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Does your guy best friend like you quiz

You got to watch him play a sport or perform in a play or something along those lines. How do you feel? You are absolutely in love! Hopefully he feels the same and you guys can work it out. Have fun.



Does your guy friend like you? CRAZY accurate!!!

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Scroll To Start Quiz. Needy people. People who can't make decisions. People who ask a constant string of questions. People who don't plan. Yes, and he does all the time. Yes, but he doesn't push them. He does and he pushes them all the time. He may not, but he wouldn't push them if he did. He has funny gross jokes.

He respects me. He is interested in my life. He pays for dinner. I doubt it. For sure. I like to think so. Maybe, but it would be difficult. No, gross. Yes, we cuddle all the time. Yes, and it's comfortable. Once, and it was awkward. No, I've never felt that way. We did when we were tipsy and it was great. Under the mistletoe. Yes and well Tell dirty jokes. Go dancing. We love going to the movies together.

Just hang out. Not really. I miss him a lot. Yes, many things I see remind me of him. Sure, sometimes. He's always talking about farting.

He never clips his toenails. He wears the same clothes all the time. He doesn't always treat servers well. I'm not sure. Yes, I have a huge crush on him. Possibly, I've been thinking about it. Maybe, but I haven't given it a lot of thought. Work when I call in late. My best guy friend. One of my pets.

It's random. We usually just walk together. The first to the vehicle. We bumped into each other in public. Friends introduced us. We met online. We met in a bar. Once or twice. We are always together. At least four times a week. Three times a week. I'm dating around, but no one seriously. No, and I'm not interested. I think he's interested in any woman. Yes, I'm pretty sure he's crushin'. I think so, but I don't know for sure. All the time. They just assume we're together. Sometimes - jokingly.

Once in awhile, but it's not a big deal. It doesn't bother me. I want to pound her to the ground. I get jealous. I feel awkward, like a third wheel. I don't think he cares. Yes, he's told me so. I think he is, but he won't admit it. He usually takes that time to hit on other women. No, he'll make it worse. Yes, he always makes me feel better. Sometimes, but not often. I'd move on. I'd probably follow him. I'd cry a lot. I'd be sad but would get over it.

When it's raining. A bright sky. I don't think weather, in general, makes me think of him. An old book with an inscription. A spa day. Flowers when he forgot my birthday. He doesn't take life seriously. He wants to make me happy. He's comforting. He's a jokester. Nothing really. My best friend.

Quiz: Would You and Your Best Guy Friend Make a Good Couple?: Zoo

Do you have a guy in your life that you think might like you for more than just a friend? We can help you figure out if he's crossed that line with your answers to this quiz! Created by: shannon.

Either way, it feels like more than friendship, at least to you. Should you get your hopes up?

Jorge's relationship advice is based on experience and observation. He's seen many people—including himself—get seduced and hurt by love. If you're wondering this, don't fret—you're not alone! Developing a crush on a friend isn't uncommon in the slightest, so it's definitely possible that your friend is attracted to you. You should consider these questions because if you like your friend as more than a friend, you will probably interpret their actions differently and see "signs" that aren't really there.

Does Your Best Guy Friend Like You? (Gals Only!)

Do you have a best friend that you think is totally into you? Did you ever wonder if this person of the opposite gender only hangs out with you because they are into you or if they truly want to just be around you? So how do you go about learning if this person is into you or not? Perhaps they are pretty good at hiding their feelings for you and they have been for quite a long time. It can be hard to distinguish if a best friend is into you because you have such a close bond to begin with. The signs that you see as flirtation could just be them having a good time with their best friend. So what do you do?

Does My Guy Friend Like Me Quiz

Please leave empty:. So, think of your best guy friend, the one you like so much, but who's giving you frustrating mixed messages. Got him? How long have you known this guy?

You've been asking all your friends obsessively about whether or not he likes you, so why not take this quiz and find out the real answer? But that doesn't mean you can't one day be more.

Please leave empty:. I'm pretty sure he does. As a friend.

Does He Like Me More Than A Friend?

Updated: April 14, References. If you want to know if your best guy friend likes you, pay attention to his eye contact. If he looks at you more than he does his other friends, he may like you, especially if he seems bashful if you catch him looking at you! You should also pay attention to how often he touches you, even it seems accidental, because guys often get touchy when they have a crush.

Please leave empty:. No; I think I've only spoken like, 5 words to him. Sort of not much though. We talk as much as we can but we wish we did more. Have you ever sat next to each other, walked in school together, etc.?

Quiz: Does He Like You?

Crushes can make you wish you were a mind reader. You just NEED to know : do they like you as a friend — or more than a friend? Debating whether you should admit your feelings to your crush? You're just friends Sure, you flirt sometimes, and the thought has crossed your mind about whether or not you two are meant to be, but when it comes right down to it, you're better off as just friends. Seriously, who are you going to turn to when you're having relationship issues if your best friend is now your bae? Trust us, keep it platonic and you'll thank yourself later. You're a possible couple.

This quiz will nearly always be accurate if you're completely honest, because it is based off my personal experience (I am now dating my best guy friend!).

Sometimes they seem to be interested and sometimes they act like they could care less. This quiz is designed to solve the problem of hard to read guys which I have experienced many times in life. Ive worked so hard on this quiz in the hopes that anyone who takes it can get super accurate results. Its designed for girls but guys can try it too. I hope this helps anyone who wants to know the truth about their guyfriends feelings.

Our goal at Zoo. We want you to look inward and explore new and interesting things about yourself. We want you to look outward and marvel at the world around you. We want to dream with you about all your future holds.






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