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Mark and I at Free and Friendly Tours do our best to show you a nice slice of Philly, but we freely admit that there”s a whole lot more out there than we can walk you to in any reasonable amount of time.  And that”s where the blog comes in.

On this blog, we want to introduce some of the people, places and events in Philadelphia that make it great, but didn”t make it onto the tour.  Hopefully the blog will give you a wider sense of blackjack Philadelphia in preparation for your visit, maybe it”ll help you pick out some things to do after your Free and Friendly Tour, or, for the web visitor who can”t Bring up safe bronx driving schools topics at dinner, or other quiet times when the family is together. make it to us in the flesh, it can online casino be a mini virtual vacation to Philadelphia.  It”ll even introduce you to your Free and Friendly guides, who I promise are real live people with real interests and lives, and not just wind-up dolls that spend their off hours in cold storage at the Independence Visitor Center.

We don”t want to be the only windbags here.  Free and Friendly visitors, if you have a cool story about your trip to Philly, let us know and we”ll share it here!


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