CHIKARA: A Different Kind of Performance


You might scoff at the idea of going to a professional wrestling show. Other than perhaps the Jersey Shore, few forms of entertainment are more polarizing than pro wrestling. Most people think of the silly antics and over-the-top crassness of that stuff you”ve seen on television. Most people think of it as an imposter sport, and are quick to point out how “fake” it is, as opposed to seeing it as a performance or a show. But it would be a shame to write off the entire practice so quickly. A Philadelphia-based company known as CHIKARA offers pro wrestling like you”ve never seen it before.


Take what you see on television, and replace the silly displays of machismo with brilliant feats of athleticism and plenty of wit. Think less Undertaker and Triple H, and more Kramer from Seinfeld meets Beast from X-men. Now you”re starting to get the picture, and it”s a whole lot of fun.


The man responsible for this is a writer, comedian, and, of course, pro wrestler from Pittsburgh. He started this company ten years ago, partly inspired by heroes against Mycket noje! Blackjack ar som sagt ett spel som kraver en stor dos skicklighet for att du online casino ska kunna dra in de vinster du vill ha. villains storylines of comic books and partly by the lightning-fast acrobatics of Mexican lucha libre. Some of CHIKARA”s most devious wrestlers are an evil mantis, a very unstable snake, and a demented marching band drum major turned MMA fighter who is just trying to hold onto his girl. The heroes include a “colony” of ants, a lovable jock football player, and a couple of ultra-hyper Canadians.


But the hilarity and silliness aren”t the reason we keep going back to shows. The antics are organized and all play into a larger show, which progresses to tell a story. It”s like a theater performance and episodic animated series played out in a wrestling ring. On June 2nd they will debut at one of Philly”s most iconic concert venues, the Trocadero, for its biggest show of the year– Chikarasaurus Rex: How to Hatch a Dinosaur. It will stream on iPPV for the world to see, but for those who can get their hands on tickets in Philadelphia, it ought to be a blast. We”ll be in the front row!

By: Mark Simmons
Comments | Posted on May 29, 2012 | Categories: Philly Events
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