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Long hairstyles for teenage guys 2019

There are so many hairstyles available for younger guys that it can be difficult to choose. While the quiff is a more noticeable haircut, it can be modified to be either subtle or bold. For a subtle look, we recommend the short quiff, and for a more bold look, the long quiff or the messy quiff will stand out. How to get it: We recommend going to a high-quality stylist for a great quiff.

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50 Superior Hairstyles and Haircuts for Teenage Guys

Teenage is the time of enjoyment and living life to its fullest. When it comes to the hairstyle of teenage guys , you better give them space for tremendous creativity.

Teen boys change their haircuts like seasons, for this, they want a lot of choice in their hands to have different yet coolest looks. Teen boys have a hint of cuteness on their faces with help to have an ultimate the boy next door look, but when you spice it up with the right haircut, it can help you look magnanimous.

Here is a list of some fresh haircuts for teenage guys to look at his best. Teenage guys usually go for a more dramatic look, this hairstyle, on the other hand, denies the fact, as it a very subtle and decent haircut. This cool haircut for boys will give you a typical look of a boy next door. Now, this is the teen boy haircut I was mentioning before. This hairstyle is a very certain look at guys because it not only gives you a good fashion but also gives a hint of cuteness to you.

It is a classic look for curly textured hair. Curly hair on young guys looks exquisite; it gives your face a good frame and a volume to your hair. This teenage guy hairstyle, as the image shows give a very edgy look to your personality. It is something like that Japanese animation Death Note, so if you are a fan, you must be choosing this one. This amazing teen boy hairstyle is a classic look for the teenage guys all over the world. For teenagers it is the ultimate style of fashion, making a puff on the crown with your long front layers.

This technique gives a very light and subtle look to your face. It mostly suits on the teenage guys with broad, round or oval face shape. Zayn Malik has been famous among girls because of his cute boy next door look.

This particular style is a very decent out of all. Although older guys prefer this look, the image shows it can suit men of all age. Justine Timberlake, again a style diva. He is most famous for his innocent looks, but this style sure gives his personality an edge, with a lot of sleekly combed back layer. This is a classic young men haircut. Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester a heartthrob from one of the most famous CW series, Supernatural, is showing a great look for teenage guys.

Bangs haircuts are mainly for those teenage guys who have long or sharp faces. Bangs do not require a lot of styling as compared to the spikes and are quite easy going. This style looks very decent on teenage boys with chubby, round or oval face cuts. The addition of highlights above the crown gives it a fuller look. This style is the look most teenage guys want a perfect blend of highlights and layers. This haircut is a very relaxed style of teenage boys. It mostly suits the guys with round, broad or oval face shapes.

Plus it up with highlights and make it look magnanimous with perfect styling. Spikes are the most desired look among the teenage guys. It suits the best on younger boys with round faces to give a bit of a length to the face. Additional highlights on the crown make it, even more, fascinating. This particular teen boy hairstyle has darker shades of highlights on the top, and along with that also have excellent sleek styling. This look never gets old.

Well, this look of the image entirely denies this fact. This young men haircut looks good on the men of all ages. Side parted look is a classic hairstyle; teenage boys can creatively design it with a bit of highlight and spike to have a chocolate boy look.

So in case, if you are looking for a cute, decent look, you can sure go for this style. Spikes are the preferred look for round faces; it also creates a fuller look on the crown.

You can style it up with highlights, if not, then you can keep it as it is still it give you a very mature and confident personality.

It is one of the most popular young men haircuts for men because of their carefree nature; they do not want long styling sections for their hair. Although it is an entirely messy look still gives out a much-groomed personality of yours. Teenage guys with curly hair have a hard time deciding their look. The bonus factor what curls have, is their voluminous look, and you do not need to apply moose or any other product in your hair for styling them.

Just go with your natural hairstyle. You can also check these old school hairstyles for men. Teen pop sensation Justine Beiber is extremely famous among young boys and girls. Are you looking for impressing your girlfriends? Well, then why not choose the style they love the most on their favorite singer. Are you looking for the perfect to on prom with your girls? Then this might be the look you should choose. It is a sexy fashion, and it gives you very mature and decent look, also gives the idea to your girl that you are a keeper.

This style seems best on all face shapes. It is the perfect style for teenage boys with wavy hair. It is the right style for men with round faces and short hair. Makes you look like a heartthrob. With the help of angular Faux Hawk, one can easily create volume in their hair. Faux Hawk is perfect for you if you have thin or light hair texture, or you are facing problems like hair fall. The short layers on the back help a lot to have a fuller look.

