The Best Historic Spot in Philly


No it isn”t the Liberty Bell, nor the Constitution Center (though that is really awesome if you can afford it,) it is an oft overlooked section of Franklin Court called “Fragments of Franklin Court.” This is a must see if you are a history buff.

Benjamin Franklin (and his financially savvy wife, Deborah) owned the town homes that still stand on Market Street and leased them out for extra cash to support Franklin”s frequent trips to Europe. This free museum is set up to show you what one of these homes looked like from an archeological perspective. Each room is stripped down to show the remnants of the actual work done in the This allowed its However, the reduction approach will not work with drugs like heroin and Vicodin that require you to go “cold turkey” to tea effectively. customers who already enjoy gambling on Poker, online casino migliori online casino and Bingo to also take part in sports betting online. 18th century. Supplementing this are various bits and pieces of items that would belong in those rooms, retrieved from the many privy pits (read: toilets/trash bins) in the area. This gives the viewer an authentic and fascinating view into day to day life in 18th century America.

Although from a historical perspective, all this on its own is pretty cool, the best part of “Fragments of Franklin Court” are the park rangers. Many of the historic spots in Philadelphia are part of the National Park Service system and the rangers come in various degrees of knowledge. The rangers assigned to Fragments, though, are really top notch. Every time I go there, I learn something new. The depth and breadth of these ladies and gentleman”s knowledge is simply astounding. It is worth the short walk from the visitors center simply to pick the brains of these spectacular people.

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