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How can i make my wife to be happy

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When you meet the woman of your dreams, a marriage becomes suddenly inevitable. And a few years into your marriage, everything changes as you get to know your better half. You realize that keeping up with your wife can be a drag. Despite that, however, you should still play your part and give your wife the attention and love she deserves. Once you are friends with someone as a guy, it naturally gives you the inclination to be more frank with them, tease them, be more personal in your comments, and share things together.

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11 Ways To Make Your Long-Term Marriage Happier, Starting Today

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Marriage is wonderful, but it takes work. Whether you are newlyweds or have been married for a long time, there are rough patches in any marriage. If you feel like you need to up your game, there are some steps you can follow to make your wife happier every day. Jin S. Kim, MA. Learn your wife's love language to make her feel really special. Your love language is the way you prefer to express and receive love. Once you know your partner's love language, use that knowledge to figure out what would make her feel really special.

Don't be shy about being creative and thinking outside of the box—the element of surprise can go a long way. Our Expert Agrees: One of the most important things you can do to build and maintain a healthy relationship is to work on your communication. Try to regularly express your feelings to each other. During a conflict, you can reduce tension by using "I-statements," identifying triggers that lead to escalations, and considering your partner's communication style when you address the issues that led to that conflict.

To make your wife happy, try to show you appreciate her in small ways, like with a kiss in the morning and saying thank you when she does something for you. You can also surprise her with a gift, like flowers, or a box of chocolates, to show that you think of her.

When she comes to you with news or a problem, listen carefully to her and try to understand her point of view to show that you care.

You can also take her on regular dates to keep your relationship exciting and spend quality time together without distractions. However, you should also give her space and encourage her to spend time pursuing her own interests and other things that make her happy. For more tips, including how to show intimacy through small gestures, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great.

By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Co-authored by Jin S. Kim, MA Updated: October 1, This article was co-authored by Jin S. Jin specializes in working with LGBTQ individuals, people of color, and those that may have challenges related to reconciling multiple and intersectional identities.

There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Working On Your Relationship. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Appreciate her. Married couples can get comfortable with each other. This makes them lose some of the intense connection that made them get married in the first place.

To prevent this from happening to you, tell you wife everyday how much you appreciate her. When she walks into a room, let her know that you know she is there. Give her a passionate kiss when you both wake up in the morning or she comes home from work. Let her know that you know she is there and still feel the connection between the two of you.

Try to hug her as well. Hugging is a simple physical connection that conveys how much you love her and that you appreciate her being around.

Tell her you love her. Something as simple as telling your wife you love her can make her happy. Everyday life can get crazy and small things like this can get lost in the shuffle. You may say it everyday out of habit, but say it like you mean it. Look her in the eyes before you leave the house and tell her you love her. Let her know that you are saying it because you feel it and not out of habit. She knows deep down you love her but hearing you say it with conviction will make her feel it too.

Pair this with an affectionate gesture, such as a hug, a kiss, or a caress. Keep it romantic but not sexual. You want her to feel that you still want to court her every day, just like you did before you were married. Buy her a gift. Surprise your wife every so often with a gift. It doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive.

You can give her a small present that lets her know you were thinking about her. Show up at home with a box of chocolates. Pick her a bouquet of flowers on your way home from work. Buy her that book she has in her online wishlist. Notice what she says she'd like to have and surprise her by buying it for her. Not only will she love the gift you give her, she will be happy that you thought enough about her to get it.

Anything you do for her that is unexpected will work. Surprise her by cooking her favorite meal. Do all the laundry because you know she hates doing it. You can even take the kids out of the house so she can have some time with her friends. Say thank you. A marriage can sometimes suffer from conversations that go something like "I did this, so you have to do that.

Instead, find time everyday to tell your wife thank you for the things she does. Say it in the morning when she puts on the pot of coffee. Tell her thank you when she picks up the dry cleaning after work when you have a meeting. No matter what the occasion, let her know that you see what she does for you. Try to say it even when it's something simple. Tell her "Thank you for being you. Give her space. You were both single people before you got married. Just because you now share a life doesn't mean that you have to share every interest you both have with each other.

Give her time to write all day in the den if she wants. Let her go to the gym by herself. Give her the space she needs to work on the interests that she has that are separate from you. She will appreciate the time to recharge and be happier for it. Don't take it personally when she wants to do something without you. Just because she wants to go to the bookstore alone doesn't mean that she doesn't love you.

