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You can pair a white oxford with just about anything in your closet. Wear it under a blazer for date night, throw it on with chinos and wingtips, or put it on with a pair of shorts and sneakers. Make sure it fits you in all the right places like this one from BOSS. The coolest thing about the denim shirt is that it's timeless. You can wear it with black denim, or light khaki chinos. Be bold and even throw it on with denim jeans.

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101 Things Every Man Should Own

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In fact, the majority of the items we showcase here are so awesome that everybody wants them. Men are expected to be always ready for anything that might come our way. Thus, it is for that reason why we usually own multi-tools, EDCs, gadgets, tech , and a whole lot more.

However, most of it we buy out of interest or maybe a passing fancy. With our goal of helping you guys out, the staff will be looking into what are the must-haves that any man should have access to at any given time. This comprehensive list will include tips, information, and reasons for its existence. Hence, buckle up as we take a thrilling tour of the things every man should own. Just note that these are not ranked in any particular order.

The new ones coming out feature metal components, integrated money clips, card holders, RFID protection, and so much more. However, never underestimate the class and elegance that you can get with a quality leather wallet. The great thing about it is that even vegan consumers can own one made of synthetic leather.

We know that pockets are there for a reason, which is to keep stuff with you when going out. A reliable wallet can help keep everything organized with class. We actually have it good because modern razors are practically foolproof. Hence, a good traditional shaving kit should be included in a list of things every guy needs.

Safety razors are undeniably more convenient to use, but men should learn how to shave the old-school way. The modern man cannot rely on fast food alone, which is why knowing how to cook is essential. Since cooking requires us to cut ingredients, a sharp and durable knife is required. We advise against bargain bin brands because it will not survive for long. Like all knives, it will require sharpening every now and then. However, if you might want to invest in a good suitcase for your adventures.

Run-of-the-mill options are often of poor quality and can easily be forced open,. Depending on your preference, you can go for ones with a hard case, but soft luggage might be advantageous if you need to squeeze it into smaller compartments.

However, these often have very limited range and brightness with just enough performance for emergency situations. What we want to say is that a flashlight is a must-have item for guys to own. You can leave one at home and bring along a smaller EDC model.

Heavy-duty models can also be used for self-defense when in a pinch. Moreover, there are various designs available that will be handy in low-light conditions. First of all, just leaving all of your stuff lying around in a shed or garage is not a good idea. It will be easy to lose a couple of pieces or have one drop on your foot.

This item will help you organize your tools properly so you can quickly grab the one you need in a jiffy. Additionally, it makes it easier to transport your collection. However, all of that will go to waste if you smell like a hobo that lives on the street. Scent plays a big part in how people perceive you, so never neglect to take a bath and splash on some good cologne. Remember to apply it on pulse points such as your inner wrists and neck.

Generally, we would recommend our reader to dress for comfort. Unless your work requires a formal dress code, casual wear with a good pair of sneakers are our go-to option. Nevertheless, among some of the things every man should own would be a good pair of leather dress shoes. Earlier, we suggested that a well-tailored suit should be in your wardrobe, which is why you need the appropriate footwear to match the style. This is another accessory that is slowly being replaced by modern technology.

These days, we can quickly check the time using our smartphones, digital watches, and smart wearables. However, there is just a persistent allure for men to own mechanical timepiece.

On the other hand, you can always grab another one to add to your collection, which can be become an obsession for some people. Like soldiers, modern gentlemen should always be prepared for anything.

Certain products have become must-have items for men to own that will prove beneficial when circumstances call for it. Preferably go for the ones with wooden handles that use premium materials for the canopy. Beer might be the drink of choice for most men, but among other spirits, whiskey appears to be the clear favorite.

Not only does a good bottle of whiskey smell and taste good, but there are also reported benefits regarding the amber spirit. Studies conducted probably by folks who love the drink reveal that moderate amounts can keep you away from certain ailments. Plus most of the bottles that hold it looks awesome.

Modern pots and pans make it easier to cook and clean with a non-stick coating. However, chefs will tell you that everyone should own at least one cast-iron skillet. This durable metal can withstand a lot of heat and conducts it better as well. This one of the things every guy needs to have in their kitchen. Just thinking about a steaming cup of java already gets us pumped. Coffee grinders are must-have items for men who love to brew their own coffee.

