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Philly's Newest Major Sports Team

When people mention Philly sports teams, it generally leads to a heated discussion rather quickly. Philly fans will quickly talk about last night”s Phillies game, or look forward to next year”s Eagles season (this is their year!), or call for the firing of somebody. And if you mention Philly”s sports teams to fans of another […]

By: Mark Simmons
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Hot off the presses

  Thanks to Awesome Dudes Printing, Free and Friendly Tours now has T-shirts.  You”ll be able to recognize us that much better on the tour thanks to their Awesome printing skills. Awesome Dudes is a local print company located at 1340 S. 6th Street in South Philly.  We were referred to them by the folks […]

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Free Library, Used Books

From the Tour: .Ben Franklin founded the first public lending library in the country. Now, it wasn”t a free public lending library like we think of them today. That would only come later, and not from Mr.Based on Microgaming’s continued development of the product, to offer a better game experience and variety of games, we […]

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Better Know a Philadelphian: David Rittenhouse

From the Tour: …Franklin also founded the American Philosophical Society, the first scholarly society in the Thirteen Colonies… … you can see all sorts of people doing all sorts of things at Rittenhouse Square…    Beyond the Tour: Poor David Rittenhouse. As a clockmaker, he was completely self-taught, but he earned himself a scholarship to […]

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