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Picks for December (Part 3): Christmas Village

LOVE Park is known for a lot of things, but lately it”s been the home to the Christmas Village in Philadelphia. The German Christmas Market opened up at the end of November, and will remain open through the holidays until January 1st at 5:00pm. German Christmas Markets boast hand-crafted gifts and ornaments as well as […]

By: Mark Simmons
Comments | Posted on December 11, 2013

Picks for December (part 2): YACHT 12/13

Electro-pop-dance-punk-or-whatever west coast band YACHT comes to Philly for the third time in two years, this time to one of our favorite venues: Underground Arts. Even though their last studio album came out in 2011, they”ve been releasing singles and performing all over for the past two years. Their songs are occasionally apocalyptic (language warning, as […]

By: Mark Simmons
Comments | Posted on December 3, 2013

Picks For December (part 1): Fringe Arts

The holiday season is here and there is so much to do in Philadelphia. Here is our list of things to check out in December. 1. Twelfth Night, or What You Will by the Pig Iron Theater Company     Fringe Arts won us over last month, hosting the one-man show ”17 Border Crossings” about the experiences […]

By: Mark Simmons
Comments | Posted on December 2, 2013

Free and Friendly Tours Ventures West

This past Sunday, Free and Friendly Tours visited the University of Pennsylvania Archaeology Museum, one of Philadelphia”s most underrated museums, and we”re going to tell you all about it!     The museum specializes in archaeological and anthropological exhibits from all over the world. They boast an enormous collection of roughly one million objects. The […]

By: Mark Simmons
Comments | Posted on November 25, 2013

An Expensive and Hostile Tour of Philadelphia

The clock struck midnight on Thursday, July 12th, and Free and Friendly Tours was no more. In its place, a vile organization known as Expensive and Hostile Tours hijacked the streets of Philadelphia. Gone were the friendly guides, the smiling Liberty Bell, and the freely offered suggestions and aid to travelers. They were replaced with […]

By: Mark Simmons
Comments | Posted on July 16, 2012

Free Library, Used Books

From the Tour: .Ben Franklin founded the first public lending library in the country. Now, it wasn”t a free public lending library like we think of them today. That would only come later, and not from Mr.Based on Microgaming’s continued development of the product, to offer a better game experience and variety of games, we […]

By: Free and Friendly Tours
Comments | Posted on June 13, 2012

Better Know a Philadelphian: David Rittenhouse

From the Tour: …Franklin also founded the American Philosophical Society, the first scholarly society in the Thirteen Colonies… … you can see all sorts of people doing all sorts of things at Rittenhouse Square…    Beyond the Tour: Poor David Rittenhouse. As a clockmaker, he was completely self-taught, but he earned himself a scholarship to […]

By: Free and Friendly Tours
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CHIKARA: A Different Kind of Performance

You might scoff at the idea of going to a professional wrestling show. Other than perhaps the Jersey Shore, few forms of entertainment are more polarizing than pro wrestling. Most people think of the silly antics and over-the-top crassness of that stuff you”ve seen on television. Most people think of it as an imposter sport, […]

By: Mark Simmons
Comments | Posted on May 29, 2012