Encourage her to do the things she wants to do and do the same yourself. If you have happy as individuals, you will be happier as a couple. Let her decide. There are many small decisions in a marriage everyday. It can be something small like choosing what you have for dinner. Ask her what she wants to have for dinner. Let her choose what movie you see on date night. Give her the remote when you sit down to watch TV at night. Play her favorite game on game night.

Letting her know that her opinion matters and that you care enough about her to let her decide will make her happy. Don't grumble or act upset about what she chooses. That will just make her angry and make you seem like a spoiled sport. Write her love letters.

Writing love letters may seem scary, but it is a simple and effective way to make her happy.

It’s Not Your Job to Make Your Wife Happy

However, just like the single scene, married life has its perks. In fact, research shows that a happy and successful marriage is often synonymous with a happy and successful career. And a lot of husbands out there want to know what they can do to make, and keep, their wife happy. The reason most men get this wrong is because they are trying to do the right thing. They immediately sense their woman is unhappy and they want to fix it, but sometimes listening is not an action verb.

The honeymoon period in most marriages has a shelf life. But does that mean you can't bring back those fluttery butterfly feelings of excitement and anticipation everyone experiences at the beginning of a relationship?

The key to a healthy and lasting marriage is to maintain joy and happiness in your relationship. No matter what challenges are thrown into your lives as husband and wife, you have to keep the flame of joy and laughter in your marriage. However, make sure that at the end of the day, you and your wife still sleep together wearing a beautiful smile. If you truly love your wife, you will not do anything that can hurt her and make her cry.

How to Keep Your Wife Happy (6 Tips She WANTS You to Know) [From Her]

Marriage is wonderful, but it takes work. Whether you are newlyweds or have been married for a long time, there are rough patches in any marriage. If you feel like you need to up your game, there are some steps you can follow to make your wife happier every day. Jin S. Kim, MA. Learn your wife's love language to make her feel really special. Your love language is the way you prefer to express and receive love. Once you know your partner's love language, use that knowledge to figure out what would make her feel really special.

How To Make Your Wife Smile

Image by Brat Co. Making your partner happy is a cornerstone of a healthy and fulfilling marriage. You might think wives want something specific as women, but in reality, all humans have similar needs for connection, honesty, support, and validation. Everyone has different ways they want to receive love, but there are some common ways you can go about making your spouse happy on a regular basis.

Because those are the ones that add up in the long run.

Click To Tweet. Imagine feeling free from what often feels like an impossible and never-ending task. Picture yourself feeling good enough about who you are and knowing your wife feels the same way.

How to Make Your Partner Feel Special

Making your partner feel special and loved requires a little knowledge and some effort. But it's these simple and often small gestures that help express and reinforce the love you have for one another. Below are a just a few ways to make your partner feel special and improve the quality of your intimate relationships by showing your appreciation in the way they like to receive it, taking responsibility for your emotions, supporting their goals, and sending sweet messages throughout the day. Gary Chapman's book The Five Love Languages has changed the way many people talk about getting their needs met in relationships.

Do you only have five minutes to make your wife happy per day? No, you probably have more, but it's a good thought experiment to show that even tiny increments of time can make a huge difference in your marriage. This is a relationship-focused extension of this piece about how to make your life better in 60 seconds a day. Let's discuss how five minutes can make your wife happy, as long as you are really trying proactively. When you get home, ask, "What can I do to help?

How To Make Your Wife Happy In 5 Minutes A Day

How we change what others think, feel, believe and do. ChangingMinds Blog! Sunday July Seventeen rules for being a good husband and keeping your wife happy There are lots of amusing articles out there about men, women and the gulfs between them. Both genders cast their eyes upwards and perhaps grin ruefully when they contemplate the mysteries and foolishness of the opposite sex. Sure, we're different and it does no harm to make light of this. But what about writing something more practical? Dating has been done to death, so how about that less fashionable thing: marriage. I can speak with some authority on this, having been happily married for several decades.

Let her know how valuable she is to your success, and how much you appreciate her and she'll gladly reciprocate the sentiment. Put a smile on your wife's face.


Top 10 Ways to Make Your Wife Happy


16 Ways to Make Your Wife Happy







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