Nevertheless, using a manual grinder with a little elbow grease should make savoring the drink all the more worthwhile.

Other than to keep your pants securely in place, it stands out as a stylish accessory to your formal attire. In fact, sometimes all you need to complete your look is a fancy leather belt around your waist. There are various types available such as a frame style, plate style, and box frame belts. Just remember that a good suit will look even better with the proper accessories. This simple accessory is far from just another piece of a formal outfit.

It might be just a long piece of cloth, but it represents a lot of things that men should be aware of. First of all, it is part of the ensemble that conveys a professional image. Then, others claim that it creates a slimming effect as it draws attention to the middle. Finally, the ladies always love to see a man in a suit and tie.

Not only are book informative, but stories can be a great leisure activity. Reading a book likewise helps build your vocabulary and can expand your imagination. Most people start off with a few books and slowly add more to their collection. We know that modern technology offers the convenience of an e-book reader. Nonetheless, nothing beats sipping coffee and holding a good book in your hands as you turn the pages to see what happens next. A knife was an essential tool for our ancestors that helped them hunt, cut, and craft various items using the sharp edge.

Now, modern manufacturing methods and materials can forge a robust blade that can handle various tasks. Instead of a full-size knife, a pocket knife is a must-have item for men. You can own a fixed blade or a folding version, but as long as it can take the abuse, it should be enough. This tool can help you in survival situations or as a means of self-defense.

Just make sure that you go for top brands that will not fail when you need it the most. Just like the usefulness of a pocket knife, the Swiss Army Knife is a versatile multi-tool that everyone should own. As the name suggests, it features a blade for your cutting needs. However, it goes one step beyond that by throwing in a bunch of tools that you never knew would be handy in a punch.

Just like a folding knife, it features components that fold into the handle. Depending on where you live, owning a car might be more of a hassle compared to public transportation.

However, driving one is also makes it a significant entry to our list of things every man should own. Personally, we recommend that our readers should learn how to drive both a stick shift and an automatic.

By nature, men normally gravitate toward all types of machines. Motor vehicles rank high up on our list and owning one gives us a feeling like no other. On the other hand, if you are worried about the environmental impact a petrol engine can have, all-electric models are available. It can be a dog, a cat, or something else entirely, but as long as it requires your care, go for it. Exotic pets also count as long as you are aware of the risk involved and proper handling.

In our opinion, a dog is one of the best among our furry friends because they shower their owners with unconditional love and affection. Cats come in a close second because they are more fickle and challenging to train.

Earlier we gave you a rundown on vehicle ownership should be a must-have item for men. However, there are some disadvantages that go along with it like parking space, getting stuck in traffic, and loads more.

Meanwhile, those of you who want a thrill every time you hit the road, a motorcycle is the answer. Two-wheelers require more control and confidence compared to cars. Moreover, it can be a form of relaxation as you cruise along the highway in complete control.

Although the risks are higher on a motorbike, the coolness factor it provides is on a league of its own. Just like a good pair of leather dress shoes, sneakers are things that every guy needs. Moreover, these are likewise designed for various sports and activities.

25 Items Every Man Needs in His Apartment

In fact, the majority of the items we showcase here are so awesome that everybody wants them. Men are expected to be always ready for anything that might come our way. Thus, it is for that reason why we usually own multi-tools, EDCs, gadgets, tech , and a whole lot more.

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I hate consumerism as much as the next man. This guide was intended to help you discover things you might be missing out on. Nothing more, nothing less. Sure, I could have listed 1, things every man should own, but you get the idea. Being honest also involves what you tell yourself, how you set goals, and how you treat other people.

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Beyond the basics of food, water, and shelter, what does a man really need? Clothing, to be sure. An income is nice. A comfortable place to sit and rest. While many items seen as classically manly — the cigars, the axe, the fast car — may be enjoyable, they are hardly necessities. What a man really needs are things that will improve his quality of life; things that make tasks easier to tackle, that bring genuine joy, and that are made well enough to last for years. However, not every man enjoys a smoke, and some men live in homes without fireplaces. But here are 20 things every man should own. Every man should own at least one good watch. At that price point, you are assured of a watch that will work well for years and you can find dozens of watchmakers producing gorgeous timepieces in that range.

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