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From the Tour:

“…Old City might be old, but as maybe you can tell, it”s not full of Quakers anymore.  In fact it”s full of something the Quakers didn”t think very highly of at all–art.”

Beyond the Tour:

Even if you”re not in an art-buying position (and God knows operating free tours isn”t as profitable as inventing an ) the galleries of Old City are still a fun place to poke around.

There are some thirty art galleries in Old City (and I know this not because I”ve been in every last one of them, but from the Old City Arts Association website), and they range from trompe l”oeil at Artists” House Gallery to beehives at Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (courtesy of the Philadelphia Beekeeper”s Guild, the subject of a future blog post) to mid-century modern furniture that look like something out of my grandparents” shore house.

One place that particularly caught my eye was The Center for Art in Wood.  There”s just something about wood that”s hard not to like.  A casino online material that one on hand yields so easily blackjack to carving, staining, and painting also has a natural beauty before even being touched by human hands, and the Center includes work from this entire spectrum — sometime in one piece, like the little guy at at the top of this post, who”s fish head one one side, fishtail on the other, and driftwood in the middle.  Wood is also a wonderfully functional material, and it”s to the Center”s credit that Gold factory the collection includes a beautiful wooden bench to sit on while you contemplate the rest of it.

But if your online casino not given to quiet contemplation, make a point to show up in Old City on the evening of the first Friday of the month.  All the galleries open their doors, and art sellers of all stripes set up their wares out of doors too.  From one of these stands this month I could replace the Turkish plate of my mom”s that I broke over Thanksgiving (merry very belated Christmas, Mom!).  Drink Philly always puts on a (free, drinking) event, and if you walk by the Arden Theater at the right time, you might just be treated to a 10-minute cabaret version of Jurassic Park.

As for the Quakers, they”ve since come around to art and theater and all those “vain imaginings”, but you can just imagine old William Penn turning up his nose in disgust at grown men waving their arms about like velociraptors.  In his own words:

How many plays did Jesus Christ and His Apostles recreate themselves at? What poets, romances, comedies, and the like did the Apostles and Saints make, or use to pass away their time withal? I know, they did redeem their time, to avoid foolish talking, vain jesting, profane babblings, and fabulous stories.


Oh well.

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