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How do i treat my boyfriend like a king

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You burn to show him just how special he is to you. While saying, "Honey, I love you so much" may do the trick, making him feel like a king can help you communicate your true emotions. Along with getting your feelings out there, treating your guy like royalty can help boost his self-esteem or pick him up when he's feeling low. This doesn't mean that you have to lower yourself to the level of his servant. Instead, go beyond the normal everyday niceties and get creative in your quest to show him that you care. Make a point of asking about the little things.

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If You Want To Be Treated Like A Queen, You Need To Treat Your Man Like A King

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Most of us want our homes to be a place of refuge, a place of tranquil peace, rambunctious excitement, and romantic moments. We want a home, not just a house. We want a place where our mate is well taken care of and comfortable. This article focuses on taking care of our husbands like a king. This in no way means that one position is subservient to the other, but rather that both husband and wife have an honorable position that is full of value and worthy of respect.

Right from the start let me make it clear; this is a research project that you must undertake. I cannot tell you what specifically causes your mate to feel respected, well cared for, and honored above the rest of the men in your life — to feel like a King. This is where the research comes in. Research and observe what makes his heart sing. Discover and make note of the little as well as the big things that cause him to know and feel that he is number one; the king of the castle.

Attending to the needs of others is necessary, but should not take away from your marriage. With all things being balanced, the marriage covenant trumps all other relationships.

Remind yourself this is the man with whom you chose to spend the rest of your life. See the things you do for him as an investment in your beautiful future together. Never stop learning your man. He is the same person he was when you married, yet over the days, months, years, he has continued to grow and evolve. Grow and evolve with him. Allow what matters to him, to mean something to you. How do you treat him like a King in his castle?

Observe, study, converse, connect, listen, and connect again. Then execute what you have discovered. So why not invest this and more in your marriage?

Your husband is a non-ending ever evolving specimen that you can continue to learn from every day. Learning him will better your marriage, encourage him, and equip you.

Just as you are the queen, treat and respect him as the king. Here are three basic questions to get you started in your discovery process. Find out things such as:. Remember this is your research project. Queen, I speak to you and I say enjoy the research. Have fun getting to know your mate day by day and year by year. Remember the two of you are on the same team, striving for the same victory. It takes a strong, bold, confident, and courageous woman to do this work and you have within you what it takes.

Your man has so many facets to him. There is no time to waste or get bored. We have updated it for quality and relevancy. That's the gist of who I am. I love people and love to see their life and relationships thrive.

As a coach I am ready to support your dream when you don't feel like it. As an author and speaker I am ready to pour into your life so that you can live your best life now. I am a personal and executive coach. Together with my husband I also marriage coach.

This is money in the bank Deborah. Respect for a man is just important as love is to a woman. It is the center of our core. Nice blog. Well done. Thanks Melvin. When we continue to spend time learning each other it keeps us on our toes and our marriages fresh.

Treating her like a queen is coming soon. What if you lost respect for your husband. I read the other article and just as I had expected, there is an imbalance. Why do women feel the need to do way more to keep their marriages together? Many of the things the author mentioned are needed by wives as well. Wives need respect too! Treating your wife like a queen, your husband like a king or the kids like the little princes and princesses that they are is relative to every household.

The articles are meant to get you studying your spouse a little more and then doing what it takes to please each other. What you do to please each other needs to be agreed upon within the context of your own marriage.

Anonymous — I agree with you and you took the words right out of my mouth when I read the article! She told us to study our men, make a home for him, uplift him, etc….

I am a true believer that a marriage takes two people working together to build a home. We each have to do our part as husband or wife and what that part is, is decided by the individual family. Hopefully the articles will spark discussion like this within the family unit and will bring about a greater since of working together. Thanks for your comment.

Because people are so set in love being the old way you are right women are forced to exit marriages. A marriage was never meant to be difficult only people who are not aware what unconditional love really means make it that.

Anything outside of that has motives and unrealistic. To be told you cannot love or live hostile-free is ridiculous. Some people on earth address all problems positive.

Its like saying if you think I am the worst mother for raising my children a certain way than i am to you. But if you have never been directly involved then you will not understand all the reasoning behind how and why i child-rear certain things strict and other things more relaxed.

If a person is used to addressing things in such manner then they need assistance with approaching issues differently. Not all people understand get or accept how love should be. If no respect is shown we will never get to love. But not treating him as a girl. When boys are not allowed to show emotions we run into issues at older ages. As for when children are matured into adulthood before time. This causes major communication breakdown.

And we wonder why young children are acting out as adults would. They began to think and use women as objects and not valuable creatures that we are. A males virginity is just as precious as a females when differences are made like this we have wrong teachings being displayed and many indifference. Where men can get away with whoring tendencies and women the exact opposite is a disgrace and looked as invaluable.

Woman are just as valuable as men and in life we all can become more successful in the area if we all practice this not just in marriage but with everyday strangers.

Black women are string willed but submission is important aspect of successful black marriages. Most times old habits have to be broken in order for the relationship to thrive. Yes appearance is everything but what happened to the teachings of elder women towards the younger women. Sad to say the roles are reversed.

To some this may be off topic but it has every cause and effect to why black love is so tainted. Our black churches, marriages, and common practices of friendships and relationships need rescued too.

