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How to get guy out of gunsmith basement

Rhodes gunsmith basement captive is one of the side business robberies in Red Dead Redemption 2. A lot of players have spotted the boy in the basement, being held prisoner and forced to wear a sailor suit. When standing in front of the gun shop, go around it to the right. Pull out your gun, then select the option to rob basement. You can also rob the register and nobody will care.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Rhodes Gunsmith – Basement Prisoner

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PS4 Votes: 60 XB1X Votes: 23 XB1 Votes: 18 Total voters Prev 1 … Go to page. Go to page. First Prev 88 of Go to page. HNL HI. Amazing how detailed they managed to make the world. Rockstar always outdoes themselves. Belgium formerly colombia. Found the Klan rally at last. When they set themselves on fire Threw the lasso at the leader, figured I'd drop him off in the swamp with the alligators on my way to Saint Denis.

Folks on the road looked a bit strange on the way there but that was it. Once I got fairly close to Lagras though, a witness on his horse reported me for kidnapping despite all the other folks I passed simply giving me a strange look at worst. Had to double back and shoot the witness so he couldn't report the crime. I was disappointed in feeding him to the gators though.

The alligator just kind of snapped at the Klan leader once I threw him down infront of it and that was it. How do i free the lil prisoner in rhodes? I went in and tried opening doors inside but when i tried all doors none opened. And the wimp of the owner got killed and i had a gun battle in the shop. I ran and killed and killed and they would pop from opposite directions.

And killed. I cut thru trees in angles till i somehow escaped at stateline. You should all watch The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

PLVN said:. Does RDR2 pull a lot of inspiration from it? My tv has been on Starz Westerns since the game came out. It used to be on the history channel but I think all the eps. Belgium said:. Some vendors have illegal activities going on. If you observe suspicious activity, for example looking through a window or in the above case talking to that guy trapped in the gunsmith's basement, you can then rob the store and use the d-pad to select a regular robbery or robbing the illegal activity.

In the case of the Rhodes gunsmith you can do it cleanly without any bounty. The way I did it was I placed my horse right next to the store, quickly grabbed my mask full mask, not bandana and then walked in and held up the gunsmith. Make sure you close the door asap when you walk in. You don't want witnesses just looking through the doorway and seeing you commit a crime.

He'll lead you to the basement and a conversation happens. Free the prisoner and as he tries to walk away, make sure to loot the weapon case in the basement. It contains the Lancaster Repeater, which is fantastic if you haven't gotten far enough in the story to unlock it.

The owner will have some apology as the prisoner is about to exit via the stairs and he won't follow either of you back up, at least not immediately. So while the owner is still talking, go upstairs and remove your mask when you're back up and out of the owner's view. Then just walk out and ride off, no bounty. Last edited: Nov 16, Ballad is brand new so there aren't any direct references, but you will see a lot of the same themes that are used in Red Dead.

The settings and characters are also similar to what we have in the game. It's an anthology, 6 short stories, directed by the Coens. I was trying to gun down the guys by the bar in Van Horn but their gang is deep and I always get washed and die. I'm a try again tonight and use the dead eye. Last edited: Nov 17, Best way to increase dead eye? They really lovin me in that town too. Got a question.

Are clearing bounties essential? Seems like I'll be getting into more trouble. You couldn't make this up. I was out picking herbs in Rhodes. Still have a bounty there. These bounty hunters creep up on me and I start riding away. Sometimes you can tell when the music changes. Sometimes you are blindsided. In front of me, apparently a huge gator nearly takes me out. I see the water splash and the gator head behind me.

The hunters won't cross. So we're having a nice shootout from each side of the river. Eventually a riverbank takes my horse out as im looking behind me as I try to shoot. It went from zero to within 10 seconds and it all but lasted 30 seconds total. Very organic experience. Alot of missions feel scripted. As far as deadeye increases, crafting, hunting, and head shots. Crafting imepoved arrows takes the least amount of time since you don't have to stow or hold down A to craft.

I've been getting into trouble skinning other farmers cows, goats, and cattle. I gotta start looking for them in the wild. You know the grind is real when I'm out here looting bodies as I'm in a shootout. A lot of missions, they don't really give you time to loot or search areas. So I tend to make the other characters wait. Black Lotus. I had quite the journey last night. I took a trip up into the mountains to see if I could have a word with Flaco Hernandez, one of the gunfighters I was tracking down for the author feller I met in Valentine.

