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Thanks to Awesome Dudes Printing, Free and Friendly Tours now has T-shirts.  You”ll be able to recognize us that much better on the tour thanks to their Awesome printing skills.

Awesome Dudes is a local print company located at 1340 S. 6th Street in South Philly.  We were referred to them by the folks at Cheesesteak Tees on South Street, which we pass on the Colonial Cheesesteak Tour and is the place to go if you want to pick up Philly-themed T-Shirts to take home with you.  They only print their own designs though, so we”re glad they were able to refer us to Awesome Dudes.

As suggested by their name and their tagline, “We Sell Awesome Stuff So you must be wondering, what should be a seasonal detox like? Well for online slots me it should always be simple and uncomplicated. and Print If you would like to receive regular offers from the casino as well as updates on new games and other casino news, we recommend that you follow the steps below to ensure you get all of your casino emails. T-Shirts For Your Business”, the Awesome Dudes image is a mixture of straight-talking and bravado.  They ask for whiskey in tips “for doing such an awesome job!” and price themselves over-high for design fees – as they say “(so please give us artwork thats ready to go)”

Free and Friendly Tours is probably among their more “corporate” clients, which is certainly saying something.

The title of this post is meant to be something of a pun.  It was 95 degrees when I walked into the Awesome Dudes print shop yesterday, which is run out of a converted garage in South Philly.  It”s on a corner, so the garage doors can be rolled up on both street faces for a nice cross breeze, but that”s the extent to which they have air conditioning in the place.  It”s good that John”s Water Ice is not too far away.

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