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Colonial Cheesesteak Tour

Billy Penn Tour

The Colonial Cheesesteak Tour
A Tour of the Birthplace of the United States and the Philadelphia Cheesesteak

Walk with us on this free walking tour, Philadelphia’s finest, and you’ll be walking in the footsteps of men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the convicts that carried Ben Franklin to and from the Constitutional Convention at Independence Hall. No joke. You’ll see the Liberty Bell and learn the very many different kinds of liberty it’s stood for over the years. You’ll learn what really happened on the Fourth of July. And you’ll learn how my mom almost poisoned a Flyer back in ‘74.

We’ll take you through Philadelphia from its Quaker beginnings to the days of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, but we won’t stop there. On this free walking tour Philadelphia comes alive.  Philadelphia is historic but it’s not a museum piece, and same old streets that Washington paraded down are now some of its most exciting neighborhoods. Come see the city’s grand old colonial brickwork alongside its contemporary murals, mosaics, and yes, culinary delights.

We look forward to meeting you at the place and time designated below. If you’d like to come on the tour, reserve your tickets here or at the top of this page!


Colonial Cheesesteak Tour

Neighborhoods: Old City, Independence National Historical Park

Start Place: Out front of Benjamin’s Best at 401 Chestnut Street
Start Time: 10:30 a.m.
End Place: starting point
Total Distance: 1.5 miles
Total Time: approximately 90 minutes


The Billy Penn Tour

A Tour under the six-foot brim of William Penn’s hat.


Walk with us on this tour, a real Philadelphia experience, and you’ll see how William Penn’s city grew into the metropolis it is today, and how Billy Penn himself grew into the larger-than-life bronze statue atop a building destined to be the world’s tallest.

We’ll take you through the streets around that building, Philly’s City Hall, and on our Philadelphia sightseeing tours, you won’t just see the sights, you’ll hear the surprising stories behind them.  You’ll encounter fighting Quakers, the father of modern Phliadelphia (and Kevin Bacon) and a certain Italian boxer, see a giant paintbrush and a greenhouse in a combat plane, take in the bustle of the Reading Terminal Market and the luxury of The Ben Franklin Parkway, and learn that the Reading Railroad is more than just spot on the Monopoly board.

Philadelphia’s story, like America’s, was only just beginning after the Revolution, so come and walk through the next couple of chapters with us, and we’ll introduce you to the city as it lives today.


The Billy Penn Tour

Neighborhoods: Center City, Ben Franklin Parkway, Rittenhouse Square

Start Place: Courtyard of City Hall at Broad and Market Streets
End Place: Love Park (15th St. and JFK Boulevard)
Total Distance: 2.00 miles
Total Time: approximately 90 minutes