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Love compatibility between gemini man and virgo woman

A lady-killer Gemini man will be able to "hook" the increased interest of the Virgo woman to his way of life. Virgo considers Gemini as an interesting, explosive, restless man. Later, Virgo can embarrass and cause the inconstancy of such a man. Although for him, it can turn out to be too predictable, to lose its mystery. The Woman-Virgo, as the representative of the elements of the Earth, stands firmly on her feet, but in her soul gravitates towards everything magical and incomprehensible.


Gemini Man and Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

A match between a Gemini man and a Virgo woman can be somewhat contradictory as they both are entirely different personalities. The Virgo woman is quite sensible and stable and the Gemini man is unstable, funny and always living in a dream world. But if in a relationship, their difference of natures can actually complement each other and enhance each other's characteristics. A Gemini man is a very intelligent man who is very curious and inquisitive about anything around him.

He always wants to broaden his knowledge and is always ready to learn new things. His decisions are often made on an impulse. He is not totally insensitive but if required, he can easily distance himself from emotional situations. None can ever pretend in front of him as he has the knack of seeing through everything. When in a relationship, he is very easy going, adjusting and loving to his partner.

He wants his own freedom and space in the relationship and gives the same to his partner. None can hide anything from a Gemini man even if his women hire detectives to find out about his fidelity quotient, he will eventually find out whatever you have been up to and this can extremely hurt the Gemini man.

My most popular picture, the Gemini twins. I need to work on more of the zodiacs, which should I do next? Check out more of my artwork on DeviantArt: SpitWeasel gemini zodiacsigns zodiac geminizodiac twins galaxy traditionalartist pastelgoth spooky creepy spooky cyclops oneeye pair couple. A Virgo woman has a habit of shouldering the burden of the world. She is often her own worst critic and always intends to save the world. She always wishes to educate people about their faults and to bring about a systematic order to all the chaos and confusion prevalent around them.

Her overly efficient and organized virtue might sound over the top to the others but to her, it feels just right. She is always concerned about securing the future of her and her family members. She is not a sucker for unnecessary emotions and finds them very dramatic but a Virgo woman is highly affectionate.

She can give affection to her near and dear ones and also crave for affection in her relationship. She can easily adapt to the ways of her husband or man in a relationship provided he is well planned and structures.

Chaos and disarray are few virtues which highly irritate her. While in a relationship together, they can communicate about almost anything to each other. When her Gemini man introduces her to a careless lifestyle, it becomes too much for her. But she does not think twice about telling her exact thoughts to her husband. She does not hold back anything as she is quite straightforward and has a pure heart. She often wishes her husband to be calm and sorted just like her and is forever trying to teach him the same.

A Virgo woman has immense respect for her husband when in a relationship. When in a relationship, a Virgo woman takes really good care of her husband and is quite responsive to his needs. If they are madly in love with each other, both take each other's words positively and in good spirits.

She desires the same the love and care from her husband or man when in a relationship. Their compatibility is exceptionally good when they are in love with each other as they mold themselves to each other's needs.

The only major flaw is that the Virgo woman is always highly critical of her husband's ways in work and his attitude and this highly disappoints him. A Gemini man is very pleased with his disciplined and organized Virgo woman. Her charms always fascinate him. A Virgo woman oozes of feminine grace which pulls him like a magnet.

Under the guidance of the strong Gemini man, the Virgo woman gets rid of her inhibitions and insecurities and comes out very confident and proud. A Gemini man often is the only motivating factor in her life and helps her come out of her insecurities. He is the perfect partner for her whenever she needs him for his support. A Gemini man gives his woman ample freedom to grow and to be herself.

But slowly, she gets accustomed to this support of him and gets hurt when he is not by her side to give her the courage and support she needs. A Virgo woman should understand that a Gemini man needs his own space too and should keep calm and be patient whenever he is not around.

