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Hi Airbnb folks,

As I wrote in my initial introduction, we’re a new walking tour company in Philadelphia, and if you’ve found this page, you’ve probably also seen the rest of our site by this point.

I’ve directed you to this site to show you the brochures we are having printed.  If you’re interested, once they’re printed I can bring by paper copies, but since that might still be some time, and since some of you already asked for brochures — here you go.

I’d still like to meet you folks in person, if you have the chance, either on a tour or some other time.  As I was reading your bios on airbnb, I saw that many of you do some really cool things in Philadelphia, and if you have a chance and are interested, we might like to talk to you and write about the different businesses and organizations your a part of for our Free and Friendly Tours blog, to show visitors to Philadelphia that there’s a whole lot more to this city of ours than what they’ll be able to see on a tour.

(and Mark)

Free and Friendly Tours