Picks For November


Here are a few things to check out in Philly in November.

Go Dancing at Saturnia Disco Dance Parties at Trestle Inn


 The Trestle Inn has consistently been a destination for people wanting to go dancing on a Saturday night for the past few years. The place itself is a converted strip bar from the 1990s in the Callowhill District (just north of Chinatown). Now, girls still dance on stages, but it’s Go-Go dancing rather than stripping. Unlike some of its contemporary dirty-dives-turned-dance-spaces, the Trestle Inn offers its top-notch music and dance space without charging a cover. Recently, even, they have been offering a midnight happy hour off their Signature drink: The Whiskey Sour. DJ’s in November include On and On (Nov 2nd), Les Professionnels (Nov 9th), and Shearn (Nov 16th). The party starts at ten, and go-go dancers go until close. You know the place is for people that Certifique-se dos nossos jackpots progressivos e jogos de raspadinhas que oferecem uma combinacao duma experiencia de casino online divertida e altamente lucrativa. want to dance all night, because when they close, they recommend another place to continue the party. They also have special parties, barbecues in the summer,  movie nights, and happy hour deals on other days of the week. View more here.


Visit the Ben Franklin Museum


It’s finally open! The new Ben Franklin Museum recently opened its doors after over a year of construction. In fact, the entire Franklin Court was remodeled and opened late this summer. Unfortunately for them, this all happened just in time for the National Parks to stop running for a few weeks. But with the government back and running, the all-new Ben Franklin Museum is open for visiting, and it is well worth the five dollar admission price. The museum is FURTHER, GET best-data-recovery.com MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES AS TO THE TRUTH, ACCURACY casino online loans bad credit can stand in for money, but it is not. OR COMPLETENESS OF ANY INFORMATION, STATEMENTS OR MATERIALS CONCERNING THE SOFTWARE THAT IS CONTAINED IN GETDATA”S SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD SITE. fairly small, and probably wouldn’t take more than an hour or two to see everything inside. Exhibits are separated by the various aspects of Ben Franklin’s endeavors, with the focus on his wit and personality.  You can see Ben Franklin as a scientist in one corner, and in others you can check out his accomplishments in printing, civic organization, politics, and writing. The place is artistically driven, with various stylistic depictions of Ben Franklin throughout his life. The woodcut animation sets the tone for the museum and immerses visitors into the world of a witty, serious, significant, and dynamic Ben Franklin. The museum’s highlight is another projection video, which tells Franklin’s early life stories from his own perspective. The museum contains interactive exhibits using modern technology. As the previous Franklin Museum was rather outdated, this was a focus of the museum’s creative director, Josh Goldblum. This museum is as much a must-see as any of the others, as it highlights the most important and interesting figure in Colonial Philadelphia. Plus, you can get neon Ben Franklin heads at the gift shop!


By: Mark Simmons
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