About Us


Free and Friendly Tours is a Philly company run by two people who love to travel and who know how valuable it is to meet friendly, knowledgeable locals when visiting a new place.  Between the two of us, Mike and Mark, we’ve lived and studied in Turkey, Estonia, Hungary, Germany and the exotic West Virginia, but each of us is a Philadelphia tour guide at heart.

On these free, tip-based walking tours of Philadelphia, we tell the stories, historical and contemporary, that make our hometown stand out, and we’ll gladly direct visitors to our favorite places off the tour where visitors can continue to get to know this great city. Tourism is a massive market, and it can be difficult to sort out what is worth seeing, but Free and Friendly tours adheres to a simple policy: “If we like something, we recommend it.”

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Philadelphia tour guide extraordinaire, Mark Simmons, and Philadelphia tour guide just-as-extraordinaire, Mike Carwile.

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