succeeds in impaling Andhaka on his trident and begins to dance. By his mere touch, Andhaka's sins are burned away and he begs for forgiveness.

Shiva also makes Andhaka a handsome man who then prostrates before Parvati in repentance. Parvati forgives him and accepts him as her son. When Shiva is about to blow the final strike, Andhaka surrenders and begs for forgiveness by praying to him. Although he wasn't blind, Andhaka walked like a blind person, thus bearing the name.

Over time, Andhaka became arrogant since he cannot be harmed by anyone. At one time, Andhaka went to the court of Indra, abducted all the Apsaras , and defeated all of the gods in battle. Andhaka conversed with Mount Mandara, informing the mountain of his invulnerability, and asked about the whereabouts of the forest.

The mountain refuses to answer and disappears. Andhaka erupts in anger and uproots the entire mountain and with the help of his Asura army. They manage to grind the mountain down, destroying all of its natural beauty. Once Shiva become informed of this, he blesses the mountain with a boon which restored it to its original splendor. The mountain summits began to kill the Asuras who had attempted to destroy them.

Upon seeing this, Andhaka calls out the owner of the mountain, wishing to burn the entire Mandara mountain. In response, Shiva, with his mace, mounts his bull and charges Andhaka. When Shiva releases his spear, it strikes the demon in the chest and reduces him to ash. He traversed the three worlds and conquered the heavens. The Devas retreated to Mount Mandara, where the demon followed them.

Shiva, on the request of the Devas, challenges Andhaka, destroys his army and impales him on his trident. However, the divine sight of Shiva burns away all of Andhaka's sins, prompting the latter to eulogizing him.

She destroys each and every copy of Andhaka, except for the real one, who is saved by Shiva and given a new life. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the clan, see Andhak. Shiva slays Andhaka, c. The Presence of Siva. Princeton University Press. Retrieved 28 August Chaturvedi Shiv Purana. Diamond Pocket Books P Ltd. Gautam ed. India through the ages. The Iconography and Ritual of Siva at Elephanta. SUNY Press.

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Pushing and shoving the passers-by, colliding with bicycle riders and oncoming scooters. He was trying to get away from Khalid, who was looming large over him like an angel of death.

In another version, he has two thousand arms and two thousand legs. This caused the whole universe to become covered in darkness. The sweat that oozed out of Parvati's hands due to touching Shiva fell to the ground and created a horrible looking and blind boy. Parvati was terrified on seeing him, but Shiva rebuked her, claiming that since he was born due to their physical contact, he was their child. Andhaka went back to his kingdom and subdued all his opponents as well as the Devas.

REVEALED. Muslim Sai Baba is Not God, FRAUD EXPOSED!

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On the life and visions of Osho, , Indian spiritual leader. The Rising of the Sun of Awareness.

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Read feed. If your browser starts to play instead of download. Aapka Saath Hai Baba. Anuragi Man. Matru Vatslya. Divya Geet Mala.

How Dawood Ibrahim, India’s most wanted gangster, found his mentor


Shiv Baba Mere Man Ka Meet - Lalit Gurwara. Lalit Gurwara. Loading Unsubscribe from Lalit Gurwara Feb 18, - Uploaded by Lalit Gurwara.


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Was Gumnami Baba actually Netaji himself?


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