When I arrived I was greeted by 3 or 4 of Flaco's men. These fellers weren't too keen on me making Flaco's acquaintance, but truth be told there weren't much they could've done to stop me. I decided to do a little hunting since the area up north in Ambarino was teeming with wildlife. Finally, with my horse stuffed and stacked with pristine elk and deer pelts, rabbits swinging from my saddle, I begin to make my way home and then It happened.

A man yelling for help, I try to make my way to him but my trusty companion Festus falls to his death off the side of a snow covered cliff. I couldn't save him or the man. Now with nothing but my saddle and no sign of human life around for miles I restart my journey home on foot, in the thick snow, with all of my worldly possessions in hand.

I walked and walked and walked some more. Then the wolves came.

Rhodes Gunsmith basement

Where's Gavin is the new mystery of Red Dead Redemption 2 - here's what it's all about. Red Dead Redemption 2 has a series of Easter eggs throughout, from a vampire to a UFO and other little references to Rockstar Games' other video games. Gavin is a random character that is really mentioned that much in RDR2, but gamers have been left wondering who he is exactly. Some players have claimed they've found him, but so far no one has proved this and most evidence points to him not even being in the game.

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Bryce M. Towsley is an award-winning writer and photographer whose work covers a wide variety of subjects, but he mostly specializes in the fields of hunting and firearms. He has published six books on guns, gunsmithing, and hunting. He is also a columnist for Gun Digest. Towsley appears regularly on American Rifleman Television.

Red Dead Redemption 2 How to Rob Shops

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Red Dead Redemption 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. I completely missed this quest while doing the main story. I stumbled across a post about it, though, so I traveled back to Rhodes from Beecher's Hope as John Marston, of course and found the boy behind the basement bars.

Rhodes Gunsmith

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In Red Dead Redemption 2 there are four stores that you can rob.

Jump to navigation. The other day I stopped by a gun shop in Rhodes to beef up my weapons arsenal. I think the Cattleman Revolver and Repeating Rifle I was equipped with are better suited for hunting deer and wild turkeys. I was fresh off getting paid from collecting some debts and robbing a stagecoach so I was able to afford both weapons.

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As he walk through the town he perceive a man which walks near the gunsmith. The man stops walking and Arthur hears a voice but the man doesn't speak. The citizen kneel to the gunsmith and talks to the basement grid.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Red Dead Redemption 2 Guy In Gunsmith Basement

Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. There is a young lad being held in the basement in the Gun Store and to free him, you have to "Rob" the gunsmith so that he can open the door to lead you down stairs to the basement, well, I can't seem to point my gun at him, it tells me to press R2 to aim, instead, I'm seeking cover at the counter, if I hit R1, I end up shooting him and end up getting a wanted level. Right bumper will go into cover mode. I normally quickly press the trigger while pointing away from the victim and then bring the gun up to aim at the cashier. I take care not to press the trigger all the way down when doing so, just a quick tap is all that's needed.

The gunsmith in Rhodes spoilers

The Gunsmith. Norman Kerr. David McAlpine, a gifted Scottish gunsmith is lured into the service of Lord Montdrago, a mysterious international banker and experienced hunter who is impressed with David's ability to sculpt beautiful and reliable guns from a block of steel. After David settles into the well-equipped gunroom inside Montdrago's magnificent country estate on the outskirts of London, he soon discovers a labyrinth of secret passages and concealed observation spy holes within the mansion's thick walls a finding that eventually leads him into the heart of darkness in Africa and a dangerous life of espionage, murder, and the love of a beautiful Russian woman. As David attempts to prevail against the powerful forces that are intent on destroying him, he must learn to rely on innate violence and brutal savagery instincts in order to survive. Meanwhile, David and Bernie Cohen, an ex-Israeli army doctor who is now Montdrago's personal physician, develop a lasting friendship and together, they plunge headfirst into a world comprised of conspiracy, government intelligence, and evil and soon discover there may be only one way out of the secret maze. For a few years, he lived on a forty-foot steel boat buying sacks of dried sardines from remote lakeside villages on the southern shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Take the money out. After that Speak with the man locked in the gunsmith's basement. Go inside the store and threaten the man with your weapon - Red Dead.

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