Eventually, with mutual understanding, they can create a beautiful bond of togetherness, eternal love, and support for each other. Though as a couple, they are both very different from each other, it is this difference that keeps them both attracted to each other like a magnet.

They can be deeply in love and fascinated by each other if they like the qualities of the other. Together as a couple, their compatibility is great because opposites attract very well sometimes.

The Virgo woman is not very good in verbally expressing herself but the clever Gemini man with a sharp tongue eventually teaches her how to express herself well and to come out of her insecurities. The Virgo woman makes the disoriented life of her Gemini man very stable and strong. She gives him his much-needed space but also directs him to the right path in his life. Their compatibility quotient is high because they don't get irritated with each other's limitations but instead are always ready to become their strength.

The love between a Gemini man and a Virgo woman is much deeper and just like a pure form of friendship. They both exist with mutual harmony and always manage to keep their partner's life bright and sparkling.

Their compatibility on an emotional level is very good as each of them is aware of their own limitations and look upon the other for support. Their relationship based on an emotional ground will be a hit giving both of them fulfillment in their lives. Their relationship sexually could be problematic in the long run as both of them have major differences in their sexual approach.

They might even call it quits after spending some time in the relationship because they both will not be satisfied sexually. A Virgo woman always needs to feel the physical affection of her partner while making love. For a Virgo woman, physical expression of love is essential in the absence of which she will be very upset.

A Gemini, on the other hand, has a frivolous mind and he constantly needs a change in his life. His demand for a constant change might make the Virgo woman doubt her own capabilities sexually and this could create a major rift between them.

A Virgo woman eventually will start to doubt his devotion and loyalty towards her. This causes her to be distant while in bed and this behavior of hers will be noticed by her Gemini man. If she is not sure of his devotion towards her, a Virgo woman will retreat back into her shell of insecurities. To be compatible sexually, both need to understand each other's approach towards sex and need to mold themselves according to the needs of the other while in bed.

A Gemini man takes sex as fun. He should make himself more expressive while displaying his love towards his wife and the Virgo woman should stop connecting emotions with sex and enjoy both in a separate way. This way, the blend of earthy sensuality and airy creativity will not only be magical but will also give each long-lasting fulfillment.

Tag someone you want to travel with.. Both the Gemini man and the Virgo woman are equally fascinated with each other. The frustrations that they have in the relationship can be mutually worked up to result in a happy relationship. Initially, they both find each other thrilling but as time lapses, the substantial Virgo woman has her own doubts whether she wants to get into a marriage with someone who is still unsure about getting in a marriage bond with her.

His curiosity raises doubts in her self-esteem and she gets increasingly insecure about his love and devotion. He hates monotony in life, something that the Virgo woman loves with her organized and fixed schedules. She, on the other hand, hates unorganized people and Gemini is highly disorganized and works on an impulse. With a little mutual understanding, proper communication and loads of compromise, they can make the relationship work.

A marriage between them can be a happy one only if the Gemini man obeys his wife and gets more focused in life and the Virgo woman obeys her husband and becomes a little outspoken. A Gemini man is quite fascinated by the mysterious and organized ways of the Virgo woman. A Virgo woman might find her Gemini man a bit too much and a bit too playful or expressive but at the same time, she also finds him very strong, intellectual and quick-witted. Their relationship would be more on the friendly and intellectual level than on an emotional or passionate one.

After a few months of knowing each other, passion does develop. The Virgo woman does not shy to take the lead sexually but only after she completely trusts her man. This ability to show her sensuous side thrills the Gemini man as passion is not his forte. He wants to focus on other things. But if the Gemini man continues his sexual aloofness, it could highly disappoint her.

This could create issues in their marriage. The Gemini man should learn to respond better to her passionate moves and also display a little physical expression of love.

They have to remember, while in a relationship, their sexual compatibility is not too great and they are more bonded to each other as friends. The Air and Earth sign combination. Gemini man and Virgo woman relationship compatibility. On the love radar.

Are they sexually compatible? Gemini man and Virgo woman marriage. The final verdict. Does She Love Me?