Shaggy style has been very famous in young guys. Many stars during their teenage have perfectly carried this look during their teenage like Zac Effron, Justine Beiber, etc. Talk about the stars of the teenagers, Zac Effron the most famous of all. Now, this can be a tough look to decide how to style. Guys with this kind of textured hair should always go for a shorter length because it can be a real hard job to style this many crunches.

Again a look from extremely handsome Zac Effron, this particular look has Faux Hawk with perfectly blended highlights to give an absolute dynamic look. You have first to analyze your looks and face cuts to go for this style. It mainly suits the boys with long or oval faces. Pompadour is an absolute classy look; it is all about enhancing your personality.

It is a slightly higher Faux Hawk, with an extended layer on the front and comparatively smaller layers on the back. With this haircut you can have various alternatives; you can also style it up with spikes. The ultimate thing about this style is that it has many things in just one. There are faded sideburns that make it look epic also it has side parted look with a hint of undercut, faux hawk combined with highlights, so it is the best of all worlds.

It is impeccable and neat for you. If you are looking for a look that gives a little height to your face and personality, then this must be your preference. This style suits every type of face shapes. Dyeing your hair blond is a brave step, but it will surely make you stand out of the crowd.

The sides are cut short and the top is left long and curly. No special maintenance is required for this hairstyle. Spikes are always in style and so is the asymmetry.

Your long taper fade will look even more unique, if you apply some hair gel to make asymmetrical spikes. The hairstyle will take less than a minute to create and will last all day long. This original hairstyle is created by brushing the back part of the hair forward. The bangs are also left long and are spiked up a little by some hair gel.

This hairstyle will look especially impressive if some highlights are added. This haircut will look well regardless of the amount of gel you use for it. However, if your hair is curly and unruly, the gel will be your best friend. Ask your hairstylist for a high taper fade and leave the top long enough to make bangs. This hairstyle might be a little hard to take care of, but it looks really romantic.

The hair is left long enough to create side swept bangs. The fringe should be lifted up a little with the help of some hair gel. The result makes a soft and a little messy impression. But they still want to look cool. These short spikes are the easiest haircut which will require almost no care and is very easy to handle. Got some time? Use hair gel to make spikes. No time?

50 Cool Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

Long hairstyles look amazing, especially on teenage guys, and while there are some who think that long hair takes a lot more time and energy, the truth is that there are many different hairstyles out there that are easy to keep and to style. The only true challenge about long hair is having the patience and making the commitment to grow it out. To help you make that decision, here are 10 long hairstyles for teenage guys you should keep in mind! All these looks are modern and they require very little effort, so I hope they serve as an inspiration to let your hair grow out and make the most of it.

Hairstyles for teenage guys are an endless field for creativity. When else in your life will you try something truly mind-blowing and even crazy?

Teenage is the time of enjoyment and living life to its fullest. When it comes to the hairstyle of teenage guys , you better give them space for tremendous creativity. Teen boys change their haircuts like seasons, for this, they want a lot of choice in their hands to have different yet coolest looks. Teen boys have a hint of cuteness on their faces with help to have an ultimate the boy next door look, but when you spice it up with the right haircut, it can help you look magnanimous. Here is a list of some fresh haircuts for teenage guys to look at his best.

15 Trendy Long Hairstyles And Haircuts For Teenage Guys

December 5, By Jeffery R. Hamilton 2 Comments. Hairstyles for teenage guys have evolved a lot over the years. So we have rounded up some of the coolest hairstyles for teenage guys this year, with ideas for all tastes. In addition, we have structured our examples based on the length of the hair short, medium, long , its texture thin, thick, wavy, coiled and even lifestyle preferences. Make sure you go through all of them below and pick your favorite style! Even though some of the most popular hairstyles for teenage guys are about medium-length, you may not want to deal with the hassle that comes with them. If you prefer low maintenance , go for a short and choppy haircut. Undercuts are easily part of the top trends for guys of all ages, especially teenagers. You can get yours with a fade haircut, leaving the top longer.

101 Best Hairstyles for Teenage Boys – The Ultimate Guide 2020

Teens love experimenting with their hairs. If your young man is bored of sporting the same short hairstyle always and wants to go trendy with long hair, we can help you. MomJunction features different cool long hairstyles and haircuts for teenage Guys. For teen guys with long hair, there is a bevy of ideas to style it.



35 Hairstyles For Teenage Guys



101 Coolest Teenage Boy + Guy Haircuts to Look Fresh


Jul 12, - Long Hairstyles For Teenage Guys. Quiff hairstyle. Image: iStock. Long wavy fringe hairstyle. Image: Shutterstock. Long side part. Image: Shutterstock. The long straight hair part. Image: Shutterstock. Slick comb over. Image: Shutterstock. Undercut with long curly fringe. Image: iStock. Low man-bun. Wavy long hairstyle.








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