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Arabic baby girl and boy names with meaning

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Browse through our muslim boy and girl names from the Quran to choose your little one's perfect name. Our updated A-Z muslim baby names collection is given below. Showing 1 to of Muslim names. Show names starting with the selected alphabet s only optional :.

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Arabic Baby Boy Names

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Arabic baby names are adorable and unique! We understand that out of millions of names choosing one name for your little bundle of joy can be quite overwhelming. So, to make your task less daunting, we have quoted Arabic baby boy names which are currently trending all across the globe!

Each name is beautiful and has a deep meaning attached to it! So, here we present the most trending and popular Arabic baby boy names which you may consider for your son! A strong and powerful name that is perfect for baby boys! We are simply obsessed with this super trendy and cute Arabic name for boys! Abeer is an ancient Arabic origin name, which can also be spelled as Abir. Probably one of the most popular modern Arabic men names is Abdullah!

Aaftab is a very popular name in Middle Eastern countries. It means sunlight or Sun. A modern Arabic origin name that has a style and swag attached to it! A cute and stylish Arabic origin name for boys! A perfect name for parents looking for a trendy, unique and short name with a beautiful meaning! If you want your son to stand apart from the crowd then this name is just perfect for him! A well-known bearer of the name is the renowned singer Rahat-Fateh Ali Khan. This name possesses all the qualities you would want to inculcate in your son.

The charm and aura of this name are simply unparalleled. Ibrahim is another excellent choice of a name suitable for young boys! Looking for a unique and uncommon Arabic name for your son? Parents always wish or their children to prosper in their life! Iltutmish is a Turkish origin name which is quite rare these days. Iltutmish was also the name of the first Muslim sovereign who ruled from Delhi.

The name will ensure the glory of your son. A classic Arabic origin name apt for baby boys! Kabir is one of the most popular names amongst the Muslim community and for the good!

However common it is, the name will never lose its charm. Your son will be your companion for life! Another variant of the name is Kaleph. Looking for a unique and trendy name for your little bundle of joy? Laziz is a modern variant of the name Lazeez.

Some names are simply evergreen, and Mohammed is one such name! Mehfooz or Mahfooz is a cute Islamic name which means protected or guarded. Your baby boy is simply the most adorable thing in this world! A beautiful name that is slightly out of fashion these days.

Naadim is an uncommon Arabic origin name which means a person who is remorseful or repentant. An uncommon name with deep meaning! Knowledge is power! Names starting with Q are pretty rare, unique and charming! Qaahir is a person who conquers and wins lands for his people! Old is gold! Slightly unconventional for a name, Qalam means pen. In olden days Qalam was a pen made of dried reefs that were used for Islamic Calligraphy. Kindness and sharing are two values you would want your son to possess.

Qasim means the one who divided his goods amongst others. A beautiful name with an even better meaning. Rahim means the one who is kind, compassionate and merciful. Rashid is a common Muslim name which means a person who is mature enough. Saidh means happy! Samir or Sameer has become quite common in recent years not just amongst Muslim families but other religions as well.

Samir means a charming companion or a person who is loyal and jovial. A pretty common name in Arabic speaking countries, Sadiq means someone who is honest and trustworthy. Many people like to name their kids after a famous personality or legendary actor! Salman is an Arabic origin name which means safe or secure. A famous bearer of this name is the actor Saif-Ali-Khan. Saif is a Muslim name which means sword. Sahil is a beautiful and evergreen name which means a guide or a bank of anything.

A beautiful name that can be used by both boys and girls. Tabbasum means smile or happiness something your son brought to your life! Taheer is a common Muslim name with Arabic origin, it means pure and unsullied. If you are looking for a unique name with a unique meaning then this one is just the one for you! Waheed means exclusive or unique.

A cute name with a beautiful meaning! Yousef is the Arabic version of the biblical name Joseph. Another variant of the name is Yousuf. Zain or Zayn is an Arabic name which has gained popularity in recent years, it means one who is beautiful and graceful. A perfect name for parents looking for a spiritual name, Zaahid means ascetic or devotee of God! A classic Arabic name derived from the name Zahara, Zaahir means radiant, bright or shining. Zehaan is a unique and unconventional Muslim name which means super abundant, prosperous or rich.

We hope that this list helps you choose the perfect name for your little son!

100 Unique Arabic Baby Names for Boys

Parenthood is one of the most blessed gifts that Allah SWT bestows upon his servants. We have complied a list of Muslim names, including over one hundred Muslim boy names with meanings. You may be in the process of having a baby — or becoming an aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc. Whatever the case may be, the birth of a child brings great joy not only to the parents, but also to the whole family. Hours are spent around coffee and dining tables, discussing and debating names proposed by members of the family.

Muslim names are nothing more than giving a good and beautiful meaning name. Naming a child with a beautiful and honorable name is very important in Islam.

Learn more. Welcome to TamilCube's collection of modern and unique Muslim names for baby boys and baby girls. You can browse or search and view Muslim baby names in English transliteration. To search for a matching Muslim baby name, select whether a baby boy or baby girl, enter first few letters of a baby name in the search box above and click 'SEARCH'.

4680 Islam/Muslim Baby Names With Meanings

And the meanings are just as cool as the names themselves — most are traits or wishes you likely have for your baby-boy-to-be. See if any of these names make your short list:. Super short and simple, right? But you could make it even shorter and call him Al. So cute for a tiny baby. Such a great, strong name, particularly if you want to name your baby boy after a location and have a special connection to the capital of Egypt. If you expect big things from your little man, this might be a fitting name.

Muslim Names with Islamic Meaning

In Muslim religion, the naming ceremony of a child is known as 'Aqiqah'. On the 7th, 14th or 21st day of child's birth, Aqiqah ceremony occurs, which is the ritual of welcoming a baby in muslim families. Baby shower along with naming ceremony constitutes the whole celebration. Naming a child has its own importance for muslims. Generally Muslim baby name is chosen with the main emphasis on the positive meaning and Islamic wordings.

Arabic baby names are adorable and unique!

Having a child is an incredibly joyous and life-changing occasion, but it comes with its fair share of responsibilities. According to tradition, Muslim parents name their child seven days after birth at an Aqiqah ceremony. The event is marked with the ritual of sacrificing a sheep or a goat and distributing the meat to the poor.

Muslim Baby Names with Meanings

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The name means Something of value given in return of some thing good, Reward in some cases it means return. Afareen is a Persian name for girls, sometimes also used for Boys, that means 'to praise', 'to give thanks', 'to congratulate', it is also an expression of praise and gratitude. Generally it means evidence or signs. In the Islam's principal scripture, this name is used to mean Verse. One who is strong, beautiful, kind, gentle at heart, generous, loving, impatient yet hard working.

Arabic Girl Names

Arabic baby names—Christian and Muslim—are steeped in history. In the Bible, Moses' brother Aaron was Israel's first high priest and is remembered for his staff which blossomed miraculously Read More. Storybook hero Ali Baba was the main protagonist Arabic: Greatest; a variant of Allah, the Supreme Being in the Muslim faith; feminine form of same name. Arabic: Captivating, sea fowl; Fatima was the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed and one of four perfect women mentioned in the Koran

We will help you choose unique Muslim baby names for girls boys, Islamic with arabic meanings.


50 Most Popular Muslim Baby Names and What they Mean


Muslim Baby Names with meanings




Muslim Boys Names


Muslim Names and Meanings


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