The subject made it seem like you were going to be a lot more concise to what needs to be done to make him fill like a king. The article gives the impression that a man and a woman is equal but they are not. The bible talks about the man being the leader and her the help meet which is not equal. Now, he is not to treat her like a door mat either. Yes, we both have our roles in the marriage that is defined by God which both are important and according to each others strengths and weaknesses.

In my opinion, you missed a bunch of necessary questions to find out like how to talk to him, how she can build him up, basic things she needs to do to make him feel like a king, and etc..

I enjoyed reading the material anyways. I was interested in both of the articles. I felt like how to treat your husband like a king should have been in more details. I was looking for more high lights on how to take action in making my King happy.

Overall it gave me insight.

7 Ways To Treat Your Man Like A King, No 5 Is A Must Read.

Stop lying to yourself. Instead of being the devoted wife in your next relationship, just be the girlfriend. The root of some of your problems in dating may be the fact that you are going above and beyond the call of duty of a girlfriend. The truth is, if a man wants ALL of you and wants you to do more than a girlfriend does for her boyfriend, then he needs to put a ring on it.

Allowing men to take the lead sometimes helps men stay committed to the relationship. Helping a man feel like a conqueror will help him want to stay committed. It may sound odd to women, but it can be easier than you may think.

Most of us want our homes to be a place of refuge, a place of tranquil peace, rambunctious excitement, and romantic moments. We want a home, not just a house. We want a place where our mate is well taken care of and comfortable. This article focuses on taking care of our husbands like a king.


The good thing about making your man feel special is that he also begins to treat you like the Queen that you are. Get over your pride and let the Man in your life know that he is special to you and he means the whole world to you. Cook Him Something Special: I know, I know, cooking might not be your thing but trust me this is one way to make your man feel special. Compliment Him: Guys also like to be complimented. It helps them feel good. Tell him you like his shirt, cologne, tie or better still compliment the characters you like in him. You can compliment him for being so polite, so hardworking, sensitive or for just loving you so well. Heat things up in the Bedroom: I am sure you expected this on the list so here it is. Get out a sexy lingerie, put up candles and make the first move this time. Make this unforgettable.

8 Ways to Make a Man Feel like a Man

We all know that yelling, nagging, and belittling are disrespectful and ineffective. Instead of waiting for him earn your respect, behave respectfully and watch him grow into the man God designed him to be. Twenty-five years ago, our marriage was on the brink of divorce. I was controlling, critical, and disrespectful, so Ron was defensive and angry.

Like women, men need to know you care, that you are appreciative and that you love them. Just as daily compliments and sweet kisses make us feel feminine and pretty, there are similar things we can do for our men to help validate their masculinity.

I want to start by saying I am in no way, shape or form an " anti-feminist. But a huge part of feminism we forget is the equality part. How can we expect or desire equality without doing our part to have it on both ends of the spectrum?

Here’s How to Treat Your Husband Like a King

When you're in a relationship, you naturally want to make the other person feel good about themself and about being with you. You can make that happen by treating your boyfriend with respect and consideration. Start by talking to him to see if he has any ideas on how you could be a better partner. Then, use your words and efforts to help him feel more cherished and supported in the relationship.

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Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your content seem to be running off the screen in Opera. I'm not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I figured I'd post to let you know. The design and style look great though! Hope you get the issue fixed soon.

How to Make a Man Feel Like a King

How nice of him to notice. To make my man feel like he was the king of the world or at the very least, the king of our intimate universe. I know—been there, done that. But ironically, the benefits of making your significant other feel treasured and special are enormous to you as well. Because when a man feels like a king, he acts like a king.

What does respect mean to your mate? After a long day at work, what does he prefer? What does being sexually satisfied mean to him? Remember this is your.

May 21 27 Iyar Torah Portion. When she is disappointed and unhappy over anything, he feels like a failure," says relationship expert John Gray. This concept is echoed in Jewish tradition. Rabbi Yisroel Miller writes in his book, In Search of the Jewish Woman, about "three immensely practical secrets, secrets known to all men and almost no women.

Respect your Husband Like a VIP, Then Watch Him Become One

The Good Men Project. James M. Well, I say the same goes for guys. Where did we get the notion that only women like to be told they look good, smell good, are hot, smart or sexy?

The Secret to Keeping Him Committed, from a Guy’s Point of View

Have something more important in your life other than just your boyfriend. It can get annoying if the only thing you want to do is be together and do nothing else. Do something interesting that will occupy and keep your attention, something that makes you feel good about yourself and worthy. It can be a hobby, a sport, or just friends that are not mutual.

I know that I have had my share of daydreams and fantasies in my own life.

When you're a woman trying to think of sweet things to say to your boyfriend, it makes sense to try and remember some of the cute things your mom said or did for your dad back in the day. Personally, I was raised in a household where traditional ideals of masculinity and what it means to be "a man" were rarely on display. My dad is a disabled, academic priest. You're more likely to spot cats wearing suits and walking on their hind legs while speaking in British accents than you are to see him doing something most people would consider "manly," like working on a car, for example. For years, I was baffled about how my parents ever came together.

9 Ways to Be a Better Girlfriend and Keep Your Boyfriend Interested in You

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