Co-founder and Tour Guide

Mark and I grew up across the river in New Jersey, sharing a hometown with the Hadrosaurus in Philly’s Academy of Natural Sciences. My education took me to the University of Chicago and to a degree in linguistics, and I can try and mostly fail to give you a tour in Turkish or Nicaraguan Sign Language. I’ve always loved uncovering the stories a place has to tell, and telling them to whoever would listen. As a college sophomore I put together a bus tour of the city for a history class I was in. The date came and the bus driver showed up, but all but one of my classmates stayed home. Their loss.


Hometown pride has brought me back to Philadelphia to found Free and Friendly Tours. Whether in Philly or any number of places near or far afield, I have a enthusiasm for traveling from Point A to Point B and stopping to learn about every point in between. I’ve walked the length of the Bosphorus in Turkey, upended a car in a ditch in Delaware, spent the night in an Amish barn and the in the homes of many gracious Couch Surfing hosts. I may not be able to take you with me to all of those places (It’s a long walk from Philadelphia to Istanbul), but I promise we don’t need to walk far to see great sights and uncover great stories.