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Toefl go apk

But, alas, it was not the first of April. And later, under the influence of news and all sorts of paranoid articles on the Internet - even close people began to write to me with worries about the machinations of the CIA and the global conspiracy. Brave Cossacks took to the streets to fight with the enemy, and society split into those who looked at all this disgrace with a smirk and those who, despite everything, continued to hunt in arms with batteries. It must be said that the materials in favor of spyware arguments look really believable.

Especially for people who themselves have never played a game and do not even have a superficial understanding of how games are generally made and promoted. All the more fun to read all sorts of strange investigations about how cunningly the Pokemon viral company was arranged.

And the fact that just the idea and the implementation are well laid down - for some reason, many do not allow. People simply fear what they do not understand. And I will try to give 15 basic arguments in order to dispel this fear.

Many do not understand what the game is about. About whom it is clear - about pokemon. But when you talk to most critics, it turns out that very few people played the game at all. Even among game developers. This gives rise to many unfounded fears. For those who have just played - you can skip this section. For those who are afraid to install the game or do not want to spend their time on it while worrying about a loved one, for example - be sure to read.

I will try to explain the essence in accessible language. The game is actually quite simple. Users must search for Pokemon, moving on a virtual copy of the world map. Position on the map depends on the GPS the coordinates of which the cheaters learned to fake almost immediately.

From the bottom right there is a radar showing a list of Pokemon that are nearby but their exact location is not shown! Each pokemon has its own level of development, which can be increased. The whole trick with finding new types is really just excitement.

Find someone who does not have friends. Pump up a cool strong pokemon and show the world your coolness. Well, just collecting itself is also exciting.

Also on the map you can find poke-stops, points from which you can collect all sorts of useful items. And there really is no sense in walking around the city in their search, since the reloading of one such point usually lasts 5 minutes.

After that, you can collect the loot again. The second type of points - Gym'y a kind of arena. Here you can send your team of Pokemon to attack in order to discourage it from enemies.

For the capture of such points once a day in fact, a little less than a day , you can collect useful resources. In general, from the main and all. Points on the map are scattered randomly. All this fuss, I remember, began with the fact that they say insidious developers have placed points in inaccessible places for satellites, in order to find out what our apartments and the state are.

And this, in my opinion, is a complete paranoid delusion. Most of the points are scattered almost by accident. Sometimes it is empty, it is thick. And often pokestopes - are located in our country at the playgrounds. And yes, in shopping malls, parks and churches for example. Since hardly one poor man could take and process the whole world by hand. Or even Why waste time on it at all? Since each point has a name and a photo of the area. Most likely these photos were not made by Google, they were made and laid out by our compatriots.

But the alignment of most points was exactly made automatically according to a given algorithm. And initially, this database seems to have been taken from the last game of developers not so popular and not so spyware. By the way, until recently it was possible to send requests to add new points. But the ability to send removal requests to existing ones still has not been canceled. So if something is bothering you somewhere - go ahead, to fight universal evil.

The camera is usually turned off to save battery. The game by the way very decently eats battery. From what to search for Pokemon usually take external batteries. And they turn off the camera AR mode. Yes, and this feature very quickly bothers, so it is not quite accurate. So you can walk quietly, at least for experienced pokemon masters, the camera is often turned off. The game has not yet been released in Russia Yes Yes. Many for some reason miss this moment.

But the game can still be installed only bypass. And if espionage were the goal, it would at least be strange to allow such a mistake. But since the launch July 6th - the game is still unavailable in many countries. Including in our beloved vast country. And from the very beginning the game was available only in the USA, Australia and New Zealand these countries are often used for the initial launch. Developers are just preparing for release in our country and only recently added a Russian-language page of the game.

Time to ban it in the country gave the developers quite enough. Or maybe they are just peeping into the apartments of other countries Despite the soft launch soft launch software, that is, the game is consistently launched in different countries - in the first weeks after the server launch, the games were often overloaded. Many experienced problems entering the game. And this suggests that, in general, the cunning developers did not expect such an influx. As a result, the launch in many countries is still delayed due to the fact that the servers may be overloaded.

Even in Japan in the homeland of Pokemon , the game was released only recently. Popularity was a surprise I do not really believe in some kind of super-viral marketing. Including because otherwise the developers would hardly have allowed such a puncture to overload the servers if they had expected in advance the explosive growth of the audience.

Plus, there is no localization of the game and all that. And again, many adults have criticized the series, for all sorts of bloated media cases of epilepsy in Japan. But it was still cool, such a daily common topic for discussion at school. Now ask anyone for 20 or even 30 - most often at least a couple of favorite Pokemon from childhood, but there is.

So in fact, the time just came and found a good idea for a game with geo-location. After all, before this, there were already many attempts to do something similar including from the developers of Pokemon Go , but all this could not even compare closely with popularity. The main audience of the game - girls Yes, in the end, most of the players are girls who just had another reason to take a walk. As it turned out in a recent study. And it seems that the main wave has come down and the popularity of Pokemon is rapidly falling.

That in itself does not sound so threatening, is it? Pokemon use And yes - do not believe everything. Most news about idiots who beat Pokemon Go somewhere behind the wheel is linden. Now all and sundry , including the media use the subject to attract users, while people are interested. Yes, there are real unpleasant cases with fanatics.

But do not judge the game by him, which will always be in any popular direction. And if you turn on the game on the way, a window will appear in which you will need to confirm that you are a passenger.

But according to the same logic, it would be much more effective to prohibit, for example, SMS messages, so that drivers finally stop sitting in this terrible application behind the wheel.

Many have already heard about this. Initially, the idea to make a game with the search for Pokemon on the map arose from the April Fools Google video and not in the dark CIA offices.

A strange way to work and take over the world, isn't it? And yes, people wanted to play something, many people liked the idea even then. The game code is not protected. The game is made on the Unity engine and is easily decompiled. That is, the game code is not protected at all. Honestly, this is the biggest argument in favor of the game being made without insidious plans. And it simply speaks of the inexperience or excessive haste of the developers of this game.

Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and The Mechanical Marvel

But, alas, it was not the first of April. And later, under the influence of news and all sorts of paranoid articles on the Internet - even close people began to write to me with worries about the machinations of the CIA and the global conspiracy. Brave Cossacks took to the streets to fight with the enemy, and society split into those who looked at all this disgrace with a smirk and those who, despite everything, continued to hunt in arms with batteries. It must be said that the materials in favor of spyware arguments look really believable.

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Pokemon the Series: XY

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