Come take a Free and Friendly walking tour of Philadelphia with us!

It’s free, which means you tip us what you want. It’s friendly because we’re friendly folks. And it’s Philadelphia because we love it, and we want you to love it too.

We’re a Philly company with Philly guides and we’ll show you the whole Philadelphia, its historical monuments and its present-day city life – or the whole of what’s in walking distance at least. Come on a Philadelphia walking tour to Ben Franklin’s home, where we’ll tell you about all the Parisian ladies he cavorted with during all those years he wasn’t living there.  Come see a line out the door for cheesesteaks and we’ll show you some other great Philly eats that don’t require you to wait so long.

We offer morning and afternoon tours, and we are happy to plan a custom Philadelphia walking tour for groups of any size and any interest – just ask! Groups of ten or more, please contact us in advance. Kids, pets, and anyone else with a sense of adventure are very welcome.

We lend our friendship freely, on the tour and off, and we’ll gladly recommend a place to eat or drink or go out dancing after the tour, no matter your budget, or recommend a book to learn more about this or that bit of Philadelphia’s three-hundred-year-long (and going strong!) story.

…So how does it work?

Free and Friendly Tours runs entirely on tips.  You may have come across tours like this in a number of European cities, but even if our Philadelphia walking tour is the first you’re hearing about this concept, it’s quite simple really.  When you come on a tour, we ask that before you leave you tip what you can and what you feel your time with us has been worth.

We don’t recommend a particular amount to tip, we just ask you to consider how much a morning or afternoon with a knowledgeable, enthusiastic guide has added to your day out in Philadelphia.  And if what you have isn’t very much – a shout-out to Michael, an eighth-grade guest of ours who had only a 1943 steel penny on him and was unwilling to part with it – you’re still welcome to come by.

Reservations must be made in order to come on our tours. Check out the various links at our tour pages, or call us to book your tour now!

What else to do in Philly?

So you’re planning a trip to the City of Brotherly Love. What’s there to do here, anyway? (Besides coming on a Free and Friendly Tour, of course.) Well, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite places to make sure you’ve got plenty of options. Need a place to get a nice dinner? Want to go out dancing? Want to try some local beer? Don’t have any money? No problem! Check out our favorite places