Gemini Man – Virgo Woman Compatibility

The Virgo woman really needs to go with her gut instincts about a secret that she is holding in. Entrust the Gemini man with the information, especially if it is good news that impacts you both, but otherwise don't confide widely. For the Gemini man relationship may be winding down and an ending in the works no matter what you say or do. It could be that you have learned all you can from a mentor figure. Show gratitude before moving on to a new source of learning.

A match between a Gemini man and a Virgo woman can be somewhat contradictory as they both are entirely different personalities. The Virgo woman is quite sensible and stable and the Gemini man is unstable, funny and always living in a dream world.

Donna Roberts. Is Virgo woman Gemini man compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually? The Virgo woman is solid and stable, while the Gemini man is carefree and flighty. If they get together, it will take work to maintain the calm and not create a storm. The female virgin will notice the male twin first, for he always stands out in a crowd.

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

Last Updated on August 2nd, Then this guide is for you! The planet Mercury rules over both the Gemini and the Virgo zodiac signs. Both of these signs are affected differently by the influence of this celestial body. The Gemini man is ready to move out of his comfort zone to explore and experiment. On the other hand, Virgo female is sensitive, shy, and reserved. Both signs are good communicators. But, they need to approach their love life from the point of platonic friendship. This is because these two signs are likely to be bored if they take too much time discussing their need for sex. If they start with having a platonic friendship, they will eventually fall in love.


Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury, not a very sexual planet at first glance. However, this affects them in different ways, for Gemini is a masculine sign, always ready to explore, while Virgo is a feminine sign, shy and sensitive. Their sexual relationship is hardly promising, but they both have the need to communicate. If they find a language they both understand, they might agree on the way their sexual life is to progress.

Gemini and Virgo compatibility makes forming a friendship and falling in love a breeze. The draw this couple feels stems from the fact they share the same ruling planet.

If you want to know more about how compatible you are with the person you are interested in, you only need to find out her horoscope sign, to begin with. For such an analysis you need more information about a person than their horoscope sign. The horoscope sign compatibility analysis is done by comparing the base traits of the horoscope signs of the two persons. This analysis can give a lot of insight about their relationship in general as well as the issues which they can encounter.

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman

A Gemini man and Virgo woman are a surprisingly good match by zodiac sign. They do annoy each other somewhat, but they are both ruled by the same planet, Mercury. This common rulership gives them a mutual understanding of each other.

We are talking about a combination of two zodiac signs ruled by the same planet. This Gemini man and Libra woman compatibility may have its own advantages and disadvantages, according to how they take their relation. Both the male Gemini and the female Virgo is ruled by the plant of Mercury. This planet is also known as the Messenger of Gods, which signifies effective communication in their day to day lives. It is also associated to expressing one's ideas, opinions and thoughts.

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman Long-Term Compatibility

Email address:. The Gemini man and the Virgo woman will fascinate each other. They will always have things to discuss and they will talk for hours on end. These two view life in pretty much the same way, and like to analyze and observe people. Intelligent and charming, they will talk a lot about what is surrounding them. They both filter the information through reason and not emotions. What will make the Gemini man and the Virgo woman attracted to one another is their intelligence.

Dec 24, - A marriage between a Gemini man and a Virgo woman is a good idea. She is one of the women who can organize this man without him.

Trusted Psychic Mediums. As such, avoiding hurt in this relationship is high on the agenda of them both, but the reality is sometimes a little more harsh. Part of doing so means unravelling their symbolism and personalities.

Virgo Woman Gemini Man

Gemini and Virgo have a good deal in common — both signs are ruled by Mercury, the communicator , and both signs are mutable, giving both of these partners a flexible, adaptable approach to life. How does that translate into Gemini man Virgo woman compatibility? Shared Mercurial Nature.

Gemini and Virgo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Please note this is a visitor forum page. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Gemini and Virgo compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a Gemini man guide and Virgo woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship.





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